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The Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers
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Jul 09, 2011

really liked it

I found this to be a very compelling story of the aftermath of domestic violence and the way it affects not just the two people involved but the children and surrounding family members. Lulu and Merry are quite small when their father kills their mother and yet it's an event that shapes their entire lives.

Lulu tries in vain to escape the label of 'Murder Girl' by reinventing her past and telling everyone that both of her parents had died in a car crash. She avoids visiting her father and even the mention of him at all costs and yet she is haunted by her guilt over that day. Merry clings to her father, claiming that he needs her, that she needs to be there for him. She visits him dutifully, clinging to the last scrap of family that they have.

I found it interesting the way the two girls handle this tragedy translates into how there lives develop as adults. Even their career choices and relationship issues can be traced back to that one moment in their lives. With the two girls you get to see reactions to tragedy and betrayal from both sides of the spectrum. One keeping him away at all costs and the other keeping him close despite the pain it causes her.

The Murderer's Daughters was a fascinating story of survival and healing, not from the physical pain but from the emotional scars which take much longer to heal and sometime never go fully away.

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