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Shadow by Jenny Moss
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Jul 01, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, young-adult

This was an impulse grab at the local library, on a day when I needed fun reading to distract me from life, and all my novels were packed already. It was a good choice. Not brilliant, but oddly compelling and hard to put down. Shadow had some serious emotional/ psychological issues, probably of the attachment kind. then again, it would be hard not to have those kind of issues, given her life thus far. Her relationship with Sir Kenway is odd, tentative, annoyed, fond, concerned, and lots of other contradictory (and therefore human) characteristics. Kenway himself was a bit of a stiff character sometimes. It wasn't for lack of development. He was just a boy/ man obsessed, and it made him a bit hard to know. The writing in general was good, although the story dragged a bit after the conversations with Kendra and Erce, until back at the castle. reminded me a bit of Eclipse, where the characters just kept rehashing the same emotions and opinions over and over and over and over. but it picked back up, for a fairly satisfying ending. No, no huge surprises in the story, but still enjoyable. I don't know if this is meant to begin a series or stand alone, but I'd read more if there were sequels. It may have been a little Harry Potter, a little Percy Jackson, and a lot teen fantasy romance, written in a fairy tale style, but the sum of the parts ended up much greater than the individual parts would seem to suggest.

lots of side thoughts, though:
I think Jenny Moss is a great name for a fantasy writer. or a history writer. Just has a good sound to it.
Is Kendra the new go-to name for writers, especially YA fantasy? I just read Beastly, which had a major character named Kendra, and saw the name in some other book (that I can't remember) too. Funny, because before a few years ago, I'd only ever met one or two Kendras. I really hope it's not all due to some gross Playboy bunny. ick.
Also, this book, and the Percy Jackson books, and any others dealing with dogs and/or demi-gods, does make me awfully glad to be a Christian. Dealing with a weak, selfish, human-like god and/or goddess as your only resource would seem awfully discouraging. My God is an awesome God, and I appreciate that more all the time.
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Carly I just read this one as a random pick from the library as well, and had the same thoughts regarding gods versus the one true God! How amazing is it that we have an unchanging, all-powerful, ever-loving and merciful God instead of a fallible, weak, selfish, fickle being?

Crystal Yes! :) it surely is a wonderful thought!

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