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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Jul 04, 2011

it was ok
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I almost gave this book three stars instead of two for a few improvements it had over the first book, namely:

1) There is actually something of a plot throughout.

The book starts with the Cullens throwing Bella a birthday party, which she moans and complains about because she's an ungrateful cow. At the party, she accidentally cuts herself and Edward's adoptive brother Jasper nearly kills her in a violent attempt to drink her blood. Edward then realizes what danger he's putting his one true love into and leaves town forever. Once he leaves, Bella falls into an all-encompassing depression that only lifts when she starts hanging out with Jacob, who turns out to be a werewolf... somehow. Then, Bella literally becomes suicidal. Edward takes off to Italy and finds a den of very Anne Rice-esque vampires who all have inexplicably different powers to commit suicide himself. It is all extraordinarily melodramatic.

2) The werewolf mythos is actually kind of interesting. They can turn into wolves at any time, and vampire powers go haywire around them. I only wish Meyer had explained why Jacob and his friends suddenly become werewolves. There was no indication that Forks had ever had infestations of giant wolves ever before, yet Jacob explicitly says he inherited his werewolf blood.

3) Bella and Jacob have something that is close to an actual friendship and an almost romance. They get along well together, crack jokes, and support each other. Compared with Bella and Edward's relationship, where all they do is clutch at each other, have intense mood swings, and smell each other, it is vastly more vibrant and interesting.

These improvements, however, still did nothing to hide the fact that Meyer's writing was still atrocious and did nothing to endear Bella to me. I was so disappointed that she falls apart when Edward leaves her. Yes, he may be her "true love," but they'd only known each other for a year, and been romantically involved for a few months. That is not enough time to have such a strong and anguished reaction.

I also hate the fact that Bella is so eager to leave everything and everyone behind to become a vampire and stay with Edward forever. She hates the idea of turning 18 because then she will be "older" than Edward, who is eternally 17. She fails to realize that Edward only looks 17. His consciousness is over 100 years old. If the exterior matched the interior, you can bet Bella wouldn't be falling over herself to call him "Adonis" and letting her heart stop because they kiss.

Unfortunately, I have let myself fall into the Twilight trap. I'm invested, I'm going to have to read the other two books, and maybe even the novella. As Bella would say, holy crow.

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