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Legacy by Cayla Kluver
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Jul 01, 2011

bookshelves: caitlin, christine, fantasy, series, young-adult, debut-author
Read in June, 2011

Caitlin: Legacy is an epic fantasy about a girl learning to become a strong woman. It’s got a huge cast of characters, with developing arcs and motivations. A world with history and politics and intrigues. What’s not to love? I did think the beginning was a little slow, but it’s like a game of chess. Once all the pieces are in place in moves along with alacrity and brutality. Character dynamics were complicated and thought out. I really loved the complicated political intrigue and how the reader can see that neither side is completely evil nor are they completely good. Both sides are made up of people, and people have both good and bad in them. I especially love how Narian comes on the scene and just challenges everything Alera believes about her country and herself and a woman’s place in the world. I loved the world and how all the characters felt like a real part of it. And I’d really like to read the second one. Now please.

Christine: When Caitlin told me about Legacy, I was a bit skeptical that I’d like it. I’ve tried pure fantasy books before and found them to be too bogged down in descriptions to move the pace along fast enough for my interest. A couple of chapters in and I’m done. But not so with Legacy. I think the main reason for that was London. From the beginning, he captured my attention and I couldn’t let go until the last page. Honestly, I wish he’d been featured more, but there are two more books, so I know he’ll be around again. Aside from London, I loved the interactions between Alera and Miranna (it’s so nice to see sisters who get along) and the mystery surrounding Narian was enough to keep me guessing (still haven’t figured it out). Also, have you seen the cover? It’s so pretty. So, really, you should read Legacy. If a non-fantasy person like me can like it, you have no excuse to not at least give it a try.

To read the interview with Cayla Kluver, please visit WhatchYAreading. This book was reviewed on June 28, 2011.

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