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Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
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Mar 22, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: erotic-romance, romantic-suspense, lisa-marie-rice, keepers, made_me_cry
Recommended for: Fans of erotic romantic suspense
Read in July, 2008

** spoiler alert ** Wow! This book was steamy, intense, suspenseful, romantic, and oh-so-satisfying! I didn't want it to end, yet I was desperate to find out what would happen! And then I wanted to read it all over again! Lisa Marie Rice never lets me down--each book is even better than the previous one. And this book was no exception. This book had the sexiest, most intense love scenes, all without anything too graphic or out there. I don't know how she does it, but the intense passion that she was able to convey between the H/H was palpable. You could just feel the smoldering heat.

Nicholas Ames/Ireland is a former Delta Force operator, now working undercover as a government agent for the Unit--a secret government agency that is out to stop the escalation of international organized crime's involvement in terrorism. Nick has had a miserable childhood, abandoned as an infant and raised in an orphanage and a series of foster homes. Now all Nick knows is military life; he's never had a family or anyone to truly care about. He'll do anything his government asks him to--lie, seduce or kill. His sexual encounters are meaningless; he doesn't really believe in love. He uses his good looks and body working undercover to get the job done, however he can. Nick is known as the "Iceman"; he's so cool nothing can get to him. But Nick is not totally unfeeling; he has a soft spot for the elderly and the weak. He's all about protecting the less fortunate and upholding the law, and has a strong moral compass. Nick's latest mission is unlike any he's had before. He is to woo beautiful, young, small town librarian Charity Prewitt, to see what information she can provide about world famous Russian author Vassily Worontzoff.

Vassily Worontzoff once had the world by the tail. He was a world famous writer with a beautiful girlfriend who he loved dearly. Life couldn't get much better, until one day he and his girlfriend Katya were captured by the KGB and accused of being dissidents. Sentenced to a prison camp, he spent close to 20 grueling, miserable years there working the gold mines in sub zero weather. But when he finally got out, he was a changed man. And a very dangerous man. He became the head of the powerful Russian Mafia, and now a suspected terrorist.

Charity Prewitt grew up in the small Vermont town in which she lives. Prim and proper and not very worldly, she's the local librarian. An orphan since she was a young teen, the only family she has left is her elderly aunt and uncle. Just when it looks like her life and career are about to take off, her aunt's health takes a turn for the worse, and her sense of duty prevents her from leaving her uncle high and dry to take care of her aunt alone. So she stays in town, and settles for being the local librarian. There's not much excitement for Charity in tiny Parker's Ridge, Vermont, until world famous author Vassily Worontzoff inexplicably moves to town and befriends her. Vassily's got plans for Charity that she's totally unaware of. Now that Charity's his best friend, it's up to Nick to see if she knows all that Vassily is up to. And he knows just how to go about it.

When Charity lays eyes on who she thinks is Nicholas Ames, millionaire stockbroker, it's lust at first sight. He's the handsomest, sexiest, most charming man she's ever seen. And Nick is floored by Charity too. Not only does he think she's a beauty, but there is just something about her that threatens Nick's control. He has to keep reminding himself to remember the mission. But after a wild weekend spent with Charity, will Nick ever be able to be the cold, methodical man he once was? Will his intense desire for Charity destroy his mission? And will Charity get caught in the crossfire between good and ruthless evil?

If you're a fan of Lisa Marie Rice's books, you know what kind of heroes she specializes in. Super alphas who know how to love and protect their women. But since they are unaccustomed to love, it takes them a while to realize the emotion as love. I loved seeing Nick come to grips with his feelings for Charity. And the whole time Nick was lying to Charity by not revealing his true identity, I kept wondering if she would forgive him when she found out. There was a scene where Nick was forced to do something to protect Charity that devastated and nearly destroyed her, and it had me in tears too. The ending was so emotional and suspenseful, I wanted to hurry up and finish it, yet I wanted to savor it too. And thankfully, this time LMR provides an epilogue, one that should satisfy everyone who reads this wonderful, sexy, suspenseful book! If you like to read hot, emotional, romantic suspense, then this one is for you!
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Kathrynn Hey Girl,

You read it! I haven't received my copy yet...maybe later in the week.

Just returned from our trip and I'm leaving tomorrow at O Dark Thirty--flying. My grandmother passed away. Funeral is Friday. Returning Saturday afternoon.

Hope you are well.

Something is wrong with my notebook. Don't know and will look at it more thoroughly when I get back. I'm using the desktop for this.

Auntee Kathrynn--I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Take care. Have a safe flight--talk to you when you get back.

Alyssa " I didn't want it to end, yet I was desperate to find out what would happen!"

I definitely agree with this.

message 4: by ElaineY (last edited Sep 07, 2008 03:08AM) (new) - added it

ElaineY Just received it last week and will start on it tonight after your review. However, LMR has still not given me a single book that I found satisfying and the only reason why I bought Dangerous Secrets is because I just can't believe or accept that I find her books bland when it has EVERYTHING I want in my romantic suspense.

I keep buying each one hoping it's The One. Everyone I know who's read LMR loves her and I want to, as well, dammit.

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