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V.B. Rose Volume 8 by Banri Hidaka
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Jul 10, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: manga
Recommended to N.T. by: Ine Terazue
Recommended for: Everyone! Such a great series! Deep wounds, dressing up, true romantic rivalry--it's got everything.
Read on July 10, 2011 — I own a copy

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I now remember why this is my FAVORITE volume in the ENTIRE SERIES SO FAR!!! There are SOOOO many epic things to say about it!!! I don't know where to begin!!! Okay, okay, so calming down, we pick up right after the chaotic and crazy-awesome ending surprise of the last volume~! 8D Things only build up increasingly, and we have a lot of emotions flying all over the place in the beginning parts. Misunderstandings abound, but to conflict that we also have a lot of bold statements happening that throws the entire "love" issue for Ageha into the air and round-and-round! That poor girl. It's no wonder she's as crazy as she is! *Laughs* Mitsu proves to be the unexpected saving light for our dear lovebirds in a way. He has moments throughout this series where he really proves to be amazingly intelligent, perceptive and cunning. His guidance can be classified without a doubt as fantastic. <3 In fact, a lot of the advice he gives here in this volume makes me think of things I myself have needed to work on in my own life, and it brings the effect this series has on me only more boldly into perspective. I have learned so much about relationships and caring for others, not to mention how to understand people and their feelings, from this manga. It seems silly! I know! It's crazy! And I guess it's a good thing I re-read this as many times as I do, because I learn slowly!

BUT. Getting back to the story~! (Sorry people for my little side trip into my mind. ^_^;;) I love how much this series can teach you, especially since it does it in such a wonderful way, with a brilliant and relate-able cast of characters that are awesome almost every other page. (My VERY frequent status updates should be MORE than enough proof of this. XD) And it only continues to teach and draw you even further in as you read! This volume especially has a lot of those moments! But after the "drama" at the beginning of this volume, we have "SOMETHING TOTALLY EPIC!!!!" happen! 8D I cannot even begin to tell you how amazingly "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE~!" it is! You MUST read it. MUST MUST! D8< Don't argue with me! If you've even read half as far as this, then you can't turn back now. IT GETS FLIPPIN' AMAZING NOW!!! DON'T STOP NOW!! And okay, calming down a bit. XD Forgive my over-enthusiasm. <3 *Is a biiiig fan* (Like you all couldn't tell... XD;; <3)

Anyway, after the drama and the EPIC! We go right smack into sexy, seductive gorgeousness. And BOY do I mean SEXY and SEDUCTIVE GORGEOUSNESS. There is a photo shoot! And guess who gets to dress up all sexy-like? That's right. Yukari. Ageha. AND TSUYU!!! OMG IT'S EPIC. Not to mention! *Grins* My favorite picture of Ageha and Yukari out of the entire series (at least what I've read so far) is right in this part! God... they just looked... so incredibly... awe-inspiring. *Smiles radiantly* They are so beautiful together right there in that moment... it's amazing to see. That smile he had, and those half-closed eyes and grin on her face.... It's one of the most alluringly beautiful facial expressions of the human countenance, I deem. And I fell completely, completely in love with them in that picture. That look... that smile... their body language.... It was... amazing.

Then! After THAT part~! We have one of my favorite parts of the entire series. It takes up quite a lot of space in this volume, but it's worth every page and more. We get to see Kana-chan's house. And to see... her past with Yukari. It is... such an amazing story. I cry every time I read it. Because, for me, I have experienced a lot of that in my past, and it strikes home so hard that I cannot shake the pain, though I have forgiven it and moved on to happier days with those memories it instigates. It's a story that maybe not many can understand, and many will not find so sad. But coming from that kind of background, I understand and appreciate Kana-chan with a sincerity and devotion that I am even prouder to give her because, unlike the me in the past that was going through those things like she did, she moved on~ She has grown. And the pain she had, while a part of her, doesn't control her life. The fact that she could rise above it and become such a tough, but truly wonderful character who cares about the people she chooses to let into her life is just... amazing. I really respect her for that. Plus, she is... so kind! And when she's being kind, even though she doesn't need to be, even though she doesn't like the person, it makes her all the more irresistibly and shockingly beautiful. The way the volume ends, with how she relives her relationship with Yukari for us... and then she gives us that last thought of hers.... It is a thought that is so amazingly different from how she acts, and how we expect her to feel... that if she doesn't win you over, I don't know what will.

