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Last Caress by Luxie Ryder
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Jul 01, 2011

it was ok
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Read on July 10, 2011

Going into this story I thought it would be a romantic one, but it’s not. It’s a darker side vampire tale and its erotic, but there’s no romance to the storyline whatsoever. I did like the hot sex and the dark side ambience. I didn’t like the fact it was very story at 17 pgs. and the ending was very lacking, but that’s the romantic side of me that wants the HEA.

If you want a quick darker side erotic ride this would be for you. If you’re a romance reader steer clear of this one.
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message 1: by Nicole (new) - added it

Nicole Yikes!!! That is one creepy cover!!!

Laurie Garrison Yep, I just wonder how the story is going to go.

Laura the Highland Hussy Is it weird I kind of like the cover?
sorry it was so short though

Laurie Garrison Laura the Highland Hussy wrote: "Is it weird I kind of like the cover?
sorry it was so short though"

I like this cover also. Me too. I think it would have been a good story if it was longer.

Luxie Ryder Hi Laurie. Sorry to crash the convo - and sorry too you didn't enjoy the story but I just wanted to check something with you. Was this advertised or sent to you as Para Romance? I only ask because I've never suggested it is a romance and I wonder if the pub is pushing it on that angle. As you quite rightly said, this is NOT a romance. It is an erotic short story with vampire themes. I would not personally have subbed it to your site for a review so apologies for the mismatch. Thanks for the comments about the cover, I campaigned to have it changed and paid for this one myself :)

Laurie Garrison Luxie, After I read it I was wondering if they looked at my policy. Because it states we do romance even if it's erotic. No worries on my part I just hate it for you. They should have started it was not romance and I wouldn't have took it in. I can't pass up a vamp LOL. I am glad you got the cover changed this one is so much better.

Luxie Ryder Hi Laurie - I just went into the Manic Readers site and saw they've uploaded it there as a Para romance. I've changed it to Erotic Fantasy (because there is no Erotic Para category that doesn't include the word romance). I think the publisher just sent it to all the para sites without double checking individual preferences. Apologies for the bad fit :)

The very, very dark nature of this story is one of the reasons I went for a spooky, non-romantic cover.

And I do appreciate the fact that, even though you were personally disappointed, you tried to end the review on a positive note! It was much appreciated.

Laurie Garrison I think there's a lot of people who can tell the difference between erotic romance and erotic, that's another subject I am fixing to take on because it driving me crazy.

I wasn't going to put this one the blog, but I do believe I am. I going to change a few things and put it on there. I just hate to let a story or author get a bad rap just because some dummies can't tell the difference.

Now, if you want email me and I will set you up on a date to tell people the difference between erotic romance and erotic.

Luxie Ryder Hi Laurie

Thanks so much for the help and feedback. I will email you asap.



Laurie Garrison There you go. I hope this will help steer those like me way, so your book will find the right readers.

message 11: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne hi i like the sound of it just 17 pages though as the price in the uk is quite steep for a short?

Luxie Ryder Hi - I am having conversations about the Amazon pricing with this publisher at the mo. I think (hope) it's a mistake. If you go to their site, the price is 0.78p -

message 13: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne hi luxie:) thanks for the heads up:)

Luxie Ryder Laurie - thanks so much for the revised review. I really do appreciate your very kind but still honest summary.

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