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Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore
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Jul 05, 2011

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Danny (Dante) Grey and his sister, Jess, are half-vamp, half-wulf. Children of mixed race go through extensive genetic manipulation to eradicate their werewulf genes, and with Jess, the procedure was a success. She’s got the silvery hair and physical grace of a full vampyre, matching the beauty of her wealthy mother and stepfather. But Danny couldn’t finish the treatment course; darker skin and hair and a shorter, stockier frame surround his bright, vampyre blue eyes. He’s socially vampyre, though, and that’s what’s important.

At Carpathian Night High School, wulves keep to themselves. Most vamps hate them, and there are very few humans. No other race could possibly understand the gruesome horror of the werewulf “change,” and the oppression they live under in a speciest society. Wulves are tattooed at birth to permanently identify them, and when their changes begin in adolescence, they register with the government and report monthly to secure, weapons-guarded compounds.

The violent moon-change leaves permanent scars. Broken facial bones cause ridges, joints swell and become arthritic. But the brutality in the compounds is even worse: many die every month, and there are precious few options available. When Danny’s wulf side suddenly asserts itself, his happy, normal, life changes dramatically.

Peter Moore’s novel, Red Moon Rising, is a gripping commentary on racism and social order, as well as a fresh look at the physicality of vampires and werewolves. Danny and his friends are characters of depth and realism, and Danny’s ordeal is excruciating. The climax is thrilling and the quality of suspense rates with the very best in YA or adult fiction. Moore’s style is flawless and engaging, and his themes are timeless and originally stated. The reader will beg for a sequel. Highly recommended.

Contains: Mild sexual content, mild to moderate physical violence.

Reviewed by: Sheila Shedd

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