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A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
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Jul 07, 2011

it was ok
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Hmmmm... Did I hate it? Nope. Did I love it? Not really. There's just a lot that's been tackled before in Beautiful Dark like, say the presence of three boys who are into the same girl for a variety of reasons. Or a girl caught between two opposing sides. Or say a girl unable to make her mind up on whom to choose. The one thing that had me giggling was their names: there's a Skye, an Asher and a a Devyn. It's like when I read historical romances there's always a Lady or Lord or Viscount something or other of a frou frou name. Here, the names sound so made up; I couldn't help but giggle.

The story itself is nothing new. The first half went slow for me but had me curious enough to plod on. The second half is where all the big reveals were made. The female MC is typical.. smart, pretty, almost too perfect. She's got friends who are funny and pecuiar in their own right. The fact that one of her male BFF's was in to her is not new too, but that she was aware of how he felt (instead of being oblivious to the same) was a a little refreshing. Sadly, that story line belonged to Dan and Cassie, her other best friends. Speak of the supporting cast, I felt that Cassie read exactly like Norah's friend in Hush Hush (pushy, out there, some times insensitive, but the most plausible of the bunch nonetheless.) Dan and Ian added the needed sweetness in an otherwise very emo read. Her adoptive mother, was absent a lot but when she was in the picture acted the part of protective and caring... I reiterate the point of her being absent a lot.

The love interests (yup, that's plural,) were curious too. Once I knew what they were, nothing changed for me. The reveal just came a little too late. I felt I'd pieced it all together so many pages before that I didn't care what made them special. What's more (worse?) is that like Skye, they kept creating drama where none was necessary. Why hold back information when they could reveal? (Anyway, anyone could have pieced it together long before.)

It wasn't all bad though... I appreciated the humor that Asher added. His quips and non-serious manner seriously annoyed me at times, but when he got serious, I was all smiles (even if those moments felt a little too dramatic.) Devyn with his more serious side was a tad better, him being torn about what he was to do was so very... dramatic.

The ending was rushed, (just like mine to this review is.)


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message 1: by Roshini (new) - added it

Roshini This is on my tbr. What's the verdict so far?

Isamlq Roshini wrote: "This is on my tbr. What's the verdict so far?"

hi roshini! the first half was slow, the second half better. there's nothing new in this one though. so while i didnt hate it, i didnt love it either :(

Emily I totaly agree with your review though I couldnt even like it enough to say it was ok... It took me 2 weeks to get to page 148 and I stopped to read 4 other books because it was driving me nuts that it plodded along but once I got past 150 or so the rest flew by... still... meh.

message 4: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Wemyss So is it like every other YA book out there right now? Just the same story that's been told a million times? Is it worth reading? I'm trying get all those kinds of books off my to-read shelf. I'm so sick of them!! If you could help that would be great! Thanks.

Emily @ Sarah ...unless your crazy about angel books and are dying to read one I would take a pass. After reading many many many reviews and suffering through the book myself it seems only the die hard paranormal readers enjoyed and even then some had trouble with it. What kinda read are you looking for?

message 6: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Wemyss I don't know. Something DIFFERENT. That seems hard to find lately,and it's just like reading the book OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, you know? I need something...refreshingly unique. Yes, that would be nice...

Emily lol ooooh yes I know what you mean! I found the Declaration trilogy to be really good and I think the Birthmarked trilogy's first two are good so far but I like dystopian. There not quite "refreshingly unique" but I did find them diverting and ...yes refreshing :)Oh Oh! And Stork! That was fairly different I'd say! Hope it helps a bit! And please if you do find anything "refreshingly unique" send it my way! :D

message 8: by Faith (new)

Faith JESUS! Are all angel books the same?!?!

Lettie @Sarah:
Unearthly is a bit better for an angel book.

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