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Jul 12, 2011

did not like it
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Read on July 31, 2011

The D.U.F.F stands for Dickheads & Ultra-Dumbassery Fuck Fest. This book was goddamn fucking awful and I'm not even exagerrating or being cynical in any fucking sort way. I thought the whole enemies with benefits concept was quite interesting so I read this book with an open mind— only to be horrified within a couple of lines and — at the end of the re-read with Alice— only to be left traumatised.

First of all I just want to touch on our protagonist: Bianca— from the description she seemed like a breath of fresh air— she wasn't one of those timid, shrinking violets that you get in YA in order to be more relatable~ I thought initially that I could be able to relate to her as she was desrcibed as "loyal" and "cynical"— both of which are yours truly best and worst character trait. I was looking forward to it, because I was she's probably going to be someone snarky~

Until I fucking started reading it and wanted to whip out my katana to slice that hoe, Wesley and whoop Bianca's stupid fucking ass.

Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself

Bianca was one of the WORST main characters I have ever come across, she was every trait I hate, loathe, and abhor rolled up into a narrator:— she was hypocritical, shady and not loyal in any fucking sort of way. She considers going out with friends as something which will lower her precious "IQ" (I put it in quotes because this fucking bitch doesn't appear to have one). Bianca always looks down upon anything that her friends do if it involves a.) having fun and b.) boys. She's continually shunning her friends, then when she's sneaking around riding Wesley's dick— she's always, always blowing them off even though one of them personally asked Bianca to come and watch her cheer. Hey Bianca, Rule No. 1 of Girl Politics Chicks before Dicks. Literally. She keeps secrets away from her friends yet she tells them to a person who demeans her and blatantly annoys her in order to sleep with her friends. The "holier than thou" attitude she had going on made me want to strangle puppies— I hate people who act self-righteous but turn a blind eye when they commit the "crime" that they often look down upon. She wrinkles her nose in disgust upon her friends who think Wesley is cute— yet, Bianca lowers herself on the pedestal of those twats by initiating kissing him and then going on to fucking him. Motherfucker, don't play me. She also demeans her crush for having a girlfriend just because Bianca isn't in her position and she thought~ that he had the same views on love as she did. I say "Wah, fuckin' wah!".

First of all, don't expect me to fucking believe that Wesley's dick was giving her vagina CPR and the holy light fell upon his penis~ and she was bathed it all it's glory. That's fucking nasty. I don't fucking understand how a STD-ridden harassing whore's dick can make all your problems go away— she blows off her friends for Wesley to take her roughly in the barn, instead of confronting the problem revolving around her ex, Jake, she goes to bed with Wesley. Oh, also, when her father is going through a drinking problem and an impending divorce— do you all know what a sweet daughter like Bianca does? GOES TO FUCK WESLEY LIKE A FUCKING BITCH. How could she just leave her father in that state? How could she avoid answering the fact that she is acting distant from her friends? Casey, her friend, had every right to be aloof towards Bianca and lash out at her— but OH NOOO, from Bianca's point of view Casey is acting like a fucking bitch and Bianca is fucking innocent. Bianca could have faced her problems and move on, independently— not without the help of Wesley's blow job skillz. Sure, it wouldn't have been easy but her life could have easily improved without being naive enough to think that the high of sex could solve everything.

Let's move on to another subject:—

Wesley Rush is in poverty— he has to wait for his Call of Duty game for a week until release. He had to walk 10 metres through the ghetto in order to get a pair of trainers, exclusive from Nike. He has one condom in his pocket but he is scheduled to sleep with 5 women tonight. He has to sleep in a King Sized bed and feels discomfort because there's a fucking pea under his matress. And his Prada clothes are too fucking tight. ARE YOU ALL, DEAR REVIEWERS, GOING TO IGNORE THE SUFFERING THAT WESLEY HAS TO GO EVERY DAY? Please donate money to Rich White People Foundation where your money can be used to help people like Wesley find a servant to bring his charger to him after his laptop has 3% battery life remaining.

[gif will be back up once bandwidth sets it self to 0]

Bitch please.

