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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
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Jul 03, 2011

really liked it
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ok! i hate doing the stars i never know what to do with many to give etc. i just loved this book! it was like baby jesus was like "carr you love post apoclayptic and zombies...this is my gift to you!!" dude it has everything and stuff is soooo changed! and the sisters omg BITCHES!! the thing i loved best was that the main characters name was mary and my friend mary is TERRIFIED of a zombie apocalypse lol ANYWAYS ok review the book carr...
ok what i loved! i loved that the girl wasnt like some drop dead gorgeous model that kicks ass! the girl is pretty but doesnt realize it and she deosnt act all like ill kick your ass she also doesnt act like the damsel in distress shes just a normal chick and ACTS normal GO FIGURE!!! and the love triangle sorta goin on was really her brother was a total asshole i didnt like him even when he turned cool i was like your still a douche...but like all this girl wanted to see was the ocean because she heard stories of it and in the forest SURPRISE the ocean isnt there so they said it doesnt exist...NOW the only thing that baffled me was TINY MINI SPOILER OF THE END !!

DONT READ!! IF U DONT WANT A MINI SPOILER!! when they went over the waterfall in the river she knocked out and than bum bum bummmmm woke up on the beach being washed up FROM the ocean...NOW from this book i try to place geographical location and were looking at new england location i think...WHAT WATER FALL?! the only one i can think of is niagara and she would be dead if she would of died if she had to go down the river to the alantic...seriously i need a better idea of the location here because this drives me nuts... plus omg the news papers the old ones OF COURSE its of NYC what the hell is with NYC ...ny is crappy at least in PHILLY were cleanin things up the crappy parts are actually being worked on! and young groups r moving is so its gettin awesome!


i suck at writing reviews

dude just read the book it was awesome

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06/30/2011 page 11
4.0% "From what I'm getting the post apocalyptic book involves zombies...I'm definitely a very happy girl..."
06/30/2011 page 11
4.0% "From what I'm getting the post apocalyptic book involves zombies...I'm definitely a very happy girl..."
07/01/2011 page 139
45.0% "to be able to describe the awesomeness of this book is near impossible..."
07/02/2011 page 212
68.0% "I love this book!! There's only like ahhh one or 2 parts I'm iffy on that I'm like really?! I don't think so...and then I'm tryin to get the whole gate thing worked out in my head without much success cuz they say large fence and my head goes to those rent a fence that r up at construction sites..but its like jesus said carr you love zombies n post apocalyptic this is MY gift to you! Lol"

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