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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Jul 08, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: big-romance, disappointing, paranormal, your-love-is-stupid, horibble-protag
Recommended to Erin by: someone I no longer trust
Recommended for: Twilight fans looking for an even more unequal relationship

Most Common Thoughts I Had While Reading This Book
1. Is this real life?
2. Kill me with a brick.
3. This is Twilight on crack.


There are many things I didn't like about Twilight. They are played out here, in spades. Most notably is the creepy male love interest who is disturbingly rude. The protagonist, Nora, is even unwillingly assigned to be his biology lab partner, isn't that cute. Also, said love interest grosses me out.

His name is Patch. He enjoys sexual harassment, overly-dominant behavior, and emotional manipulation. Teenage girl readers find this irresistible, apparently.

Before I really get into my angry review, let me take one second to mention the glorious way this departs from the Twilight pattern. Hush, Hush has a plot, you guys! And it begins before page 250! That's right, Nora and Patch's conversations and lustful, wistful moments are not the only driving force of the novel. Glory, glory, hallelujah.

Also, Nora's friend Vee (who deteriorated into a crappy friend throughout the book) was great, if only because sometimes she said the very things I wanted to say, if I were unfortunate enough to be in this story. Examples: a) when the bio teacher is framing an entire lesson in a contrived way that helps Patch hit on Nora some more, Vee says, "Does this have anything to do with the unit we're studying?" b) Trying to talk Nora out of being alone with Patch: "I think you should treat him like a loaded gun. Something about him isn't normal."

Amen, Vee.

And I legitimately laughed out loud at this:

Coach said, "Human reproduction can be a sticky subject--"

"Ewww!" groaned a chorus of students.

"It requires mature handling."

Okay, enough being nice.

My Official List of Complaints

1. The Writing
For your reading pleasure, here are some of the sentences I found particularly troubling:

"My voice was strewn with cobwebs."

"Then I stepped behind the shower curtain, watching my skin glow with heat."
(Funny, my skin doesn't start glowing as soon as I take a hot shower.)

"His eyes held a lot of depth." (OH REALLY.)

"A ribbon of air slipped down my throat, and I choked on it."

Okay, I think you get the picture.

2. The Romance
Ugh. UGH. Patch is awful and scary. Even more so, in my opinion, are the author and her female readers who find that attractive. Because, let's face it, Patch isn't real (thank God). Girls who find his behavior sexy are all too real. grosssssss.

Most of my reasons for hating Patch are all spoilery, but here are a few basic ones:

He is bossy and controlling with Nora.

He forces himself on Nora sexually (both with what he says and what he does), and this is presented as attractive instead of creepy. (To be fair, Nora does admit this is a little creepy. But then she shrugs it off because Patch is sexy. Duh.)

Basically, he is just a huge jerk and is a billion times worse than Edward was to Bella at the beginning of Twilight. But, like I said, this is Twilight on crack. So all the flaws found in Twilight are just tweaked to their extremes here.

(view spoiler)

And no matter what awful thing Patch just did, all Nora can focus on is whether or not he has a girlfriend? Really? How about care about whether or not he is going to KILL YOU. That sounds important.

3. Nora
Okay, Nora didn't bother me nearly as much as any of the other factors. And she didn't bother me as much as she bothered a lot of you guys, from the looks of your reviews. I could understand her silliness most of the time, because the poor girl had a lot to deal with.

But there were many times when she said or did something so idiotic that I wanted to throw the dang book out the window. For instance, her behavior when she's trying to discreetly grill someone on info about Patch was so cringe-worthy. And one of the many times where Patch says something inappropriately sexual to her (usually followed by Nora freaking out, even though she likes it) and she responds: "WAS THAT AN INNUENDO?!"

Yes, Nora, it was. Now shut up. Forever.

No me gusta. Like, not even a little bit. The problem, I think, is that I believe that women and men should interact as if they are equals, and one person should not control, dominate, or intimidate the other person 99% of the time. Clearly that belief is incompatible with enjoyment of this book.

But I really, REALLY appreciate that the author actually gave this book a plot other than "Patch hits on Nora and she frowns but is actually turned on". There was a real live plot about who was stalking Nora (other than Patch) and why evidence of this dangerous somebody keeps disappearing.

So, let's call this rating 1.01 stars. Because I appreciate the addition of a plot. End review.
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Erin Some characters just need to be told!

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