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it was amazing
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Recommended to N.T. by: Ine Terazue
Recommended for: Yaoi fangirls! People who LOVE romance stories! Drama lovers!!!

SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO, SO, SO, SOOOOO GOOD! OH MY GOD THIS MANGA WAS GOOD! I WANT TO KEEP READING MORE RIGHT NOW. I SO BADLY WANT TO CHUCK THIS COMPUTER ACROSS THE ROOM AND PICK UP THE NEXT VOLUME! I MUST READ WHAT HAPPENS! I CANNOT WAIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *Gets shot!* ...okay I think I can calm d--GYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OH MY GOD! Readers!!!! YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW INTENSE AND EPIC AND AMAZING THIS VOLUME WAS! SERIOUSLY AMAZING! SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!!! The entire thing starts of with a flashback into the past about how Arisaka-san and Kuromine-san met each other for the first time, and how they became friends, and how Mitsu's entire life changed because of Yukari-kun~! And not to mention we got to see an adorable pre-teen Yukari being absolutely devious, wonderfully passionate and gorgeous, and for the first time...! We got to see flashbacks of how Yukari was like when he interacted with his daddy! 8D Not as a little kid but as a competent helper and growing kid~! He was so serious and distant in school, and yet so alive and wild and determined when he was at home! Seeing the drive with which Mitsu followed after Yukari, the delight in which he took to Aoi-san and the career that he followed... it was all so amazing!

Oh, oh! And before I go any further I HAVE to say this: Yukari and Mitsu... are totally V.B. Rose's... yaoi couple. *Laughs!* Even Hidaka-sensei mentioned how many people were like, "GASP! Is this Mitsu and Yukari's LOVE STORY?! 8DDD" XD That's gotta give you a sign! *Giggles!* I've got to say though, their relationship is such a special one. How they just wound up together like that out of the blue one day, based on a whim of Mitsu's, based on Mitsu's determination and perseverance.... It's a story that's worth a lot of points in my book. I advocate determination and having enough guts to do something about things plain and straightforward all the time. A guy like Mitsu who's not afraid to go up to someone, risk looking weird, like an idiot, be turned down, or anything else--is a guy who at least has enough confidence and dignity to be able to call himself a man. It's nice though~ Seeing their relationship from the start to the present time now. Finally~! *Laughs* It's really, really, really great to see how they both came to depend on each other, to live their lives together and work with each other. Two people that couldn't be more disengaged in all normal terms of life, on all the normal fields that people meet each other on. But the perfect simplicity of, "Hey! This is fun! I like this! I'm gonna do it!" is all that it ever takes~ *Smiles brightly* Even if they don't know it yet. These two are epic together. They make me feel like there's warmth inside my heart again, whenever I look at them. *Places her hands over her heart and smiles deeper* This manga... really lights up my soul with happiness.

I am grateful to Banri Hidaka for that. Eternally. <3

Now that I've calmed down a bit, which you can all completely see~ I have to change the subject again. Because if the first part of this volume was epic-ness and squeeing all over the place, then the second part of it was a weight like reality coming crashing down on top of you, that could sink you to the depths of the ocean. Dude... we find out about Kuromine-san's past with Tsuyu-kun. '_' ...and the reality of what really happened between them, the reason why she acts the way she does, and why he acts the way he does... is finally revealed. *Takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly* It upsets me. A lot. The way Mitsu acts suddenly makes... so much sense when you look at all the things he's done. And the way Tsuyu is always avoiding him, always cowering before him and being so submissive/flighty is... only reasonable after what she did. Man, but really. Both of them are so...! ARGH! They can be so... INFURIATING now that I think about it! Tsuyu was too much of a coward and Mitsu was too much of a villain! Mind, I love them both and I feel both of those (slightly over-emphasized) traits are very them and all. I don't have any complaints about how they act on a day to day basis really. But! For them to go to those lengths! BOTH of them are responsible for how things are now! Neither one of them is being let off the hook for this! *Grimaces and clenches her fist*

BUT DANG IT! THAT ENDING REALLY MAKES ME MAD! Or maybe it's just because I'm so scared and shocked, and surprised and worried. *Thinks about it for a few moments more* ... ARRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOO! NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME TSUYU! YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY THINK SOMETHING LIKE THAT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SOLUTION TO ALL THIS!!! NOOOOOOOO. WHYYYYYYYYYY! DX< *Beats fist against table, face in arm, kinda-fake sobbing* WAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII?! D'8< I will NOT let this HAPPEN! DX< GAH! I NEED TO READ THE NEXT VOLUME! DX<<<< All of you! You MUST read the NEXT... VOOOOOLLLUUUUMMMMEEEEEEE. Seriously. I feel sorry for those of you who only have Volume 11 and don't have Volume 12 yet. '_' You're gonna be going craaaaaaaazy.

