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really liked it
Recommended for: A.J. Pine Fans, Romance

4 To Trust Again Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free It's Live!!!
When we are little, we learn to trust freely...after all, our family is there to look out for us, take care of us and we learn that all those grown-ups are there to guide us towards safe places...At least that is what hopefully happens. As we mature, other people start to interact with us and we learn the hard way not everyone is looking out for our best interests...We start to assess...to watch and see... and not give away our trust so easily.

But then when we are at an age where love comes into play or what we think is love.... that is when we are tested the most. And sometimes, we are taught that lesson we learned when we first started interacting with others...Not everyone is looking out for our best interests...even those who we thought loved us, shared their lives with us and let us believe we could trust them fully with our hearts.

Trust... the subject or undercurrent of so much... is the main focus of Worth the Wait.... and A.J.Pine did it justice.
We were given more than the idea of trusting in others...we were given the idea of how we must believe in ourselves, how we must be in tune to what is real and authentic for us and to be open to the possibilities of life no matter where they come from.

Could be heavy stuff, right...But leave it to Pine to mix it with humor, sexual chemistry, family and a dash of Reality TV/Social Media making it a current relatable story. This was the 4th entry to the Kingston Ale House series. Each of the books could be read as stand alone... no worries. However, by reading them...you did get the more intense backstories of why characters are the way they are...I only mention this for those who love to read series in order. Worth the Wait was a total stand alone with no need to read the others if you haven't....But they all were winners, just sayin'.

So, we have Jeremy Denning working since high school at Kingston Ale House with the now owner, Jamie. Things have been happening with all the friends at the pub; with Jamie getting married soon, he is looking to the future and a possible partner. Jeremy hears all of this and asks why not him...he has only spent most of his adult life there. Jamie is a bit surprised because he knows Jeremy hasn't been interested in being "Tied Down or Committed to Anything or Anyone" for the last three years.

Three years ago, Jeremy thought he had found his one...they had been through College together and Grad school... and it was clear to Jeremy this woman was it... or so he thought. Instead he got his heart and head crushed by her response to his proposal. The things she said to him were chilling... The man who had trusted his heart swore never again.

Now he believed in total freedom; no ties, just hook ups and easy times...
So for him to want to be part owner of the pub is not in keeping of how he had been...Jamie decides to see how serious Jeremy is...

This sets in motion a trip to Madison, Wisconsin for an Eight Hour Training Seminar about micro brewing, hops, etc...with enough information to drive a normal guy like Jeremy to drink...It also twisted his back and body into concrete knots after sitting so long in a crappy chair. Luckily, he called and got a last minute appointment with a massage therapist at the hotel spa.

Grace Bailey is on a mission. All her life, her family has taken care of her. When she bucked the family tradition of being an attorney, they still provided her with tuition to massage therapy school. When she graduated, they paid for her apartment so she could finish getting her license and career started. Years ago she stopped their funding and stood on her own two feet. She was working and saved with the goal to start her open spa. She also fell for one of the attorneys in her family's practice.

Big Mistake...
Grace thought he was the one...and even though she had a few gut concerns... her love was blind. She trusted him when he said he was going to use Her money for the down on a place for their future...Instead, he cleaned out her account and threatened to expose personal family secrets if she said anything.

Trust shattered and doubting her ability to see clearly about anything, Grace latches onto a plan from a popular self help author...A Life Cleanse... It is a book and program that so many have been raving about... and to Grace, so much of it makes sense.

Cleanse Yourself of Life's Toxins in Six Months
No Meat, No Alcohol, No Negative Thoughts and No Men...
Yes, No Sex....
No Kissing or Touching...Nothing that could cloud the mind.

Well, What the Hell Can You Do...
Eat purely, think about you and what you actually are doing to make your life good...
and most importantly...

SELF PLEASURE...Yes, Ladies... Get yourself off as much as you would like...All Good.

The idea is that sometimes we have relationships based on lust and sex...with no foundation of who the other person is...do we really know them. If Grace had paid attention to her ex, gotten to know him more than the sex they were having, she would have realized he was not to be trusted... at least that was the theory. Now there is no Heavy Judging in this plan... just the idea of looking more closely of why you have been doing things the way you were...

Grace has been on this Man Cleanse for almost 3 months. She has been working 2 jobs to recoup the savings she lost. On the weekends she leaves Chicago and drives the 3 hours to the hotel, does as many sessions as she can fit in and then drives home at the end of the weekend. This appointment she is about to do will be great because a regular canceled at the last minute.

