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Laid Bare by Lauren Dane
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A few pages into this, I started to feel like King Louis in “Start the Revolution Without Me” -- I thought it was Romantic Suspense! Trust me to barely finish one book because it had too much sex and to then pick up another that turns out to be D/s erotica with menage. But it did suck me in, no graphic imagery intended. Despite it being cruder than I personally enjoy--the characters are really into dirty talk and me, not so much--I was intrigued by the sexually assured Erin and the hung up, repressed kinkster Todd.

Sadly, the book lost steam when the menage started up. It just comes out of left field -- being told over and over that Todd and Ben are best friends and very close is not convincing enough, I needed to see that relationship established, and much earlier in the story. And the whole menage thing is so... prosaic! And so boringly perfect. At one point Ben thinks, “If the woman was any more perfect he wasn’t sure he could stand it.” That summed up how I felt about the relationships in the book. It was like a commercial for triads. Who knew being kinky could be so boring.
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15.0% "I thought this was romantic suspense... *eyes bugging out*"

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Lisa Kay Oh dear! You didn't know what you were getting into? Loved your review.

Katrina Y "Sadly, the book lost steam when the menage started up. " - totally agree

message 3: by D.G. (new)

D.G. Who knew being kinky could be so boring.

LOL! Great review. :)

message 4: by Jan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jan I actually liked this one, despite everything I disliked about it.

Didn't you think that the characters overestimated their own kinkyness? The way they talked about it made me expect all kinds of mayhem, but in the end it was all rather mellow. These people have heaps of inner angst.

However, their story is continued in later books in this series, and I loved how realistically the consequenses of living in a triad were portrayed. You said you thought it was too perfect, but it definitely isn't like that beyond here, and I really love that about this relationship.

willaful Well, I do have the third in the series out from the library and I'll be interested to check out what happens to them, if I can stay awake. ;-)

They did seem fairly mild for people who were dominanants and submissives; I would guess plenty of people who think of themselves as totally vanilla enjoy the same sorts of activities. Perhaps minus the specialty toys.

Juliana Philippa Great review! I'm getting the sense that this eye-roll-inducing-perfection might be a Dane trademark.

willaful Juliana wrote: "Great review! I'm getting the sense that this eye-roll-inducing-perfection might be a Dane trademark."

Judging from your review, it would seem so. It's annoying because I am kind of curious about what happens, but even people who like Dane say the third book is meh. (It's the other one the library had.)

message 8: by Juliana Philippa (last edited Jul 02, 2011 09:01PM) (new)

Juliana Philippa There was definite eye-rolling in Making Chase, but enough good things to make it worth reading.

Re the trio: I am curious whose baby she's carrying in Inside Out and/or whether they know or care. Also, is there a sexual relationship between Todd and Ben, or do they only have a connection through Erin? I was a little confused by that.

willaful I'm very curious too! Have been googling, but didn't find anything. I guess because the fourth book isn't out yet.

In this one, there is some minor but progressing action between the two men. I don't think it goes much beyond kissing but there's the sense it will go further.

message 10: by Jan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jan As far as I got it, they don't know nor care who the father of the baby is, and they want it that way. And I think Ben and Todd got at least to jacking each other off in later books, and more was implied.

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