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Ruin (Dark Tide, #2) by Michael A. Stackpole
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Jul 07, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: i-was-young-and-dumb-okay, science-fiction, star-wars

It's a little weird looking through the Wookieepedia for these release dates. Now I'm all used to waiting years between books for stuff like the Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire, and here's Ruin coming a few months after Onslaught. Then again, that's easier to manage for 300 page paperbacks, I suppose.

We pick up the action with the Vong in the Republic's galaxy, killing their men. It turns out there is some spore that ruins the Vong's crab armor or whatever, and so they decide to invade Ithor, which is full of pacifists. Then some Imperial Remnant shows up - hey, our old pal Pellaeon! - and also some Chiss.

Hello, Jagged Fel! Here is the next grand EU ship, namely Jagged and Jaina Solo. The reason for this is simple: Jag is the son of the greatest Imperial fighter pilot ever, and also the nephew of one of the greatest Alliance/Republic fighter pilots ever, and then you have Jaina, who is of course the granddaughter of Anakin Skywalker and the daughter of Han Solo. So you've pretty much got to have those pedigrees combine, and that's that. Here, again, was an OTP that was patently obvious before the term OTP had even been created. I feel like maybe I should have a little more shame in freely discussing this subject, but you know what, I am what I am.

There are forces looking to blame the Jedi for all failures, so life is not going to be all peaches and cream. Of course it isn't. If the opposition was actually unified against the Vong, there's no way they could possibly have gotten nineteen books out of the series. Well, I never liked Borsk Fey'lya anyway. Also, it turns out the Vong are kind of bastards, which we already knew when they caused a moon to get dropped on Chewie's head, but there's nothing like a little pacifist-planet genocide to up the stakes. I guess I should have checked the spoiler box, but you know, it's been 11 years, so I will plead statute of limitations once again.

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