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The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
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it was amazing
bookshelves: 1st-in-series, fantasy, autographed, epic-fantasy, own, tor

Crazy review of spewings of love to come.
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Quotes Tabitha Liked

Brandon Sanderson
“To Szeth’s people, a dying request was sacred.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings

Brandon Sanderson
“Words aren’t meant to be kept inside, you see. They are free creatures, and if locked away will unsettle the stomach.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings

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July 3, 2011 – Shelved
August 22, 2011 – Shelved as: 1st-in-series
August 22, 2011 – Shelved as: fantasy
March 6, 2014 – Shelved as: autographed
March 6, 2014 – Shelved as: epic-fantasy
March 6, 2014 – Shelved as: own
March 6, 2014 – Shelved as: tor
July 7, 2014 – Started Reading
July 8, 2014 –
page 15
1.49% "The beast's hand was as long as a man was tall. He'd been killed by hands like those before, and it hadn't been pleasant.\n \n Of course, dying rarely was."
July 8, 2014 –
page 23
2.28% "White clothing for a killer was a tradition among the Parshendi. Although Szeth had not asked, his masters had explained why.\n \n White to be bold. White to not blend into the night. White to give warning.\n \n For if you were going to assassinate a man, he was entitled to see you coming."
July 8, 2014 –
page 24
2.38% ""What...what are you?" The guard's voice had lost its certainty. "Spirit or man?"\n \n "What am I?" Szeth whispered, a bit of Light leaking from his lips as he looked past the man down the long hallway. "I'm...sorry.""
July 8, 2014 –
page 51
5.06% "Men who had no honor. Were there men who had honor?"
July 8, 2014 –
page 61
6.06% "But expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack."
July 14, 2014 –
page 161
15.99% "You can't fail this time, Kaladin. You've said it. They're all going to die anyway."
July 18, 2014 –
page 234
July 25, 2014 –
page 441
43.79% "into part 2 now I think. This audio narration is fabulous"
August 1, 2014 –
page 628
August 4, 2014 –
page 657
65.24% "So yeah where's Dallinar's thread gone - I'm like aching to know what is going on in his storyline!!"
August 6, 2014 –
page 707
70.21% "I had the feeling something like that happened."
August 13, 2014 –
page 730
72.49% "Dalinar is back! Finally! I was about to go batty wondering what was going on with him."
August 18, 2014 –
page 850
84.41% "coming in on the home stretch now - only 4 hours left in the audio at 2x speed!"
August 19, 2014 –
page 965
95.83% "Hot Damn so close now! And what an exciting last few chapters this has been!!"
August 19, 2014 – Finished Reading

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message 1: by Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more (last edited Mar 07, 2014 12:00PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more I boycotted Sanderson for a long time b/c I was so mad about his first addition to the WoT (he ruined my favorite character in that book), but I've since decided to stop being a brat and get over it . . . I have this on my Kindle, but I haven't read it, so here's looking forward to your review ;)

Tabitha I got so fed up with WOT by book ten that I haven't even continued on to get to when Sanderson took over. Maybe someday I'll finish it.

Pamela D I'm excited to hear how you like this one! I'm starting WoR soon!

Tabitha Pamela wrote: "I'm excited to hear how you like this one! I'm starting WoR soon!"

I'm sure this one will take me a bit to get through since I'm reading it at the same time as various other books. As I was reading last night I was like "wow this long just to get to 4%" Since this one is so biiiiiig haha. But that's epic fantasy for you.

Eon ♒Windrunner♒  The book is so big because its swollen with awesomeness.

Tabitha Eon wrote: "The book is so big because its swollen with awesomeness."

I mightily agree with you there!

message 7: by David (new) - added it

David I've been putting this off for forever lol

Tabitha @David - I had been as well. I had originally wanted to wait til there were at least 3 books out before I read it - because epic fantasies are so huge that I'll tend to forget the details by the time the next one comes out several years later.

But I bought the audios, ecopy and print versions of this and the second and figure I can listen and read it in tandem and when the next comes out just play the audio in the background while I work the week before and that should refresh me enough.

It is so worth reading. As is everything the man writes.

message 9: by David (new) - added it

David I put the Mistborn series down on book two, I just got bored. So, I was afraid to touch anymore B. Sanderson and then I read Steelheart and was like "Hot Damn, that was good." And everyone loves these so much...So, I guess I'll give it a go.

Tabitha @David - You know it probably just really depends on your tastes then. I love fantasy but I only have a mild interest in "epic" fantasy (you know the doorstop variety with masses of characters and such) - I enjoy them but they aren't my bread and butter.

I love urban fantasy and questing, sword and sorcery fantasy. So I think because I like all over the subgenres I'm able to really enjoy all of his books, including his YA and MG ones he wrote. But say he were to write a grimdark one...I might not pick that up LOL. Because I'm still unsure if I'm going to be a grimdark fan (not that I've even read any yet) the descriptions while they sound good don't drive me to instantly pick them up and read them.

So I'd say only read it if it sounds good to you. After all 1k pages is a lot to invest in.

message 11: by David (new) - added it

David Definitely, 1k pages is a huge investment. Grimdark is rough for some people. I realize that I love it though. I'm all about the Urban Fantasy, but I cut my teeth on the Epic stuff long ago. Mostly, because I thought that was the only place I could get my Sorcery, Myth and Monster fix. I;m a mythology nut, and I think deicide has become my new favorite word.

Tabitha Oh when I was young and first stumbled upon the science fiction and fantasy books I don't ever remember even seeing big huge epic fantasies. I think I fell in love with the genre because of books like dragonlance and Dune and Pern

message 13: by David (new) - added it

David Ooh, Pern and Prydain! I need to go find The Black Cauldron.

message 14: by Pam (new)

Pam Did i mention that ever since i met him I've decided I need to read him?

Tabitha @Pam hopefully you've read one of his books by now. he is outstanding

Katie.g Yes! Knew you'd love it!

message 17: by Andy (new) - added it

Andy HaHa! finally finished it then!

Tabitha @Katie There was never a doubt in my mind. He is one of my favorite authors.

@Andy it sure took me long enough didn't it. It's because I did the audio. I just don't listen to audio as much as I read.

message 19: by Richard (new)

Richard Spewings of love, now this I can't wait to see!

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