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D.Gray-man, Volume 01 by Katsura Hoshino
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Jul 07, 2011

really liked it
Read from July 07 to 08, 2011

D.Gray-Man (the author has said that the title has nothing to do with the series - it was picked because it sounded cool) is one of the strangest manga's that I've encountered thus far. It's sort of a cross between a Tim Burton movie, the best of the steampunk/horror genre, with a few elements of Victorian England thrown in. Its art style is just as strange - the characters are drawn in a very specific way; you either love it or hate it.
Onto the plot:
Allen Walker is cursed. He tried to bring his adoptive father back to life with the aid of the mysterious Millennium Earl (who may or may not have rabbit ears), only to end up with an eye that can see Akuma - demons created by the Millennium Earl who are under his control. He was born with a deformed arm, with a strange green cross embedded in it: he later finds out that this is his 'Innocence,' an elusive substance that Exorcists (those chosen by God to slay Akuma) wield as their main weapon. He learns of the race to collect all of the Innocence before the Earl; unless the Exorcists win, he will surely dominate the entire world.

D.Gray-Man has gotten a lot of flack for having a bit of a coordination problem when it comes to fight scenes (it's hard to tell what the heck is going on sometimes), but the art is beautiful and the characters enchanting. Allen is a first-class sweetie (no, guys, that is NOT a reason for you not to read the series! Someone can be sweet-natured and tough at the same time!), Lavi is charmingly funny, Komui is hilariously messy, and Lenalee (just about the only female character in the series) is cute and tough at the same time: a good combination in a shonen series.
While D.Gray-Man isn't that well known, it deserves to be. So hurry up and buy/borrow these books and give it the reputation it deserves!
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Alex Otaku it was later commented on by the author that the title does have significance in the story. Moreover if you look around, i blieve the 14th volume (not sure, been a long time since i read it), the first time allen's eye transforms, there's a 'D." written over it as it transforms.

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