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Talking to Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield
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Jul 07, 2011

really liked it

Maybe if the songs he chose to frame each chapter around were nearer and dearer to my heart this would have been a 5 star, but probably because they weren't, I valued the stories even more. Duran Duran was my first big concert in 6th grade for the Seven and Ragged Tiger tour (thanks mom for letting me go!) and I had a poster of them on my bedroom wall, and even loved nick rhodes and john taylor, but I don't consider myself ever to be the infamous "Duranie," as Rob Sheffield likes to call them.... you know, those girls, who are Beatles or Duran Duran or New Kids on the Block fans and go craaaaaaaaaazy for them for ever and ever. (Rob concedes that he was a Duranie in some way, through his total fascination with how the girls around him reacted and what that meant for him to be a uncool friend/boy along with those girls). I guess I have some musicians I adore deeply and squishily through all their weirdness, like Prince, and I certainly know those girls he's talking about so the narrative rings true. I liked his little stories that are somehow connected to each chapter's song or its video, his quirky way of making me laugh out loud while reading the book in public places and the heartfelt obsession he communicates with every iota of pop culture of the 1980's. He knows it's bad, but that's part of his fascination--the unself-conscious self consciousness, the totally sincere fakeness, the peroxide and the pleather.... I'm a little mad that Rob stole my book idea though (I have a graphic novel version of my own that I've roughly sketched out that somehow relates to concerts from the 80's, one being Duran Duran and another being Culture Club that same year and the homemade leopard print t-shirt (my sister sewed from a bedsheet) and bleached spot jeans....) but I completely appreciate his non-cool, earnest boy-who-grew-up-with-strong-sisters way of learning about the world and his place in it through the god-like voices of pop lyrics of his (and my) youth.
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