Kana-chan is amazing. I absolutely love her. I know! So different from where I was just a couple of volumes ago, right?! It makes no sense, right?! And yet it's completely and wonderfully true. She's an amazing character, and I would say my favorite female character! But I love all the characters in this series so much that to be honest, choosing one over another is really like picking puppies out of a basket. I JUST WANT TO TAKE THEM ALL!!! >XD *Laughs!* This volume has so many reasons for being my favorite one out of the series. I've only read the first ten volumes, but it remains my all-time favorite. You've just got to keep reading. The absolutely amazing stuff comes through and through-out in V.B. Rose, and some of the really epic stuff doesn't go down until you're halfway through. This is definite proof of that. *Smiles* If you haven't picked it up yet, definitely give this series a try! It won't disappoint! <3
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07/10/2011 page 0
0.0% "Can't wait to start this one~! It's gonna be epic! 8D <3 And things only get... SUPER SEXY! EEEE! LET'S GO, LET'S GO~~~!!"
07/10/2011 page 10
5.0% "'_' Seriously, Nagare-kun is amazing for a kid his age. And to think he's only 15 going on 16! D8 WHY AREN'T MORE BOYS LIKE HIM TODAY!? D8< In fact, why aren't more MEN like him today! DX< *Headdesk!*"
07/10/2011 page 16
07/10/2011 page 19
10.0% "ROFL! The Magic Mamoru Barrier! "Hurt her and I'll kill you...~ ^__^ <3" XDDD~!~! Can any of the Fruits Basket fans say... HANAJIMA MOMENT?! 8D <3333!!"
07/10/2011 page 24
13.0% "One of my favorite pages in the series! >XD THE EXPRESSIONS ON THEIR -FACES-!!! TEEHEEHEEHEEHEE~!!! <333333!"
07/10/2011 page 25
13.0% "*SPIT-TAKES* BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >8'DDDDDDD!! OMG BANRI HIDAKA DID -NOT- PUT THAT IN THERE! OH MY GOD! >XD! I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WROTE THAT! ROFL!!!!! Yukari: "I need the right moment, the proper setting, to say something like that..." Hidaka: "Which is why we have 8 volumes of V.B. Rose so far..." <-- XDDDDDDDD~!!!!! <3333 Hidaka-sensei! You are just wonderful. Just wonderful! >XD <3"
07/10/2011 page 27
14.0% "...ouch. We're getting into the painful parts here... Everyone's... getting hurt now."
07/10/2011 page 29
15.0% "You are stupid... He does and that's why he burst out like that. Thing is... he did it the wrong way too. So... I don't blame her for feeling that way either. Man these two are a time-bomb always waiting to explode at the most inconvenient moment. >_<"
07/10/2011 page 32
17.0% "*Smiles* ...and now the part where we have Kana-chan's words again. *Sighs happily* That girl has some major respect from me. Even just for this. <3"
07/10/2011 page 43
22.0% "...that was the most epic thing I've ever seen Mitsu do. *Smiles warmly* ...he truly is an amazing guy. Absolutely... amazing. <3"
07/10/2011 page 51
27.0% "Okay guys! Ready to turn the page?! Get ready for something WAYYYY epic! >8D ... *Goes to turn page*"
07/10/2011 page 52
27.0% ">XD!!!!!!!!!!! Ah. The words of love have never been so much smexier. <3 *LAUGHS~!*"
07/10/2011 page 61
32.0% "BAAARRRRHHGGGGGAAAHHHH! *Falls out of chair* ......sorry. X//3 So happy. Had to explode a bit. Teehee~! <333"
07/10/2011 page 62
32.0% "OHMYGOD. HOW CUTE!!! OMG~!!!!! SO SWEET!!!!!!!!"
07/10/2011 page 63
33.0% "OH. MY. GOD. I'M BLUSHING!!!!!!!"
07/10/2011 page 64
33.0% "*Chills run up and down her spine; faint whining squeal escapes her* ... *Dies* ... *Just... completely... dies*"
07/10/2011 page 69
07/10/2011 page 77
40.0% "EEEE! XD Our "Queen" is acting sexy! *Loves making fun of/picking on Yukari*"
07/10/2011 page 80
42.0% "ROFL. MITSU. >XDDD!! I loooove this man! "I won't pry... I just want to know every last detail." And Yukari's answer! "You're nuttier than a fruitcake." ROFL. WHERE DOES HE GET THESE THINGS FROM?! *Looks at Hidaka-sensei* ...see, this is why you're awesome! O:"