At this rate, I can't say anything else besides putting in more freaking out because of how "WHAT!? NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DDDDDD'8<" the cliffhanger at the end of this volume was. If by now you have not taken my advice yet and picked up this great manga series, then you're missing out. It's seriously one of the most entertaining and fantastic shoujos I've ever read, and I'm going to keep cheering on its growth in respect and love until the day I die~! <3 With twists and turns like these, and drama like this, you seriously need to be looking in another genre if you think this little-known manga doesn't have what it takes to stand up against the big names. Give it a shot. And again I ask you to trust me on this one. Three words: So. Worth. It.

See you in my next review~! Volume 12 of V.B. Rose, here we come!
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July 12, 2011 – Started Reading
July 12, 2011 – Shelved
July 12, 2011 –
page 0
0.0% "I'm reading this one for the first time! 8D How exciting is this!!! Read with me! I can't even type more or wait any longer!!"
July 12, 2011 –
page 7
3.37% "XD ...oh. This volume is SO going to be FULL of the yaoi undertones, overtones, and blatant "GIGGLESNORT. OMG HE SAID THAT!" moments. XDDDD! Ageha, you are so totally not helping. "How long have you been together" indeed~! This girl is totally an unrealized yaoi fangirl. XD"
July 12, 2011 –
page 9
4.33% "ROFL. XD As soon as he leaves they get started right again!!!! <33333"
July 12, 2011 –
page 20
9.62% "AHAHAHAHAHAHA~ Mitsu totally just fell for Yukari. >XDDDD *Giggles* I see what you mean, Hidaka-sensei! *Laughs* Oh well! It's a good show! >XDDDD!!"
July 12, 2011 –
page 22
10.58% "XD ...it's like Zack trying to hunt down a Sephiroth...... (More FFVII references) <333333"
July 12, 2011 –
page 23
11.06% "XD ...Yukari-kun actually said stalking... he's so right. <3"
July 12, 2011 –
page 27
12.98% "owo ....... Yukari-kun is evil. It makes me happy! 8D"
July 12, 2011 –
page 29
13.94% "YEAH! ROCK ON MITSU! CHASE AFTER HIM SOME MORE! >8DDD!! *Totally not intimidated; totally what she would do too*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 33
15.87% "OH MY GOD A DOGGIE~~!!!!!!! *Completely flips out!!* (Can you tell I'm a dog person? XDDD!!) Also it's ironic. '_' Mitsu has a dog. >_> ...even more that is expected of a Zack-type~! 8D (Completely in FFVII-connection land~)"
July 12, 2011 –
page 35
July 12, 2011 –
page 36
17.31% "TEEHEEHEEHEE~! In this first panel it looks like the doggie is eating Shizuya-kun's head! *W* *In bliss now that there's a doggie present~*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 45
21.63% "8D!! *Totally in love with their facial expressions* ........just saying. >XDDDD <33333"
July 12, 2011 –
page 47
22.6% "GAH-HAHHH! *DIES* AOI...SAN... WHY... ARE... YOU... SO... GORGOUES!?!??!?!!?!? ...wow, did you see that? I can't even spell "gorgeous" right I'm flipping out so much. >XDDDD <3 WHAT A HAPPY MAN! 8DDDDD!! LOVE! LOVE IS EVERYWHERE~! LOOOOVE~~~~~! *Has completely been lost in Bliss Mode; will probably never come out now*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 49
23.56% "Eh school's not that important anyway! No, I'm kidding. I love school, and I love learning. ^__^ It's super important to me, which is why I'm doing my best even after high school! (Yay college!) I just think it's also important to put family first above some things, and school becomes secondary to family in some cases. *Smiles warmly*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 51
24.52% "XD ...Mitsu is glowing with BADUM BADUM!! heartbeats of loooove~! >XDDD <333"
July 12, 2011 –
page 53
25.48% "HOLY CRAP! D8 Hidaka-sensei's side column. I HOPE YOU'RE DOING BETTER HIDAKA-SAN!! ;~; Our lovely mangaka got into a car accident! How horrible!! (Mind, this was at the end of 2007, BUT STILL! DX<) I pray everything is going great for you and that you're protected, Hidaka-sensei! Drive safe! <3"
July 12, 2011 –
page 55
26.44% "OMG CUTE BUNNY!!!! *Wants one now enviously!* D8 But wooow. ._. Kuromine-san is amaaaaaazing. <3"
July 12, 2011 –
page 57
27.4% "o3o Sudden apology? *Blink blink* Could it be...? Respect? *O*?"
July 12, 2011 –
page 60
28.85% "*Smiles warmly and hums deeply* ...I can imagine. I can imagine~"
July 12, 2011 –
page 64
30.77% "OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED! PUPPY MITSU! I KNEW IT WAS COMING (Totally didn't. My heart knew maybe. XD It was all the Zack-references. <3) AND NOW IT HAPPENED! 8DDDDDDDD MITSU-PUPPYYYYYY~~~~~! *Completely squealing her head off with fangirly victory!*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 67
32.21% "XDDDD Sneaking cookies during work!!!! ... *CHOKES; SPITS BLOOD* O____O ...COOKIES?! D8 OMG IT'S THE TSENG, CLOUD, ZACK LOVE TRIANGLE!!!! *Runs around flailing!!!* (Completely ignore me, please. I'm super hyped up from this volume so far. <3)"
July 12, 2011 –
page 69
