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How to Be Bad by E. Lockhart
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Jul 01, 2011

liked it

3.5 stars, I think.

I liked this book while I was reading it. How to be Bad was a lot of fun, and there were some good, funny scenes, some nice, semi-touching ones and some other ones that probably weren't necessary, but okay, whatever.

I just feel like... it could have been a little bit better. I'm not sure why; as I said it was a pretty good book. But it didn't feel fully rounded to all it wanted to be.

The characters, I think, could have been a little more developed. The only one who felt real was Vicks; the other two were kinda flat. I also thought Jesse's point of view could have been less... stereotypical. She was supposed to be something like trailer trash, I think, so the author(s) decided to emphasise this by having her use words like 'durn' a lot and call her grandparents Meemaw and... stuff like that. It seemed false and exaggerated, like the racecar drivers in Taladega Knights. Potentially offensive and not really believable.

Also (and this is a personal gripe), I hate how all Christian characters have to be portrayed as uptight, 'no fun allowed', 'don't do that or you're going to Hell' type of people. Like, seriously? They're either rebelling against their religion (think slutty PK type) or they're like I described. None of the Christians I know are really like that at all.

Kind of ticks me off.
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