07/10/2011 page 83
43.0% "It's so hilarious because it's true! XD This IS hell for Yukari because everyone at his job IS a gossip! ROFL. Ohhh it's sooooo much fuuuuun torturing him! >8D"
07/10/2011 page 86
45.0% ">8D ......and this is why Nagare-kun is epicsmex. I totally fangirled and died of a fluttering heart attack the first time I read this part! It was so unexpected!! AND SO EPIC!!! .....God I love Nat-chan. XD!! <3"
07/10/2011 page 92
07/10/2011 page 98
51.0% "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ageha and Tsuyu's reaction was priceless! >XD "BEG PARDON? D8" <-- XDDD <3 Love this!! I want to start saying this now!!!! <3333"
07/10/2011 page 100
52.0% "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *FANGIRL-DIES!!!!* ...the way... that Tsuyu acts here... is so... flipping... sexy. *Is having some major crushing issues on Tsuyu-kun right now*"
07/10/2011 page 101
53.0% "*Smiiiiirks* Maki-san is a deeeeevious man. >83 ...setting up Tsuyu and Mitsu in that kind of situation. TOE. TAH. LEE. EPIC~~~~~~! Banri Hidaka, I love you. So, so, SOOOOO much. You are seriously amazing. *Hugs* Thank you. ;W; <33333"
07/10/2011 page 102
53.0% "JUST LOOK AT THE RED BLOB! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >8'DDDDD!!! >XD God I love this manga!!!!! <3333333 And also, Yukari is such an ass. *Laughs!* "See, this is HILARIOUS.""
07/10/2011 page 105
55.0% "........ *Major blush/crush overload* ...oh haaaawwwwtttttness. Yukari and Tsuyu like that... so... guh! ...SEDUCTIVE AND PRETTY. *Grabs heart! Dies yet again* (This seems to be happening very often in this volume. XD)"
07/10/2011 page 107
56.0% "Just wanted to let you know: Totally still dieing. Like, every page now. XD"
07/10/2011 page 113
59.0% "This is probably... my number one FAVORITE picture of Yukari and Ageha together, out of the ENTIRE volume. Her confident grin as she takes complete ownership of him... His handsome, completely gorgeous and perfect smile... They... are so... beautiful together.... *Shivers and grasps her hands together tightly* ...I think... I'm falling in love with them. <3"
07/10/2011 page 118
61.0% "...poor Tsuyu-san found out what the red blob was. XD <3"
07/10/2011 page 121
63.0% "O=!! ...I... I love the fact that... Yukari-kun actually hugged Ririko! ... *Smiles suddenly, happily* Wow... he really truly loves and cares for her. Both as a friend, a sister to him, and as a mother... This is so amazing... <3 I love him so much for the things he does."
07/10/2011 page 122
64.0% "ROFL. >XD! Ririko's reaction when Yukari talked about cutting his hair shorter: "*SQUEEEEEZE* I take it back! Keep it long!" XDDDD!! SUCH a Rain/Cloud moment! *LAUGHS!* <3"
07/10/2011 page 123
64.0% "ROFL AGAIN! >XDDD!! Look at how everyone reacted to the news! "WE WANT YOU TO TELL US EVERYTHING. 8D" XDDDD These people are awesome! <333 I wanna live where THEY live! TAKE ME THERE NOW! >XDD"
07/10/2011 page 130
68.0% "I love Kana-chan. She's not only so beautiful, more than any other girl in this series in my opinion, but she's so... delicate and gorgeous in so many other ways. <3 The softness she displays here... is so tender. It touches right down to my heart. <3"
07/10/2011 page 131
68.0% "XD ...that was... so... cute. <3"
07/10/2011 page 137
71.0% "Totally not the reaction anyone was expecting!!! XD"
07/10/2011 page 138
72.0% "I love how honest Kana-chan is! ^___^!! <3"
07/10/2011 page 140
73.0% "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~ I just want to hug and squeeze her! LITTLE KANA-CHAAAAN! *CLINGS* Why are you so cuuuute! Little baby~!!! *Totally cooing over her*"
07/10/2011 page 141