33.17% "*W* Ooooh~ It's like a magical world is opening up to Mitsu~ (And us too~~~) <333"
July 12, 2011 –
page 71
34.13% "*W* ...Aoi-kun. <3 And look at how cute they are! >W"
July 12, 2011 –
page 73
35.1% "...great, and the next two pages has to be something I need to comment on for real. XP Figures. Ahem, anyway. *Smiles* I really understand how Mitsu feels though... You're expected to be the best, to get top grades in school, to continue being perfect in everything you're "good" at. *Turns her head away and huffs* People don't understand how important it is... how wonderful it is... to be needed where your love lies."
July 12, 2011 –
page 88
42.31% "I think I... have felt something like that before. *Glances away quietly* It... makes a lot of sense... to me. When you keep waiting... and it doesn't happen. *Gazes out at the world around her, speaking to it softly* ...you can be such a disappointment. *Shakes her head* But I don't know his true feelings, so... I'll keep reading."
July 12, 2011 –
page 90
43.27% "O__O! That picture! In the album! The one holding the puppy... it can't be... *Staring at it* ...Tsuyu...? Can it? *Heart beating wildly* OH MY GOD. I MUST FIND OUT MORE!!! I can't see her face! I don't know!! BUT AHHHH! IT LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT BE?!!?!?! *Flailing!!!!!*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 101
48.56% "o.o! Oh! Yukari and Aoi-san... have a really deep relationship. *Smiles warmly* ...you can tell how much they love each other. <3"
July 12, 2011 –
page 117
56.25% "*Smiles brightly* ...together, you two are -truly- amazing. What a... fantastic thing to say. <3 *Hugs Kuromine-san* ...you're so special. Just like Yukari, and Aoi-san, and Ririko and Ageha and Kana.... You are all so... -so- special."
July 12, 2011 –
page 120
57.69% ">XDDDDD!!! YEP. TOTALLY A YAOI FAN! *Points to what Ageha said!* SHE'S SO RIGHT TOO! SO RIGHT!!!! <333333"
July 12, 2011 –
page 121
July 12, 2011 –
page 124
July 12, 2011 –
page 132
63.46% "Wow. I'm impressed! *Actually claps her hands* Nice job, Ageha! You're developing skills you never knew would be necessary in a wedding dress boutique! 8D Like martial arts to defend yourself from Mitsu! >XDDD"
July 12, 2011 –
page 134
64.42% "o__o! Wow! Yukari looks really good with this new hair style! So sexy!! *TOTALLY APPROVES~!*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 138
66.35% "*NOSEBLEEDS!* ...second panel... on the top left... of this page.... SO... GORGEOUS! *Dies from Yukari's new smexy hair look*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 148
71.15% "Ahahahahahahaa! XDD Ageha's explosion of excitement makes me so happy! It's just like me! ...maybe I shouldn't go around owning up things like that. ........NAHHH. XDDDDD"
July 12, 2011 –
page 156
75.0% "O________O .......what? WHAT?! *Shocked to death* Th-Th-THAT'S what HAPPENED between them?! *Gets chills* ...oh holy crap. Oh my God.... How... how is this.... How is this going to get resolved now?! D8 I don't know what... what to even say or think! Holy crap! This is BAD. O____O!! *Stunned and slightly freaking out*"
July 12, 2011 –
page 177
85.1% ".......this is horrible. This is all... just... horrible! *Grimaces painfully and scrunches up her face* Tsuyu! ...how could you.... I understand, I do. But... you just needed to open up and admit it... but... *Shakes her head* ....who am I to say what you should have done? It looks like... it would have been painful, either way...."
July 12, 2011 –
page 178
85.58% "I agree with Ageha! Long distance, man! Long distance!!! But at the same time, I know what Tsuyu means but... That's so selfish! >_< It just seems so wrong!!!"
July 12, 2011 –
page 180
86.54% "*SPITS OUT BLOOD* WHAT?! NOOOO! TSUYU DON'T! D8 HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING!? NO NO! NO WAY! I WON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! FORGET IT! *GRABS TSUYU!* You're coming with me! D8< We're gonna lock you up some place where they can't find you and have you THINK this THROUGH until you STOP BEING A COWARD! DX< *Shakes her, hugs her!* AGRRHGFDGFDILFDGFIUDSS! NO! I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! *REFUSES* YUUKKAAAARRRRIIIIIIIII. DX HELP!!"
July 12, 2011 –
page 183
87.98% "O___O! WHOA! Spoiler from like, AGES ago! Yukari wasn't the one who sent Tsuyu flowers back when she got out of the hospital in like Volume 5?! That's... that's CRAZY!!! HOLY CRAP. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT IT!?!?!?!?"
July 12, 2011 –
page 185
88.94% "WHOO! Alright! 8D Go AGEHA! This girl... has some real class, do you know that readers? *Smiles warmly* Only a truly great person would do what she just did right now. If you don't believe me, then you haven't experienced that level of friendship yet. I sincerely hope you do. <3 It's an amazing, fantastic, wonderful experience. One of the best in this world~"
July 12, 2011 –
page 186
July 12, 2011 –
page 208
July 12, 2011 – Finished Reading
May 3, 2012 – Shelved as: manga

