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The Clone Codes by Patricia C. McKissack
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** spoiler alert ** When I read this book, at first when I started I thought it was only gonna be about a girl and her mother. But once I finished this book I was all wrong about what I thought it was. This story took place in 2170, the girl's name in this particular story is Leanna Deberry and she finds out that her mother Dr.Annette Deberry is hiding something from her.
Leanna's mother told her that she was associated with the Liberty Bell Movement (LBM) and in that time people thought that if you were associated with those people that you were considered a traitor and wanted to build a clone and cyborg army to destroy the world. Joe Spiller was and agent of the Clone Humane Society, Taylor Graham was elected for High Chancellor of The World Federation of the Nations (WFN). The Liberty Bell Movement is a group that doesn't believe slavery or segregation. Dr.Annette Deberry stated "We think of ourselves as abolitionists" like Harriet Tubman was during her time. Dr Annette said "Clones are flesh and blood, just like you and me." Leanna's mother thinks that everyone should be treated equally no matter what-- some people might disagree with her statement but I very much think that is very important because why treat certain people differently than others, there's honestly no point for it. People thought Tubman was an extremist and that's why the LBM was functional.
Spiller wanted to arrest Leanna's mother but her mother wanted to keep Leanna safe--so Dr.Annette Deberry told Leanna to go to Dr.Anatol Ayala who was Dr.Annette friend. Leanna was very worried for her mother, she never thought her mother would tell her something like that. So Leanna went to Dr.Ayala and assumed she would also be apart of the LBM just like her mother and she was completely right. Dr.Ayala told Leanna more about the LBM and that she owned a clone (#9767). But Dr.Ayala's mind was elsewhere, she had to go hide somewhere because she knew Spiller was gonna get her next. So Leanna and the clone (#9767) went to the Gypsy City,Captain Newton owned the area. Before arriving Leanna very well knew that Newton was the owner of the area--finally they arrived and showed Leanna where she'd be staying for now.
She put on her 'commglasses' to read a scrapbook--while she was reading a virtual figure came up with her mother's face. Her mother said "It's time for you to know the truth." Dr.Annette stated "I had planned to to share all this with you in person, when you were older. But unfortunately my plans have been ruined, I'm so sorry but you need to know who you are... Leanna you're my beautiful daughter which I love so much, I'd d0 anything to save your life. When you were a child cloning was illegal, your great grandfather made a cloning machine. A cooperation named Topas bought the invention--and used it to produce a race of slaves. Topas made millions of dollars doing that-- meanwhile Pap-Pap worked on a formula that would stabilize cell growth for the clones. They needed a baby that would grow and learn just like a regular human child-- no gene manipulation or chip insertions. Leanna knew that infant cloning was illegal.
Dr.Annette continued "I met Forest Deberry your father,when he became apart of the LBM. But he was also the love of my life and the only reason for my happiness. I'd never met anyone so kind,thoughtful,strong.. We got married 6 months later on a boat on a hot August day. Forest was the one who came up with the idea that the LBM needed to test Pap-Pap's stabilizer by cloning an infant. We knew that making that decision would be very riskful and illegal but while we thought about it I found out I was pregnant." So Mr. and Mrs. Deberry decided to have twins a clone and a human child. Leanna asked why they didn't tell her that her sister Lindsey was a clone that's when Mrs.Deberry said "No Leanna it's the other way around." Leanna had to let what she was just told sink in,she wanted to find who she was.
I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it was very interesting seeing how everything changed throughout the story--I would recommend this book to people who like be surprised or to people who like suspense. It was interesting finding out who Leanna really was.
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