Dear Wesley Rush,

Bianca may have thrown cherry coke in your stupid, shit eating face but if he demeaned me like that in order to whip his dick out for my friends? Had you been messing with my fucking ass...

[gif will be back up once bandwidth sets it self to 0]

First of all, his assholian behaviour is no fucking way condoned by the fact that his parents are always travelling— that's his own fucking fault. We all have problems and at one point we all had to become independent, my parents are split up and I rarely see my dad, but I would never let that fact EVER make me turn into a fucking dickhead and degrade anyone for that matter.

I loathe Wesley with a passion of a thousand suns and Indian curries and jalapeno peppers. If he had walked into my range of sight, a simple "bitch please" look would have turned him into fucking shish kebab. I would have never let the fac that he called me a "DUFF" get to me— because I know I'm not those things. I would have said that he probably has a tiny dick and that's why he keeps harassing me, and then pushed him down the fucking stairs and grabbed at his English Teabags and pulled until he got the fucking idea not to degrade me again.

Another thing— Bianca is an idiot, she says that she hates Wesley but she allows him to be her partner for English— tell the fucking teacher that he is harassing you and she will assign you a different partner. I had the same issue and it was solved because I let the teacher know! Goddamn!

I'm going to tell you something— I know a guy much like Wesley, in fact— he is my friend's boyfriend. He is a huge flirt and thinks, in his words, that he can get any girl he wants even if it's a "challenging" one like me. Let me inform you all what this fucker did—
- Kept on stroking my hair everytime he'd go past me
- Wrapped his arms around my waist
- Kept on holding my hand
- Is envious of guys who have my respect
- Stroked my cheek once and said "hello cutiepie"
- Called me a whore/bitch on several occasions yet making compliments about my looks and how I could be a model
- Kept giving me bedroom eyes
- Yet said that I was "damaged goods" and that I was abused as a child (that really was a low blow because I was molested when I was younger)

I let his comments get to me at one point and I cried, but let me tell you— if you made me cry, it's a fucking warning. But I stood up to him— did he seriously think he could get away with degrading me? Did he think that was funny? Who the fuck did he think he was to do so?

And you know what I did?

I bitchslapped him, kicked him in the shin, told him to go fuck himself. He wrote me a letter that was creepily romantic~ I got rid of that fucking letter and I made him cry. That's how you deal with dickheads like him. Not by fucking sleeping with him.

A guy says that he likes your breasts? you tell him he's a fucking creepy sex offender. He ain't going to say that shit again. A fat, disgusting twat spread rumours that you asked him out? You say to that fucker that you don't go out with guy that have bigger boobs than you do. He ain't going to go near you again. These are both real situations I have been through and I did all of those things— it does it what is says on the tin. Keeps dickheads at bay. The advice I would give to you is to never let any degrading treatment from any Wesleys in your life get to you, infact— bash him back so he can sit his fucking ass down. A good kick in the balls would be effective. I was glad that Bianca finally shut his ass down in the end after he came crawling back.

Another thing that annoyed me to no end was how Bianca hated Wesley but allowed the term DUFF to encourage her insecurities to feed on her, and made these pathetic attempts to make the reader sympathise her by having benefits~ of being a DUFF. Bianca was incredibly superficial, if Wesley wasn't goodlooking, she would have called the police.

As a Young Adult contemporary, I thought the problems that the main character faces are something that you are able to relate to but they fucking weren't— they were known as something called Rich White People Problems or First World Problems — it didn't work because of
a.) they were eye-roll inducing because there are people in a much worse situation and
b.) they were easily able to be solved had the parents and the child had better communication and were true to eachother.

Drowning your sorrows through riding his dick, however, is going to garner you fuck all. Her dad was a raging drunk and was slutshaming Bianca, and Wesley hits him? What the fuck? Am I watching some stupid soap opera? Goddamn.