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message 5: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa You had me at "Yaoi fangirls." XD Oh, I would soooooooooooooooo love to see what happened to Yukari and Mitsu~ I bet it was all yummy and delicious. *Smirks* My yaoi taste buds are going crazy right now. X3

I'm a bit scared to fins out what happens with Tsuyu. She sounded like she was actually a pretty decent character. Hope everything turns out okay. O_o

N.T. Embe Oh it was EPIC. And Mitsu is such a man. He totally admits to sooo many things. Shamelessly, shamelessly~!!! XD You're gonna LOVE him!! I can't wait for you to see how cracky and fantastic he is!!

And as for what happens with Tsuyu, it upset me, yes, but like Ageha, I've learned that people can change from their mistakes. I think that's why this series is so great above others. <3 I'll leave this aside for now. But you'll see for yourself before long~! ^__^

message 3: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa I like sexy men~ Especially when they are being sexy with OTHER men! XD Yeah... still on the yaoi thing. X3

Well... whatever happens with that girl, I just hope I come to like her. I don't think I can take hating someone else. >_<

N.T. Embe I know right? 83 Kinda craving it myself now. XD

No, I think you're going to still really enjoy her. <3 ^__^ We'll just have to wait and see how you react~! But I'm siding on the fact that the best things will happen.

message 1: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa I'm always craving yaoi. It's in my blood! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

Hmm... alright then. I hope so! I like having characters to like. That was a poor attempt at a sentence but who cares! Anyway, I'll have to see how I react to it all~

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