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Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
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I am not going again over how awful the writing style featured in this book is. I wrote about it when I reviewed the first book in the series, which you can find here.

Enough to say that Mrs. Harris breaks all the rules we are taught in creative writing classes. As for instance, the "commandment" not to use idioms because they reveal nothing about a character (and, in my opinion, because they are also very annoying). This book should be named "Complete Collection of American Idioms" since, not only we are bombarded with them every other page, but sometimes they are given to us in bundles of two or three at a time. Here are some examples. (These quotes are not taken from different parts of the book and put together! They are exact quotes.)

***"Once a vampire, always a vampire. Tigers can’t change their stripes. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I heard every warning anyone had ever fed me, in the warm drawl of home."

***"I tried to think of something of significance to say. Something about cosmic plans. Something about throwing your bread upon the waters. What goes around, comes around?" And it goes like this on and on and on...

However, as I said before, what lacks in style is overcompensated in creativity. The author envisions a complete new world in which she integrates the newly out-of-the coffin vampires. My favorite little detail this time around must be the government recognizing the vampires as American citizens because that was the only way to force them pay taxes on their previously-tax-free-stupendous fortunes. There are special airlines dedicated transporting vampires, hotels geared toward vampires, etc. This book introduces the religious extremists plotting terrorist attacks against the undead and those associated with them.

"Living Dead in Dallas" is an extremely fast read, one that I must say, departs quite a bit from the TV series. Among others, Eric Northman is much more interesting as a character than HBO made of him.

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