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Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
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Jul 04, 2011

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bookshelves: urban-fantasy, ya, cliff-hanger
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Massive cliff hanger ending. If the series didn't have more ready to read I would give up on it right now due to the ending. You've been warned, have the second ready to read before you finish the first.

It was ok but I think, or at least I hope, that the vast majority of the book was world building and character development. The ending made it very clear that this book was not intended to stand alone. I found it somewhat slow paced until the last quarter of the book, but the action and story once it started rolling was good. I am not overly empathetic with 16 year old people, which is what the protagonist is, but at least she's not prone to whining.

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Amber w00t w00t! I hope you like it, Suz! I know I've been boasting how much I love this series so I hope you like it, haha!

message 2: by Suz (new) - rated it 3 stars

Suz Well, I'm hopeful for it, Amber, but I wasn't boiled over by the first one. Several folks have told me they get better in the more recent ones so we'll see. If the cliff hanger ending of the first is an indication of how the others end I probably will shelve the series until it is finished and then read it.

Amber Yeah, the first one was definately not my favorite! They get much better, but I believe almost all of them end on a cliff hanger. It doesn't really bother me, but I know they're the bane of your existence, lol!
I also had a hard time with Claire, she's so young and when she gets all lusty over Shane it kind of makes me sick, lol! BUT the story is so awesome and all the books from here on out are REALLY fast-paced, I devoured each one in like a day, when it usually takes me 2-3 to read a book:)

message 4: by Suz (new) - rated it 3 stars

Suz I don't want to read 10 books to end up with no resolution and a cliff hanger that will only give me another cliff hanger, and another. I'll probably finish the one I'm reading and shelve the series until it's finished. Before I get any more invested in it.

Megan L Harnett I have only read up to book two. I like the series so far. I am hoping the cliffhangers get better too. I like when each book in a series ends nicely instead of continuing on.

message 6: by Suz (new) - rated it 3 stars

Suz I just finished book two and didn't find the ending to be too cliff hanger-ish. It did end abruptly but the issues of the book came to a nice resolution and the set up for the next wasn't so much a set up as much as it was just that there was still more room to tell more story. Therefore I'm going to read more and play wait and see with it.

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