I didn't like the writing style, why must you abbreviate words like "By the way", "Oh my God" and "What the fuck?"— if I fucking wanted to read it in text style, I would have rather gone on fucking Facebook. The other characters seemed clichéd in order to make the MC more unique— ironically I found them more interesting and likable that Bianca— one of them did get on my nerves by making out that the word "vagina" is vulgar, the fuck? The plot was stupid because it was so contrived, they fell in love through sex? BITCH, THAT AIN'T A FUCKING ROMANCE.

Overall, shitty story with shit leads— I would rather be a crackwhore than read this fuckfest again. 1 star.


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07/31/2011 page 4
1.0% "Oh my god, clichés already? This book must win the Man Booker Prize(!)"
07/31/2011 page 7
2.0% "I give her props for acting appropriately but goddamn, if a guy demeaned me like that in order to whip his dick out for my friends, I would never even consider sleeping with him."
07/31/2011 page 8
3.0% "Let's see, she looks down upon anything that her friends do because she is so holier than thou~ right? Also, if you bumped into a guy that you hate: IGNORE HIM and walk faster."
07/31/2011 page 9
3.0% "Wow, she degrades people who have crushes and talks about how love needs developing but when she has a crush, it's a whole new case and she says that she's an "almost hypocrite" BITCH, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE."
07/31/2011 page 10
3.0% "Strike 3, ladies and gentlemen, now when she realises that Toby has a girlfriend instead of being with her~ and she demeans him for it because she has this dillusion that he has the EXACT same views as her on love?!?!? Anyone who disagrees with her is immediately a dumbass. SMH."
07/31/2011 page 12
4.0% "Why is she so fucking obsessed with the word "DUFF"- she's letting him get to her, for fuck's sake and stop it with these rich white people problems. It's not garnering any sympathy."
07/31/2011 page 13
5.0% "Wesley, you're a fucking assholian dickhead and I hope a cow shits on your face, you jackass. ASDFGHJKL;"
07/31/2011 page 13
5.0% "He degrades her again, says he wants to stick her dick in her friend and then she KISSES HIM??!?!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!?!?!?" 1 comment
07/31/2011 page 14
5.0% "They were all over eachother but as soon he gropes her boob, she slaps him?!!? This girl has issues. Huge ones."
07/31/2011 page 18
6.0% "Who hell uses abbreviations as a replacement for the real statement? Also, Wesley is creeper in a white van and Bianca keeps on shunning her friends again but the outlook for today is sunny. *eye roll*"
07/31/2011 page 21
7.0% "Ugh, "vagina" is now apparently a crude word. SMH. Also, Bianca is a Class A dumbass."
07/31/2011 page 23
8.0% "Oh God, here comes the pity party disguised as benefits of being a DUFF. Bianca hates superficial shit but she sure as hell is shallow herself and her insecurities are eating her alive."
07/31/2011 page 26
9.0% "Wesley, ruining Burberry for me since the publication of The Duff."
07/31/2011 page 27
9.0% "*face palms* She hates him but she initiates the kiss, AGAIN, and goes on to have sex with him. Also, her 14 year old sex had her cherry popped by a 18 year old and she's comparing their romance to Romeo and Juliet." 7 comments
07/31/2011 page 33
11.0% "And she accidentally fell on Wesley's lips again. Whoopsee!" 3 comments
07/31/2011 page 37
13.0% "Fucking the token douche, take 187. She hates him and now she initiates the "enemies with benefits" suggestion. Yes, Bianca, you are a shitty friend. Wesley, you're still a fucking dick, IDGAF about your good listening skills."
07/31/2011 page 39
14.0% "Chicks before dicks, Bianca. Rule #1 of Girl Politics" 5 comments
07/31/2011 page 41
14.0% "And, "drowning mah sorrows with his dick" undergoes with them about to fuck on the pool table. Someone, shoot me."
07/31/2011 page 46
16.0% "And she's moving onto another guy after he just broke up with his girlfriend. No, Bianca, you are more than a bitch."
07/31/2011 page 48
17.0% "Wah, fucking, wah. I will not sympathise with this bitch- she is by far one of the worst protagonists I have ever come across." 1 comment
07/31/2011 page 53
18.0% "Her dad is clearly unstable but she keeps abandoning him for Wesley. I just can't... *head desks*"
07/31/2011 page 57
20.0% "I'm so angry right now that I googled Photobitch instead of Photobucket. "
07/31/2011 page 67
23.0% "Wow, this book is so fucking melodramatic. Angry, slut-shaming drunk dad interrupts oral sex? WHUT?"
07/31/2011 page 105
36.0% "Ugh, she leaves the nice guy for this fucking douche. I DON'T FORGIVE HIM JUST BECAUSE HE WROTE THAT LETTER. Let me tell you all something, a douchebag, much like Wesley, once demeaned and wrote me a letter that was creepily romantic but he was dating my friend. AVOID THE BASTARD."
07/31/2011 page 288
100.0% "Worst contemporary I have ever fucking read. I hope this shit dies in a fire." 4 comments
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Alice Do you wanna buddy read this too? I've been curious about this one for awhile.

