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Angelology by Danielle Trussoni
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Jul 03, 2011

really liked it
Read in June, 2011

So many of the reviews are written by astute, well-versed people and I agree with so many of them, that I will not reiterate what has been said, either about the plot or the book itself. I will say that even though I at first found it very slow and long-winded, the characters somewhat flat, and several points not making sense (angels have no nipples - how then do they feed their babies?, which they clearly have had, or do they always have to procreate with humans, if so, then how is it that there are the "pure" Nephilim, and some no so pure, etc.), I couldn't just leave the book on the table. I had to finish it. And it ends with a twist. Once led to that twist, it seems almost inevitable, and yet, I was disappointed, not with its inevitability, but with the act itself. The protagonist (possibly the least developed character in the book) does the "right" thing in the end, but follows with another act that doesn't then fit with that right thing at all. Confusing. As were several aspects of the angels lives. We only really hear of one Nephilim family, which is painted as indisputably evil. Are the others just as evil? Are there others? There must be - they are alluded to, and yet, we only meet the one family, and a bunch of other kinds of angels, clearly the servant and warrior classes of this particular Mafia-like family. Yet the world Trussoni creates is fascinating, and rich, and the back story is perhaps the most interesting part. Really, I had to see what would happen at the end. So, while I agree with many of my fellow reviewers that the people I would recommend this to are people I don't like, that's not really true. I want to know what others think about it, since a week after I finished it, I'm still thinking about it. To me, that says something.
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