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The Body in the Gallery by Katherine Hall Page
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despite a very slow start, this book was actually a decent little mystery. faith was neither perfect nor obnoxious (as i feared she might be based on her name alone). i do have a considerable soft spot for books set in massachusetts, even when the actual locale is "fictionalized" (meaning it's sort of like medford, sort of like alewife, it's aleford!!!). also, the recipes at the end feel a little gimmicky. that said, i'm planning on making red velvet cake very soon.

my biggest complaint isn't necessarily one that can be changed. this is clearly not the first in the faith fairchild series, but this is the first one i've read. several times, hall page refers back to previous mysteries solved by the protag and it felt like an in-joke i was missing out on ("remember that time we did that thing. that was really fun/scary/homicidal."). i'm sorry if i can't get all the mysteries in chrono order from my local library. it's a small branch; they do their best. i have to wait, often, to get them from any branch. and who has the patience or time to dig up the correct order when they're staring at 10 books written by the same author? i don't!
you know, i'm a huge fan of miss marple. she appeared in several mysteries and never once did i feel like i needed backstory to better understand a character or scene.
just sayin'.

also, faith and tom are terrible, terrible parents.

that's all.

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