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Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch
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it was amazing
bookshelves: 5-star, best-of-2017, adult, read-2017, epic-fantasy, pirates

I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW MUCH I ABSOLUTELY ENTIRELY COMPLETELY ADORE THIS SERIES. There are books that I love in this universe. And then there are books that I really really really really really really really really really really really really love. THIS SERIES IS THE LATTER. I mean, I do think The Lies of Locke Lamora was better. But this still had everything I absolutely demand of a book and of a sequel.

Stop being so PERFECT, Gentlemen Bastards. My heart cannot handle.

(Also it's so hard to review books you adore to pieces?!?! Like what can I even SAY except for "I loved this so freaktastically much" and "go read it now or I will devour you with hummus and crackers" or "this series is more perfect than the sun and I will marry it at dawn". How do I do words????)

I don't want to give too much of the story away: but it is a quite different style of heist to the first book. But in a GOOD way. It was fresh, but it still had so many of the con tricks that I'm here for. It steal features our dear Gentelmen Bastards going after a Big Nice Haul. Although this time they get caught up in political parties that want (A) them to work for them, (B) or they'll die, and (C) everyone is playing off against everyone else and IT'S A BRILLIANT TANGLED WEB OF LIES. So so so many lies going on. Locke and Jean are using SO many identities in this book it's brilliant and also exhausting.

Plus: PIRATES!!! Can I some up my love for pirates??? NOT UNLESS I USE ALL CAPS AND MANY !!! EXCLAMATION !!!! POINTS!!! And better yet: there are fearsome lady pirates. And cute cats. And sea fights. And epicness. (This doesn't come in until about 50% through but it was the highlight of my life.)

• plot twists that will knock your socks off
• devastation
• hurting of your soul and heart and left elbow
• obsession (me) to this series (surely healthy)
• very very very clever plot lines
• a huge barrel of characters
• excellent writing where the pacing is constantly perfect
• so much sass
• Locke getting smacked in the head repeatedly because he likes sass
• abseiling
• horribly unfortunate events
• poison
• epic badass women
• epic badass POC women pirates
• actually fantasy worlds without sexism???
• a very cute kitten Locke is NOT getting fond of (but yet he is)
• an epic friendship between Locke and Jean that is not only goals but also THE MOST FABULOUS AND AMAZING AND HEARTFELT THING OF EVER
• they love each other and also want to kill each other #family
• although lowkey think that Locke is gay but whatever
• ships SHIIIIPS SHIPPPPS!!! The pirate kind and also the cute romance kind
• death
• murder
• bleeding
• swearing
• punching
• sass
• pirates
• plot twists that not only hURT but RUIN MY LIFE

FYI I am NOT okay with how it ended. So unokay I could cry?!?!?? But lucky for me I have book 3 already ready on my ipod to devour the audio at dawn. But then I have to wait for APRIL!?!??!? for the next one and I'm unokay. Very unokay. ALL THE UNOKAY. This book excels at breaking its readers into a thousand bits and then laughing. Although there is one person who dies who I KNEW was going to die. It still broke my heart? But I called it.

And there are a LOT of characters here. I may or may not have gotten confused a few times.

But otherwise it was flawless and perfect and SASSY and so so clever. I can't even get over how clever the plots are??!??! And how much I absolutely adore Locke. He must be my favourite character of ever. How can someone even be so witty and intelligent and clever and yet make the worst mistakes of ever ALL THE TIME?? Bless you Locke. Please keep stealing the world. I need this.


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Quotes C.G. Liked

Scott Lynch
“I suspect this is all gonna end in screaming and drowning”
Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies

Scott Lynch
“ I want to hug you. And I want to tear your gods-damned head off. Both at once."

"Ah," said Locke. "Near as I can tell, that’s the definition of 'family' right there.”
Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies

Scott Lynch
“I'll wager I would have screwed things up regardless. But. . .can you imagine those poor bastards grappling their prey, leaping over the rails, swords in hand, screaming, 'Your cats! Give us all your gods-damned cats!”
Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies
tags: humor

Scott Lynch
“Maxilan, darling." Locke raised one eyebrow and smiled. "I knew you were driven, but I had no idea you could smoulder. Come, take me now! Jean won't mind; he'll avert his eyes like a gentleman.”
Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies

Scott Lynch
“Congratulations! We’re reverse burglars, here to give you fifty gold solari!”
Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies

