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Crazy by Eve Langlais
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Jul 01, 2011

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Mary Sue, Ella, is institutionalized as a child for hearing voices. Cape wearing Zane the Vampire does his nightly hunting've guessed it...mental institutions cuz it's so much easier to eat when the food can't run and is insane.

Now, Eve Langlais is quickly becoming one of my 'go to' authors. Her writing and storytelling have never failed to be entertaining and this story is just that. Unfortunately, it didn't completely work for me. The concept is right on the money: fresh and interesting. But some things just threw me out of the story.

Ella, our heroine is just too 'something'. I wouldn't call her a complete MarySue and there are reasons as to why she is innocent, naive, trusting, virginal but it also made her, for me, bland and uninteresting (and rather annoying too). I just couldn't identify with her.

Zane. Wow. Tough one. But I have to say that the minute he is described as wearing a cape all the hotness just melted away. I kept waiting for... "I vant too drink your bloooood - hissss". So anything that came out of his mouth was tainted because of the cape.

Having said that (the main characters are rather shallow and uninteresting), the concept is really cool and so is the universe. I loved the vampire queen, the ghosts, why they are around Ella, etc. Which is why this get 3 stars: good strong concept/universe, strong storytelling, and an entertaining read but with weak main characters.
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HєllyBєlly Aww, sounds like a good idea - shame about the cape. Made me think about Edna E Mode; she is totally against them ;-)

Edna E Mode

Calisto Hellybelly wrote: "Aww, sounds like a good idea - shame about the cape. Made me think about Edna E Mode; she is totally against them ;-)"

Yes! Absolutely. (Loove Edna, btw ;). I love capes. I have one (with a hood and everything LOL) but I don't wear it in the summer. That's how it felt here. Just out of place and kinda cliched. I definitely like Langlais, though. This is the first 'off' book of hers for me and it's still three stars.

HєllyBєlly I will definitely check out some of Langlais's other work. Thanks for the review, forgot to say that in my first comment. Edna rocks!

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