♔ Leah. I'm game, let me just add the shelf for it ;)

Alice Yay! ♥

Alice You've got the best shelves, Leah. *scrambles to come up with daddy issues and slut-shaming shelves*

♔ Leah. Aww, but I think yours beats mine by far. Oooh, I need to add a "calling samuel l jackson" and "english bitch do u spk it?" shelf.

Alice ♔ Leah. wrote: "Aww, but I think yours beats mine by far. Oooh, I need to add a "calling samuel l jackson" and "english bitch do u spk it?" shelf."

You know, if I weren't positive it would be too long, I'd say you should have a shelf like 'the l in samuel l jackson stands for leah' shelf. Because it is so true. I'm sure you'll prove that tomorrow. ;)

John Egbert "English bitch do you speak it" shelf?

Oh, how I wish I could like this review just for that shelf...

message 8: by ♔ Leah. (last edited Jul 31, 2011 02:03PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

♔ Leah. @ Paige,

Can I have your gut feeling, mine is currently on a life support machine... Some criminal called The DUFF killed it.

@ Alice,

OMG IKR? He's my spirit animal <333

@ Mello,

You're more than welcome to take the shelf and make it your own ;)

message 9: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran I wish I could like this review more than once. There are not nearly enough bad reviews of this book on here, sadly. The book was just fucking awful and whenever somebody tells me they liked it I automatically question their sanity.

♔ Leah. Thank you, darling! :D Ugh, I whole heartedly agree— I thought it was supposed to be good and supposed to teach you a lesson. The moral I learnt? When you hate someone but you have first world problems: sleep with them, it'll make it ALLL go away.


I would question their sanity if they said that Wesley was hot and Bianca was a good female character~

message 11: by John (new) - rated it 2 stars

John Egbert [image error]

Bravo, bravo!

Wonderful review! And precious GIFs.

message 12: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran With this book, I felt like the author thinks she "is" the protagonist, and that just never ends well. (Bella Swan. Point proven.) I watched a video on youtube once where Kody Keplinger talked about the book and I was rather tempted to punch my screen. She actually looks exactly like Bianca was described and talks like I imagined Bianca to. (In case you feel like torturing yourself; http://youtu.be/ZQVEuV03jAI) But oh well, I guess that's irrelevant.

I'm just glad that I'm not the only person who hated this book.

♔ Leah. @ Mello

Thank you, sweetheart! *bows grandly* :D <3

message 14: by ♔ Leah. (last edited Aug 04, 2011 12:34PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

♔ Leah. @ Fran,

Oh my God! She matches Bianca physical description! Good lord, I think I need to add the self insert shelf to this! I totally get your point that her voice sounds uncannily like Bianca's! I'm just recoiling after watching that— I loathe self inserts and tbh, this seems her fantasy only exagerrated.

@ Palice,

Thank you darling! I'm glad that my review entertains you :) <33

message 15: by Reut (new) - rated it 2 stars

Reut So much win.

message 16: by Kay (new) - added it

Kay Thank you for this review, and I loved all the pictures and gifs, too. XD

Those type of protagonists, that you described, do nothing but piss me off, especially when their problems are 'white people problems' as you said. If I can't connect with the protag on some level then it's a no-go for me.

