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Air by L.B. Gilbert
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it was amazing

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My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

After Logan, the youngest Elemental, strips two witches of their powers, word spreads through the supernatural community. Eventually, it reaches Connell, the son of the Alpha of one of the largest packs in the world who has recently had his wolf stolen from him. Positive that she is either responsible or knows who is, he hunts her down with every intention of holding her accountable and forcing her to return his wolf. He’s perplexed when she is just as confused as he is, and even more so when he finds himself attracted to the girl who a minute ago he assumed was responsible for robbing him of his normal life.

Air—at least from its summary—seemed as if it would be one of those books where the two main characters spend the entire time in one of those “I don’t trust you, but I want to fuck you, but I shouldn’t because I don’t trust you” kind of things. While it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing the entire time relationship-wise, for the most part, Logan and Connell were clear and forward with their romantic intentions and feelings. The initial misunderstanding was cleared up almost immediately and while there were a few snags along the way, most of them were solved quickly and easily through actual communication. Honestly, a lot of fictional characters in romantic relationships could learn from them.

Anyway, Logan is assigned to get to the bottom of whatever is going on within the wolf pack. When another shifter—a child—is robbed of his wolf and almost killed in the process, Logan is assigned to get to the bottom of who, how, and why someone is stealing wolves. As she negotiates pack politics, suspicious shifters, and her own heart, she finds that the answer might be more sinister than anyone expected.

I enjoyed Air immensely. The plot moved at a steady pace and kept a good balance of serious and light, normal human stuff and supernatural, etc., etc. The heroine is Chinese, which got me right in my sad, unrepresented Asian girl heart and was one of the reasons I wanted to read it so badly. The other reason was I read Fire when it first came out and quickly fell in love with not only Diana, but the entire cast of the book and L.B. Gilbert’s writing.

Let’s talk about Logan for a minute. She likes to bake and dance and despite being some super powered super being, she also wants to be a normal young woman. Because she’s the youngest Elemental—some of the most powerful beings in the supernatural world—she has both a chip on her shoulder and a need to prove herself to not only others, but herself. Despite this, she never pretended to be someone she wasn’t to make it easier on anyone else. I love her. I’d fight someone for her. Do you think she’d adopt me?

And then we have our other main character and love interest, Connell. From what I know of werewolf romances and the summary, I expected him to mope around in some weird, dark soup of suspicion and resentful attraction and alpha male superiority. Instead. he accepted immediately and enthusiastically that he was in love and set immediately to wooing Logan instead of moping around in some weird, dark soup of suspicion and resentful attraction. At first he has a hard time accepting his girlfriend could like, totally beat him up, but he gets past it. He’s hot and funny and sweet and overall, a great love interest.

All in all, Air is an action-packed read that takes place in an exciting world of magic and supernatural creatures with a dark mystery, spunky heroine at its heart, and a swoony romance, punctuated with light humor, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes those things.

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