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Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
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Jun 30, 2011

really liked it


Crank, will always be the best book in the series for me. Hopkins started the series off about Kristina. A good girl-gone bad who got herself hooked on "The monster" commonly known as CRANK. the series goes on to add GLASS as Kristina just gets worse ad worse with her sad epidemic and addiction to drugs and sex.

Hopkins stated that she "wanted to give the children of Kristina a voice also. so readers can see how Kristina's choices effected her 5 children." And boy did she do that!

Fallout is on the POV's of 3/5 children of Kristina. Autumn, Summer and Hunter. Each of them have to withstand differnt dihlemas. The interesting thing is that you can actually SEE the similiarities of Kristina in each child! As at first each child has developed differnt suits of armour to deal with the absence of thier mother, later on you begin to see each character unveil differnt secrets from thier Mother's past and soon they realize they need eachother to peice together just how much the monster (Bree) has devoured Kristina.

The book does start off slow. hence the deduction of a star. But by the middle the story starts to heat up and come together. At the ed there are still MANY questions about past charcters and the kids. (what happened to Autumn and Bryce. Summer and Kyle. Hunter and Nikki).
But overall Fallout did the best job at showing just how much evil drugs and sex and other demons can to, not just the person, but his or her family. Ellen Hopkins has DONE IT ONCE not pass this one by.
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