Too bad. I was expecting more from this book. I won't waste my time.

♔ Leah. @ Cillian


You should read it— the snark material is endless! But thank you so much for the Joker gif— I am not worthy of his awesome!

@ Reut


Thank you so much, darlings! :)

message 18: by ♔ Leah. (last edited Aug 04, 2011 12:47PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

♔ Leah. @ Katrice,

Thank you so much bb! :D Hear, hear! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way, I just couldn't feel that I empathised with her when the situation is so vanilla compared to what other teenagers face adn it's *rich white people problems, because white people have problems too but damn, if you're rich then you have no reason to complain— you can easily tell your parents how you feel in order to close that gap of isolation, you know? It just takes communication. :)

message 19: by Haleema (new) - added it

Haleema This book sounds so horrible that I'm going to read it.

♔ Leah. LMAO Cillian, hope you enjoy! :) Although some of it is full of high octane crudeness which pisses people off (the fangirls) TROLOLOL.

♔ Leah. Haleema, watch out for this shit! I mean read this holding a knife in your hand.

♔ Leah. Well I love both, especially when spicy people go after bland, porridge bitches. ;D

♔ Leah. Yup, I just did. See the comments of my Bloodlines by Richelle Mead review.

Just PM me the question :)

message 24: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran ♔ Leah. wrote: "@ Fran,

Oh my God! She matches Bianca physical description! Good lord, I think I need to add the self insert shelf to this! I totally get your point that her voice sounds uncannily like Bianca's!..."

She basically took what she considered her best character traits and then decided she wanted to (at least in theory) hook up with a "hot" guy who likes her despite her DUFF-ness. As a trained pretend therapist/psychological problems of strangers analyser, I'd guess she is actually insecure about her looks and made herself feel better about it by letting her alter ego Bianca have sex with the school player douche.

I really hate when authors self insert. Sure, you can do it in your head but WHY would you write a book about it?! Especially when the outcome is such an annoying character. (She talks about 'writing what she knows' at the beginning of this video here - also about what Bianca/her have in common.)

♔ Leah. @ Fran,

*whistles* I am impressed by your analysis because I thought that too whilst watching the video— Bianca is the unconvetionally beautiful~ version of herself and can even attract the guys that supposedly hate her. I completely agree that the author is insecure— it's pretty obvious from that video that when mentioning where she heard it, it was implied that she was the one that was given that title.

My thoughts exactly! It just shows that you are an author that is a bit amateur~ (not sure if that's the correct terminology). After seeing that video, this DUFF is pretty much the fantasy version of her autobiography.

♔ Leah. O____O Palice, you're right. That's so freaky.

message 27: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran ♔ Leah. wrote: "@ Fran,

*whistles* I am impressed by your analysis because I thought that too whilst watching the video— Bianca is the unconvetionally beautiful~ version of herself and can even attract the ..."

I'm impressed with my analysis because I feel like I put more effort into ranting about this book/author today than I've ever put into anything I've had to do for school.. oh, the irony! LOL

But yes, you're completely right. It does come off as amateur and frankly, I feel weird reading a book when I know the author feels like she "is" her protagonist. It makes the reading experience an awkward one for me.

Have you heard that her new book is coming out this fall? I think I'll simply have to read it just so that I can rip it to pieces in a review later. (The premise is so fucking stupid that I got angry reading a summary, so it's pretty much a given that I'll despise it at least as much as the DUFF.)

♔ Leah. Fran, LMAO, I know how that's like— I put more effort into ranting about series that I abhor more than my exams.

I concur, because you feel almost voyeuristic, especially seeing when the protagonist uses her skillz in the bedroom in order to retaliate against the douche that is bothering her so he can pine after her, that is a bit creepy for me.

Oh really? Well, I'll read it and snark it to hell like I did with this one. I cannot believe Keplinger is 4 years older than me yet I write better crap than that.

