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My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent
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I did really read this when I "first read it." I kind of skimmed the first three chapters and the last twenty pages and got the basic gizmo of the book, I thought. So not true... Now, I have actually read each word cover to cover, I realize how idiotic I am. My Soul to Keep is the first true gem of the Soul Screamers series. Everything seems to build up to this moment; when Kaylee seems to finally be able to function without Nash, Tod does not actually know everything and you kind of actually pity Sophie at the end.

My Soul to Keep is a smart, humorous sequel to My Soul to Save that picks up right after MStS' conclusion. Kaylee was discovered that Nash's best friends have a toxic substance in their position, demon breath. Yep... the stuff that a demon, aka hellion, breathes out, a Netherworld drug, similar to cocaine. Demon breath is extremely toxic and will destroy the minds and souls of the users if Kaylee doesn't put a stop to it. Unfortunately, how to solve this problem is yet to be discovered.

My Soul to keep is the ultimate start to a darker shift in the Soul Screamers series. This is when Kaylee's bonds are tested more than ever before and she begins to question things that seemed perfect once before. The darker side suits this series more, since it focuses on death constantly. Unlike most series, each Soul Screamers novel improves the series and sets a higher standard for its sequel to surpass.

I guarantee to all that if you have enjoyed the Soul Screamers series or are still hesitant, that My Soul to Keep will satisfy you.

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