73.0% "*Smiles affectionately* I can understand Kana-san's thinking. It makes a lot of sense to me. You don't want to lose the people you love just because someone new came along. She's great. <3 And we get to see more too! Yay! *Keeps reading!*"
07/10/2011 page 145
76.0% "Man... That does suck. *Frowns faintly* ...I would be insulted too, knowing what I know now and hearing what Ageha said. But now, we get to the part... with a lot of history."
07/10/2011 page 148
77.0% "...I completely know how Kana feels here. That's been something that I myself have thought for a long time in my life. Still do in a way."
07/10/2011 page 151
79.0% "Heh. I love Kana's aunt. That woman is really classy. <3 Really cool. :3"
07/10/2011 page 153
80.0% "See? That's a woman who knows what she's talking about. <3 Love you, Kana's auntie~! <3"
07/10/2011 page 158
82.0% "Mitsu has some really amazing advice, so often! It surprises me sometimes, and sometimes I am just loving it. "You can't live their lives for them." How true is that... *Smiles faintly* That's advice even I should do well to heed. <3 I love how much this manga teaches me. It's always a new and growing experience, even on my re-read-throughs. <3"
07/10/2011 page 165
86.0% "*Blushing happily!* Oh my GOSH, I LOVE Kana and Tsuyu's relationship!!! <333333 Even from the beginning! Total heartthrob of love~!!!"
07/10/2011 page 169
88.0% "*Laughs* I love how these three interact! It's so cool getting to see them when they were back in high school! Kana, Yukari and Tsuyu! <333"
07/10/2011 page 174
91.0% "...God, this is painful..."
07/10/2011 page 176
92.0% "...this conversation... hurts -me-...."
07/10/2011 page 181
94.0% "*Is crying...* ...everytime I read this part... it... *Chokes a bit and looks away silently* ...it really strikes home for me. *Whispers* ...Kana-chan is so kind... I don't want... her to be in pain like that. Her or Yukari. *Hangs her head* ...why? Why didn't it work? ...but at least... they... are still... friends. *Sighs deeply and after a long time... smiles*"
07/10/2011 page 184
96.0% "Oh my God! *Surprised, shocked, happy!* I just got chills! TWICE! ...the way Kana-chan smiled~! The way she... she THOUGHT those things!! ...oh my God, I love her so deeply. <3 *Embraces Kana-chan tightly* ...you are such a great character, you know that? Such... a great... character. <3 I will love you forever."
07/10/2011 page 192

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message 1: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa Photo-shoot? OOOOOOOooOOooooo!!!! I want to see the sexy boys! I like seeing sexy boys! It makes Rain all the more happy and excited and... WAH!!! I needs me some smexy!

*AHem* Anyway, Kana's background? I LOVE SEEING THE HISTORY OF CHARACTERS!!! No, I really do. I feel that you get to understand them better which is always a good thing. Even if it's a character you hate and you keep on hating even after you know their background... I feel it's important to know so that way you can understand where they are coming from. *Has a lot of personal experience in this* Either way, I think I will appreciate this volume a lot. ^_^

N.T. Embe It's absolutely my favorite one. I think if you read it you would definitely see why I say so! There are just too many absolutely epic things going on in this one. Photo shoot! Kana's background! And so much more in between! Not to mention more of the Tsuyu/Mitsu relationship that is just priceless and diabolically cute~! <3333 You'll seriously love it. ^____^!!

message 3: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa *Drools* I want Mitsu~ He makes me happy... neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~

Yeah, I am interested in learning more about these characters. It makes me really want to start reading this very soon! Very soon! >:3

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