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The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel
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Jul 02, 2011

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I tried this out in audio-- having read most of Clan of the Cave Bear and examined Auel's other books, I sensed that these stories would be best communicated in audio. I find the text moderately boring-- a lot of description for not a lot of things going on, and a huge gap between the narrative voice and the characters' voices. After sampling the audio of this one, I still think it would, in theory, be good in audio and not as good in text... but I guess I'm just too picky about readers. The reader is, in my opinion, just simply all wrong. 10 minutes was all I could take, and that was pushing it. She over-enunciates dramatically and awkwardly, as if it's an automated answering message for an elderly care doctor's clinic. Maybe even a computerized one. Therefore it accentuates the weaknesses of the text terribly, leading to downright wooden stick-figure-ish-ness. The reader also gives Ayla a high, airy, perfectly Mexican accent, occasionally lapsing into an Israeli one too, so that even during the simplest phrases, she sounds like a caricature of the stereotype of a breathless Latin lover in a romantic melodrama; while Jondalar and every other male sound like an imitation in poor taste of Native American stereotypes from old racist movies, and this voice doesn't differ at all between male characters. Basically it's totally unbearable. If you can get through the text, do that instead; if not, join me in waiting for a different narrator for as long as it takes to make it even just a little less bad.

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