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December 12, 2016 – Shelved as: to-read
January 1, 2017 – Started Reading
January 1, 2017 –
10.0% "Jean: Don't tell me what to do you're not my mother.\nLocke: True! I'm not ugly enough to be your mother.\nLocke: BECAUSE I'M BEAUTIFUL.\nLocke: BOOM."
January 1, 2017 –
12.0% "Locke: *punches Jean*\nJean: *doesn't even move and is annoyed*\nJean: *punches Locke*\nLocke: *flies backwards across three cities and five galaxies and cannot get up*"
January 2, 2017 –
20.0% "I love how Locke is like "I'm going to break into a super secret vault with you, me and a pack of cards" and Jean is just like 50000% done before they start. BLESS THEM BOTH."
January 5, 2017 –
40.0% "Excuse me...PIRATES???? PIRATES!!!!!!!!! They're going to becoming Fake Pirates and this is the best thing since the Egyptians invented cake!!!!!!"
January 6, 2017 –
52.0% "Locke is a clever criminal mastermind, an adult, a scholar, and a priest. And he just insulted his best friend who wears glasses by calling him "four-eyes".\nSUPER MATURE HERE."
January 6, 2017 –
60.0% "There are pirates, but better than that -- WOMEN PIRATES.\n\nBLESS THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY AND THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK."
January 7, 2017 –
70.0% "Is Locke becoming a pirate and going into his first attack armed with a parasol?\nYes.\nYes he is."
January 7, 2017 –
72.0% "Jean has a cruuuuush on a badass pirate woman and Aren't-I-Your-Husband Locke is not happy."
January 11, 2017 –
75.0% "There are actual pirates arguing about classical literature and plays and THIS IS MAKING MY LIFE. Pirates! Loving! Literature!"
January 15, 2017 –
85.0% "#LockeLamoraLogic\n\nLocke: Stop being unreasonable to me or I'll fight you!\nJean: I would 100% win that fight.\nLocke: I KNOW.\nLocke: BUT I'LL MAKE YOU HIT ME AND THEN YOU'LL FEEL BAD LATER BECAUSE WE'RE BFFS."
January 16, 2017 –
95.0% "Things This Series Excels At:\n- plot twists\n- sass\n- cleverness\n- dead things\n- hurting me\n- destroying things I love\n- laughing at my pain"
January 16, 2017 –
January 17, 2017 – Shelved as: 5-star
January 17, 2017 – Shelved as: best-of-2017
January 17, 2017 – Shelved as: adult
January 17, 2017 – Shelved as: read-2017
January 17, 2017 – Shelved as: epic-fantasy
January 17, 2017 – Shelved as: pirates
January 17, 2017 – Finished Reading

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vibraniums i heard pirates whatsup


message 3: by J. (new) - rated it 3 stars

J. Taylor No sexism? Had some in first book.

message 4: by Alice (new) - added it

Alice And is there really women among the main characters ? They were blatantly absent in book 1

message 5: by ClaireEva (new)

ClaireEva You are really making me want to read this series!

message 6: by Avery (new) - added it

Avery ok now I have to read this cause plot twists??!! sass??!! ships??!! making you want to cry??!! yes please

C.G. Drews @J: Did it? I didn't notice?? I'm not saying its a feministic series haha, since all the women are generally secondary characters. But this one absolutely features badass women who are not overlooked and the men are respectful and depend on them. It's great. :')

@Alice: omg I know, that frustrated me too! BUT YES. The pirate women are quite featuring characters! Although I only consider Locke/Jean main characters because they narrate. But just wait to you meet the pirate captain queen. <3

C.G. Drews @ClaireEva: GOOD DO IT!!


Valona (acourtofbooksandtea)  Shala This series is amazing! And one if the things i love so much is that they mention Sabatha from book one but she is not in the books:) this makes her more mysterious and great

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Valona: Ikr?!? And Locke is still totally in love with her. I want to knooooow. I hope she appears in a book sometime!

message 11: by Gulcea (new)

Gulcea Your updates for the first book and this one makes me want to read them like NOW!! Sadly I don't own the books:/

message 12: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Gulcea: YAY BECAUSE I'M SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES. Do you have a library?

Anika Claire Thank you for reminding me of how much I love this series! Might have to do a bit of re-reading once we get a release date for the new one <3

message 14: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Angelya: The 4th book comes out in April!

message 15: by Christine (new)

Christine Just from the fact that you said fantasy world without sexism means I need this. Do you know who rare that is??

Anika Claire Cait (Paper Fury) wrote: "@Angelya: The 4th book comes out in April!"

Will it really, though? They've been changing the date for years >.<

message 17: by Finn Longman (new) - added it

Finn Longman Locke is bae. Locke vs cats is wonderful. Tbh, the cats are probably the main reason this is my favourite of the books so far, although there's little enough in that distinction because I love them a lot. Now I'm annoyed that I left it at home and can't reread it while at uni even though I absolutely don't have time to reread it right now. Sigh.

Celeste Your review made me smile, Cait. Fantastic job! I'm planning to read this in March before the (hopeful) release of book 4.

message 19: by J. (new) - rated it 3 stars

J. Taylor Cait (Paper Fury) wrote: "@J: Did it? I didn't notice?? I'm not saying its a feministic series haha, since all the women are generally secondary characters. But this one absolutely features badass women who are not overlook..."

Yeah the Capa's daughter being treated differently by her brothers because she's a woman, only in their city are women allowed to complete in the games, men being in the higher positions, those kind of things. I'm just really looking for a fantasy world where the women and men are completely equal I guess.

message 20: by Gulcea (new)

Gulcea Cait (Paper Fury) wrote: "@Gulcea: YAY BECAUSE I'M SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES. Do you have a library?"

I don't know why but I going to a library is not one of my habits maybe because our library is insufficient but I will check it out for this book.

message 21: by Finn Longman (new) - added it

Finn Longman Cait (Paper Fury) wrote: "@Valona: Ikr?!? And Locke is still totally in love with her. I want to knooooow. I hope she appears in a book sometime!"

Oh, you're going to like Republic of Thieves.

Charley Robson What Miriam said. What. Miriam. Said.

message 23: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars


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