♔ Leah. We're onto Keplinger Konspiracies TROLOLOLOLOL.

message 30: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran ♔ Leah. wrote: "I cannot believe Keplinger is 4 years older than me yet I write better crap than that. "

THAT IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST. I read books like these - and by that I mean books that are so fucking stupid that I just want to hit my head against a wall (there's a difference between bad books that make me laugh and bad books that make me suicidal) - and think, "Wait, this author is older than me. How can her PUBLISHED writing be worse than my unpublished (for good reason obviously, not saying the shit I produce deserves to be published), strictly-limited-to-english-class-essay-writing?" And especially in this case. She was 17 when she wrote the DUFF, apparently. I'm younger than she was back then but still manage to USE MY BRAIN while writing.

The Keplinger Konspiracies (LOL LOL LOL that name is genius) have been revealed! Ranting about books is just so FUN. The best part is always when one of those hyper fan girls comes into the discussion trying to defend her favorite book. That's when I have to restrain myself from saying "Wow. I almost feel bad for you but then I remembered that I don't give a fuck."

message 31: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran Cillian wrote: "I think trolls don't like anyone who's capable of stringing a whole sentence, not to mention several paragraphs.
They spread their poisonous troll saliva on everything that's well written and done with intelligence.
Troll out of spite."

That's actually a perfect description of what trolling is. Trolls are usually pretty entertaining though! Their stupidity and ignorance is quite enjoyable for me.

message 32: by Lina (last edited Aug 05, 2011 01:19PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lina Oh Leah, I love your reviews like Bianca loved that dick ;) Even though I disagree with this one, but we can always be friends on GR no matter what

♔ Leah. @ Jahlia,

Aww, sweetie <3 you are far too kind to me! :'D I'm so touched. And kudos to your dad for being a BAMF by teaching you how to punch! ;D Go get 'em Wesleys!

@ Fran,

I wrote more intelligent crap than The Duff when I was 9, and my shit was crazy as fuck. It's a shame that there are so many talented writers out there but the ones that write horribly get picked up and end up getting published. I would never pick that crap up, especially since the characters make me want to bash my head through a glass window— the writing world has gone to hell, there is nothing quality nowadays.

Me too! Oh I've had plenty of experience in the rabid fangirl department and been in many fights because idiots on GR make fake accounts and swear at me. I don't feel sorry for them because even when you have made your points logically, it all comes down to the fact that thy are dumb as hell when they bash you even more and back up their points by saying "BUT HE LURVES HERR!11" I'm just like GTFO *pushes into the bush*

Cillian & Jahlia, this review might get trolled but this book doesn't have a huge fandom so I don't think I'll get trolled but if so, then I'm armed. I've dealt with plenty. They just troll because if anyone has a negative opinion then immediately they begin screeching GET THEE TO THE CHURCH~

♔ Leah. @ Princess,

As I love you more than Rose loves Dimitri's dick. :'D <33

message 35: by Lina (last edited Aug 05, 2011 03:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lina @Leah

OMG That's some serious love right there I feel how true it is. :`)


I will go Battle Royale on anyone who trolls this review. I like this book, so that gives me instant rights to counter any troll!

I reject theee TROLLS!

♔ Leah. Princess, if we listen really quietly, I think we can hear Disney creating an animation on our epic ~ :'D <33

You go princess coco, you're a fierce boss bitch! Werq it! <33 But they ain't gonna dare to get rid to you because God told me to pound their asses:-

message 37: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran ♔ Leah. wrote: "The writing world has gone to hell, there is nothing quality nowadays. "

Ugh, I could not agree more with this statement. It really has gone to hell. The saddest part is that all of these teens that consider themselves 'booklovers' and therefore intelligent people, read so many crap books and just love every second of it, giving them 5 stars. There's so many YA books that I read based on good GR reviews and then when I'm done I wonder if there's something wrong with me because I can't comprehend the fuckery that book was after reading all of those good reviews. I mean sure, I read crappy books and get some enjoyment out of most of them, BUT I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM 5 STARS. People who like every book they read piss me off (though I'm also kinda jealous of them because I wish my brain could work that simple).

message 38: by ♔ Leah. (last edited Aug 05, 2011 08:37AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

♔ Leah. The saddest part is that all of these teens that consider themselves 'booklovers' and therefore intelligent people, read so many crap books and just love every second of it, giving them 5 stars.