The receptionist is all a flutter telling Grace about her replacement customer. She goes on about how handsome and cut he is ... how his eyes are flirty. Grace sets her straight about thinking this way about clients and sets up the room.

Jeremy is led into the room and Grace tells him how to get ready, put the sheet on his body and to be face down to the table. Once she starts, both of them connect with a pleasant conversation but with an undertone of play. Grace can feel Jeremy relaxing and is pleased she doing what she always plans while working... her best. Yet at the same time...she also is working to keep ideas out of her head about Jeremy... he is exactly what her cleanse is all about...Not falling into a "Thing" with a guy she is attracted to...She finishes the massage and leaves the after care instructions to the receptionist...she really does not want to deal with any temptation...she is taking care of herself like her program says.

Fate has other plans...Because Grace and Jeremy start crossing paths right away...after the massage, the next day and then at the Pub. Each time they do...Jeremy does not want to leave Grace's presence...He likes just talking with her...hearing about her "Cleanse" and how she is committed to figuring things out. Yes, he is attracted to her big time... no doubt...But there is something more to Grace and he hasn't been so interested in someone like this for a very long time.

Grace can't get over how she keeps running into Jeremy either... and because she never thought she would see him again and because he was so easy to talk to...she shared about how she was robbed. She talked of how it made her doubt so much about herself...and how she believes some things are meant to be like her book says.

It is at their latest crossing of paths where things take a turn. Jeremy's Ex shows up at the pub while he is having a "Friend" meal with Grace. They had just decided they would be pals while she was going through the last 3 months of her deal. Jeremy never had a woman pal before... but he really wanted to try with Grace.

The Ex sees these two together...pushes in. She is part of the Local News Station and always looking to further her career. When she sees an opportunity, she grabs on. The idea of a Man Cleanse Rocks Her World. It has Reality TV written all over it...

This story was about relationships; learning about people without sex getting in the way...Because it can cloud vision sometimes...Sex is good...and this is not about denying or abstinence for any other reason than being able to know who you are and what you are capable of doing for yourself. That was the idea of the self help book. What also was addressed was the unfortunate belief and practice of looking for answers from others and thinking they will absolutely come from following a program...
Like Hocus Pocus... I am a new person in six months...

These two grow as people and as friends over 3 months. They learn likes and dislikes... they discover deep secrets and share...It is almost like he is courting her... and any kind of touch... such as hand holding is so meaningful. True feelings are developing for the both of them and it is their willingness to believe in the other one... to trust which is key.

Now do not worry, romance readers...there is steam...there is chemistry and they figure out ways to express it together...sort of...heh, heh...
Let's just say these two are hot and when things finally, be patient, happen....they are sweet, hot and oh so good together.

The trust between them does get tested. They had a foundation which was solid. They just needed to believe in themselves and each other totally. We benefited from their life lessons; understanding the here and now... not living in the past is so important. This book approached that concept well.

A.J.Pine knows her stuff. She creates characters we would like to know and hang with.... and the group from this series was engaging, fun and real. No one was perfect and that is a good thing. This may be the end of Kingston Ale House but I am not finished with A.J. Pine...not by a long shot.

The One That Got Away (Kingston Ale House #1) by A.J. Pine The One That Got Away (Kingston Ale House #1)
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~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Have your heart smashed by your maybe fiancee....
Answer is: No Commitments Ever Again...

Feel like a fool after dating a man who is now holding secrets against you...
Do the Updated Version of "Washing That Man Out of Your Hair":
A Cleanse of Everything Poisonous...

Oh, there will be No Red Meat or Alcoholic Drink...
And nothing Toxic...
But most of all...

No Men...
No Rough and Tumble, No Chiseled Jaws or Soft Full Lips...
Nope, Nothing...

But Remember Mister No Commitment...
Yeah, Him...
He has other Ideas for our Gal...
And He thinks She is...

Worth the Wait (Kingston Ale House #4) - January 16th 2017

A gifted copy was provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Christy Fabulous review, Wendy! xo

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Shannon Moore Fantastic review, Wendy! I've read the first in the series but it seems I def need to continue!!

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Jasmin Jace As always, great review!

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Sweden Reese No "meat" bah ha ha!! Love the complex and thought provoking analysis Wendy!

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Sweden Reese And hilarious...

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Sweden wrote: "No "meat" bah ha ha!! Love the complex and thought provoking analysis Wendy!"
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Bindi Boo Grand review Wendy. Considering reading this! xx

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thanks Bindi... it is good because it handles real life concerns...but with the Romance book twists...
Trust and questions about it is something we all deal with in our lives... so reading about it somethimes give perspective... I guess :D

Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Fabulous review, doll! :) xx

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