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Grave Dance by Kalayna Price
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It's not spectacular but it works for me. Even thought I don't much care for love triangles, and I'm not really invested in any of the male leads here- they're a little bland, and the romantic parts are a little lacking, they did not annoy me. Over all, I think Falin, as a character fares the worst in this book - he loses some of the chemistry with Alex. Death isn't seen quite as much as in the first book and that doesn't help his relationship with Alex either. So not much on that front. But we get some new characters, delving deeper in the supernatural parts. The characters don't act too stupid to live or any other annoying urban fantasy/ paranormal romance tendencies.

The plot isn't bad. The worldbuilding gets more complicated, and at times I was feeling a little lost (all the planes of existence...) but I do appreciate the more complicated fantasy elements in my urban fantasy.
I might have some weakness for this series because it reminds me a lot of the early Anita Blake (and now also Merry Gentry) which were one of the first urban fantasy books I read, so...

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