THIS! It's developing their brains in anyway at all, sadly- it's giving them ideas of glorified harassment and making them think that it's the norm to allow it to happen to them. People look down upon books which have slight sexual content and swearing, but they seem to look through rose tinted glasses and thinking that douchey, Wesley-type behavior should be allowed and tolerated.

IKR? I mean you can give 5 stars because you enjoy it, that's fine— even when you are able to see the flaws of the book but if you've enjoyed the reading experience overall. But if you're rating them all the same then I'm just think- are you sure you've read the same book as me? Especially when there are so many things wrong with the book and it's OBVIOUS.

message 39: by Fran (new) - rated it 1 star

Fran People look down upon books which have slight sexual content and swearing, but they seem to look through rose tinted glasses and thinking that douchey, Wesley-type behavior should be allowed and tolerated.

That's one of those things I will never understand. How can these councils created to protect children from books that are bad for them (or whatever it is they're there for, I have no idea) be like "OH NO! THAT BOY IN THAT BOOK SAID THE F-WORD! AND THEN HE TOUCHED HER THIGH!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!" but when Edward Cullen STALKS a girl and actually watches her while she sleeps (without her knowing), it's fucking romantic all of the sudden just because he doesn't swear and the author is convinced that premarital sex will ruin their lives? (Sorry, twilight is still my go-to harassment example, LMAO) What kind of lesson does that teach kids? I think it's sad that so many people that are my age/younger are unable to see that this type of behaviour is bad. Is swearing really that bad? Maybe it's because I grew up in Europe, as opposed to the (and this is just my opinion) kind of prude United States but for me, characters swearing in a book sets a better example for children than the current trend in YA literature; sexual harassment that's apparently okay because it's 'romantic' and 'hot'.

♔ Leah. Amen! Just because the idea of chastity is present, it's completely fine, y'know? The stalking, the harassment, emotional blackmail is just suddenly~ accepted because as long as the heroine isn't spreading her legs or swearing like a sailor- then all is well. What the fuck is this? A Victorian finishing school? So much hate.

I'm just dumbfounded, to be honest. They ban books like Harry Potter or His Dark Materials because of the idea of witchcraft and atheism, but books where pedophiles/predators are preying on girls and it's glamourized as romance~ when girls should KNOW that if they were in that position, they NEED to be able to protect themselves. Also, may I mention that as along as the predator is goodlooking then it's completely fine and you should be flattered. I just can't. So much fail.

Swearing isn't that bad, it's not looked down upon here in the UK, and I agree that America are very overly conservative but it's such a norm- it happens on a regular basis.

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Cory You know, I kind of liked Wesley BECAUSE he was a dick. I just found it odd that Bianca had to tell us again and again and again that he was a douchbag, yet she ran back to him whenever things got tough. It almost would've been funny if he had gotten her pregnant or given her an STD or something. Almost. Not quite.

I mean, at least Wesley was an Adrian-like dick. All I ask is that if you're a dick, you should be funny and acknowledge your dickness.

♔ Leah. Paige, you are so on point with that! They should seriously look through that veil of bullshit that's hiding horrible behaviour from guys because they have a 6 pack or amazing eyes!!1 If you're gonna book ban then really open your eyes at all this crap that's in YA. It sending far worse messages other than sexuality and adult language.

♔ Leah. Cory, you have a fair point- at least he wasn't acting like a victim and acted like he was a saint. Wesley didn't hide the fact that he was a bastard in a Romeo costume, he was just a bastard.

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♔ Leah. ATTENTION: Apparently, this discussion has been seen by someone who is affiliated with Miss Keplinger herself, and thinks it's "vicious". Please stop accusing us of calling her a DUFF or assuming that we are attacking her looks and making fun out of her personal experiences. We haven't done that at all throughout this thread and I haven't done such a thing in my review had you, whoever you are, been paying attention to this thread instead of putting words into our mouths and playing the guilt trip card in order to make us retract our comments about Keplinger. We haven't verbally abused her or mocked her, you're just taking the abrasive language into account.

