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Proof of the Afterlife by Gary Joseph
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Jul 11, 2011

really liked it
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An incredible journey of faith and the proof of the eternal life that awaits us.

Proof of the Afterlife is a very comforting book and Brother Joseph is sincere throughout his depictions of his encounters and in his relationship with his family and close friends. This leads me to believe he truly has had all these experiences, as he has written in his book. Soon after his life-after-death experience Gary started to have apparitions, dreams and other out of this world things happen and continue for many years of his life, which he documented. Br Joseph was raised in a very dysfunctional family, with a controlling father, an abusive brother and a mother who never stood up for herself. Gary explains about his struggle to understand and forgive his parents and his brother, all who are now deceased. His greatest conflicts were with his father, who even disowned and refused to visit his own son, Gary's brother, while he lay dying. As his father grew older Gary later tried to get him to have a relationship with God, especially before his father passed on. I found this part of the book to be very emotional and difficult. Br Joseph chose to write and share about his life and this incredible journey, not only to show how he found peace during the most difficult times in his life, but also so others could find comfort in knowing there is life after death. That we may know their is a God who loves us all, even if we think we are not deserving of that love.

When a member of the clergy comes to mind, whether it be a Nun, Priest, Father, Bishop, Cardinal or a Brother like Gary, I have never felt the need to wonder if maybe their parents or brothers or sisters also believe in God. It has never really crossed my mind until I read this book, and now for some reason I find the need to give it thought. God chose Gary to speak directly to, yet he is just like anyone else on this planet. Br Joseph is a sinner like us all, and he makes it a point many times throughout the book. I clearly understand the way Br Joseph explains how God may speak to someone. Whether it be through a dream, in our daily thoughts, however I had a problem understanding the locution thing he talks about. Gary gives many accounts throughout the book of being in the presence of God and having visits from the other-side. All of which I believe are genuine since he always describes them as being peaceful and always giving him guidance and understanding. Having studied and read hundreds of accounts of afterlife experiences. It has been well documented by many that do cross over and then coming back to life do keep a spirituall connection to that other-side and even continue to have visits and unusual experiences. Proof of the Aferlife is a life changing book and one to share with others. This is a very powerful book and it makes a great read for anyone, atheist, Christian, any believer in God and especially for those who may believe there is no afterlife.

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