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The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi
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This was a glittering and lush and overwhelming story of heists and grandeur and DEVASTATION. All the chill things. Actually hold up, hold up, this is the least chill book ever. It's set in the 1800s in Paris, with MAGIC and artefacts, and the most adorable and flamboyant cast ever. I just...[clenches fist] love them so much ugh.

First things first...the plot is a WHIRLWIND.
I get why people compare it to Six of Crows but it had more of an Ace of Shades vibe to me?! There are heist plot lines, but it's about Severin trying to regain his title of one of the 4 most powerful Houses (he was like disgraced and thrown out), so he's stealing back his artefacts. And then he gets roped into stealing the Eye of Horus for Hynos in return for his inheritance back. It has the found-family aspect that we all freak out over in SoC so I get the comparisons there too!! But it was like SO much National Treasure meets glittery Parisian aesthetic and I LOVED that.

The characters are the light of my little softly beating heart.
THE C H A R A C T E R S. omg look at them go, the little flamboyant sassy pockets of delight. The absolutely MADE the book for me and I enjoyed all of their narrations. The only thing my eye is twitching about is that their backstories didn't make a lot of sense. (Like who gave Severin the money to run this flashy hotel?!)

Séverin: he's the leader of this motley crew, the disgraced heir, the thief and schemer. He chews cloves which is, um, disgusting dude. But I guess he doesn't get toothaches? I loved how openly protective he was over his KIDS, especially Tristan!
Laila: She is tHE MUM FRIEND and Indian and I love her so much. She's a enigma dancer + a baker (she always has sugar in her hair which is adorable if a little itch idk + and when she touches something, she can read its story. Helpful tbh. She and Severin have a torrid "WE KISSED ONCE BUT WE DON'T LOVE EACH OTHER!!" lie going on.
Enrique: our BI NERD SON whom we love dearly. He is equal parts dramatic and an absolute NERD and will geek out over history and cry when they smash said history to get at the clues (aka: he is the person who would've beaten Indiana Jones to death with an umbrella). I freaking love Enrique he is a gift. He's also Spanish/Filipino.
Zofia: ok I do appreciate the autistic rep here!! She is a total stereotype but not an *offensive* one so WE TAKE WHAT WE CAN GET. (Although once again OCD traits are confused with autism traits but aaaaanyway.) She's the math genius, the explosionist, the engineer who got thrown out of school. Laila just keeps feeding her cookies the whole time and it's adorable. (She's Jewish too.)
Tristan: the family bABY and they all coddle him it's so so adorable. He's the youngest (16) and has pet spiders and loves plants.
Hypnos: he's the half-sort-of-antagonist who lures them into working for him, but his entire aesthetic is GLITTER PARTY BISEXUAL PRETTY KING and I love him so. He just wants friends!!! He's like blackmailing them basically but! !!! to get !!! friends!!!

I loved their dynamics and how they had sass and connection and the glib and serious conversations were so balanced. MY FAMILY <333

➸ However...I was confused.
I was really really really confused. Like I love this book, and I fully cannot WAIT for the next one (see tHE FINAL CHAPTER adkslf that revelation has me like 0_0). But the magic system, the world, the actual plot at times...I was just so confused. I do better with intense puzzles on audio, so I will reread via that before bk 2. But it zapped a lot of the enjoyment for me. I literally couldn't sum up the plot in my first point without rereading the back cover again. I'm just ???? It could be me. Could be how the book was (not) explained.

Overall!? This is a shiny book of puzzles and magic, of complex tight-knit characters, and thievery with super high stakes. I loved it even though I'm not really sure what just happened.
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Tara ☽ I want to read this book SO BADLY

message 2: by Delia (new)

Delia It's so pretty and the concept is so lovely I need this NOW

Rachel 007 Oh I had no idea about the autistic rep. And Jewish rep! I can’t wait!!!

message 4: by C.G. (new) - added it

C.G. Drews ahhh I hope you all get the chance really soon!!!

Drakeryn C.G. wrote: "(Like who gave Severin the money to run this flashy hotel?!)"

oh hey I can explain this (it's mentioned in, like, one sentence so don't feel bad for missing it)

Severin was the beneficiary of his dad's bank accounts (mundane banks, so failing the inheritance test didn't matter). The money was put in a trust fund for him until he came of age, which he is now. So yeah, he's super rich. Which is why Tristan is always like "dude, don't you have enough already" and Severin is like "not until I get mY iNHERITANCE ARGHBLARGH"

message 6: by C.G. (new) - added it

C.G. Drews Drakeryn wrote: "C.G. wrote: "(Like who gave Severin the money to run this flashy hotel?!)"
oh hey I can explain this"

I do hope to reread this before Silvered Serpents and hopefully understand it better!

message 7: by Cal (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cal (Cal's Reading Corner) Oh no, I'm about to read it via audio-- I'll try to read it at a slower pace to try and discern the puzzles :S

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