We didn't intend to insult her, in fact— the insults are non-existant— you're just taking this way out of hand. If you can't stand this discussion then do not bother to read it. Simple as.

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Cory ♔ Leah. wrote: "ATTENTION: Apparently, this discussion has been seen by someone who is affiliated with Miss Keplinger herself, and thinks it's "vicious". Please stop accusing us of calling her a DUFF or assuming t..."


I always kind of figured that The Duff was wish fulfillment. Not that Bianca = Kody, but just that the author wrote this for "snarky" girls to fall in love with Wesley and wish they were Bianca. I mean, dude is hot, rich, and loves a duff (despite the preachy, we're all a duff message that came right out of Ready or Not).

I don't care for the book, but as I don't know Kody (though I do read her blog) I really wouldn't bother insulting or praising her. Though, honestly, speculating about self inserts isn't a bad thing. People do it to John Green all the time. And Stephanie Meyer. And any big name author who writes an MC that shares their background, hobbies, and is described in a way that mirrors the author.

Unless of course they mean that by insulting Bianca we're insulting Kody which, by default means that Bianca is a self-insert.

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Cory At least JKR was honest. She told us upfront that Hermione was a self insert of her ten-year-old self and that Ron was based off of a friend. It's not as obvious that Bianca is Kody but this reeks of wish fulfillment to me. I wrote about that in my review along with the fucked up double standards.

ETA: Just out of curiosity, anyone want to take the self-insert portion of the Mary Sue test for Bianca? http://www.katfeete.net/writing/marys...

♔ Leah. Cory, I agree. Either way it shows that the author is a self insert.

Paige, nope, not a tweet. Some reviewer one here who has seen the discussion and is making assumptions that aren't true.

I think it's stupid to think that I'm bashing the author outright through her character. I don't know her personally and I have no right to do so, my problems are with the book, I've just made a point that Bianca seems like a self insert and unless that is offensive~ I haven't done anything wrong.

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Fran ETA: Just out of curiosity, anyone want to take the self-insert portion of the Mary Sue test for Bianca? http://www.katfeete.net/writing/marysue....

I just did this.. or well, as best as I could:

Bianca is suspiciously similar to you as you'd like to be. She isn't really very cool: she blends into crowds, she hangs out on the fringes at parties, and wearing shades after dark makes her run into things. There's never been anything special about her that she could see; boy, is she in for a surprise. She's come in for her share of hurt, but gotten off with minor damage. And you've been pretty kind to her, always ready to intercede on her behalf and give her a nice easy victory.

You may have let yourself get a little too close to Bianca. Maybe she's you as you wish you were, or maybe you're just afraid no one will like her and are trying to give her a free ride. Have some confidence in your writing! Bianca is a good character. Give her room to be herself before you stifle her.

That test is genius.

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Cory That test is genius.

Ain't it though?

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Phoebe Hi all. I'm traveling right now so this response will be brief-I messaged Fran. If she wants to reproduce the message, that's fine with me. I met Kody at bea and have corresponded with her online. I have no qualms with discussions about her book's flaws, even vocal ones. But I also know that she's a teenage girl-like many of you are- and that discussions of her appearance, assumptions that the book must be wish fulfillment or that she must be insecure about her own appearance is pretty icky. I think it can be easy to get carried away in Internet conversations like these and say things that you regret. Not out of malice, especially. Which is why I messaged Fran, who had been the first one to say things along these lines. It was a call for empathy (certainly not censorship). Kody is a young woman-a teenager still- and I knew she would be hurt if she saw this, and I am her friend and felt I'd be remiss if I didn't speak up. Not all authors are monoliths like we all assume steph meyer is. They're people, too.

I'm going to bow out here--I don't want to seem like an omnipresent troll, and again, I don't want it to seem like I'm calling for censorship or anything like that. But since I'm gr friends with some of you, too (which is how I saw this review, not Twitter), I think you guys know what I'm about.

Anyway, carry on.

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