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really liked it
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This was really rather spectacularly adorkable. It is a sweet piece of rainbow fluff I tell you. RAINBOW FLUFF. Which is both good and bad because on one side: it's uplifting, encouraging, and cute. Buuuuut, on the other side it is kind of insubstantial because everything was so perfect and all the characters were like perfect potatoes and AS MUCH AS I LOVE POTATOES, no one is a perfect potato all the time. Some of us are kind of mouldy zucchini at times.

Excuse me. The vegetable analogy ends now.


So the book basically takes place over 3 days with three friends going to a SupaCon nerd thingie. The very first thing you need to know is....THEY ARE AUSTRALIAN!!!! THIS IS AN AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR!!! AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAA. (Hello, I'm Australian can you tell.) And it. is. so. super. geeky. Like think of all the geek you can think of and mULTIPLY IT BY 6. So basically I was in heaven. There were Supernatural references, it was all about youtube and tumblr, and vlogging, and they talked about Felicia Day and a TON of movies and TV show references. I even got some of them!!! Even though I am like a small froot loop who doesn't watch a lot of TV!!! (My TBR kind of takes over my life, mate.) So basically this book IS queen of the geek. Bless it.

I also loved aaaaall the diversity. Do you know how many books I've read about Autistic girls? TWO. TWOOOOOOO. That makes me mad every time because: hello Autistic girls are not mythical creatures. So this not only (a) provides much needed visibility, it also (b) is a fantastic representation, and (c) is not all about the dark side of being Autistic but all the seriously abso-freaking-loutely great parts about Autism. YAY FOR ASPIE GIRLS.

It's dual narrated by Taylor (Autistic) and Charlie (bisexual and Asian). And I loved them both! They had distinct voices and personalities and they were epic friends. And then they had their bud Jamie along too and he and Taylor are like THE OTP (they were so nerdy together and sweet and kind) while Charlie meets a vlogger girl she's had a crush on foreeeever at the con and they make a vlog and Charlie's so nervous because this is like her HERO and it's adorable.

• so much nerd and geek
• how fun the dialogue was
• it was cheesy but then it made me smile so whaaaaa lemme have a moment of happy
• glitter, rainbows, happy, hot pink hair, fangirling = this book
• it's really respectful of diversity and minorities and all the characters are really open minded and kind
• I underlined like sooooo much of it, mate, so much

• so. like I might have mentioned: everyone was perfect??
• like there are hiccups as the story progresses but...everyone was...perfect
• so while the characters were fun, they were a bit like caricatures of what the best kind of human should look like according to tumblr
• while the Autism rep was good, it also brushed over sensory overload and stimming which, in a highly anxious inducing environment like a convention, was not realistic
• the romance is pretty much instalove
• instalove everywhere, look at it flapping about like butterflies of unrealistic happy
• there was a ridiculous amount of perfect monologue soliloquies which, while I agreed 100% with what they were saying about love! Acceptance! Being yourself! Not being broken! Accepting anxiety! Believing in yourself! Being comfortable with your body and weight! Not judging people! ALL THE ABOVE!!!! ...it also felt a little like the book was reading off a list of tumblr inspirational posts. Like woah. ???? The dialogue stopped being natural and fun at the end because it was cramming in all these messages. GOOD MESSAGES. But delivered almost in sermon form???

ALL IN ALL: Look this book is the CUTEST and you need it. I was smiling ridiculously much and underlining like crazy. The diversity was poignantly written and beautiful and complex. I loved reading about an ASD girl who was a huge fangirl and didn't fall into stereotypes and was all about living life without being ashamed of differences. I loooooved how they were Aussie. And all the fandom references were AMAZING. It's light and fluffy which generally isn't my thing so like I don't feel this book is going to change my life or stick with me forever?? But I had fun.

EXCEPT NOTE: the most absolutely ridiculously unrealistic thing in this book was how Taylor was carrying around a boxset to be signed and she fit it in her backpack. We're talking huge fantasy books and lots of 'em. Like woah woman. What kind of backpack do you have and is it Hermione's and I want one.

*** QUOTES ***
taken from the ARC so are subject to be changed

Anxiety isn't an attack that explodes out of me; it's not a volcano that lies dormant until it's triggered by an earth-shattering event. It's a constant companion.

"History and experience have proven to me that it's very hard for people to understand, and all too easy for them to judge."

"You can't pick and choose whose equality you support. That's not equality."

Embarrassed, I changed the subject. "Shh! I think Dean is about to do something awesome."
"Dean is always about to do something awesome."

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Elle (ellexamines) Oh, can't wait to read your review! I'm excited for this one.

message 2: by Figgy (new) - added it

Figgy Oooh, I requested this one! Hope it shows up!

Looking forward to your review!

mags Okay but the fact that this has supernatural references in it just made me 100x more excited for it than I already was

message 4: by Figgy (new) - added it


Great review, and super looking forward to getting my hands on this!

message 5: by Devon (new)

Devon Munn Maybe this book can Inspire you to search for books featuring Autistic characters

message 6: by Ellen Gail (new)

Ellen Gail Great review Cait! This looks delightful! It always makes me smile to see how amazingly representative and inclusive YA books are becoming these days.

And feel free to throw in more vegetable analogies. I really wanted to make a pun about your review being fresh and crisp (like a carrot or something?) but nothing's coming to me. I'm fresh out of puns.

message 7: by Hanifa (new) - added it

Hanifa Q my eye just decided to stop scanning once it came across the sentence "bisexual and Asian". yes to this!

C.G. Drews @adaline: I know right?!? Any book with Supernatural references is immediately the best.

C.G. Drews @Ellen: I shall accept all compliments for terrible vegetable apologies and puns. I hope a good pun turnips for you. GET IT??? BECAUSE TURN UP = TURNIPS. HAHAHAHAH *dies with own stunning wit*

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Cait: I was kind of hesitant to try it too because the cover is too pink for me. XD But definitely worth it!! So cute!

message 11: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Ehhhh
Maybe read lol

message 12: by Tandie (new) - added it

Tandie "Anxiety isn't an attack that explodes out of me; it's not a volcano that lies dormant until it's triggered by an earth shattering event. It's a constant companion." Gah! I need to read this book. Anxiety + me = constant companions! I so want to break up, but it's a way of life. Great review Cait the Great :D

message 13: by Vicky (new) - added it

Vicky Terrific review Cait.

baz-you're-flammable I agree with everything you said! But also, I think we can say for sure that Reese is NOT a perfect character?

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