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The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin
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How do you review the final book of one of the most extraordinary fantasy series you've ever read, and without spoiling anything from the first two books?

I don't think it's possible. Especially since all three books have blown me away, and I've given them each a full 5 five stars.

So this is what I'll tell you now that I've read THE STONE SKY:

It's beautiful and heart-breaking, in all its horror, hope, and ache. I expected the "heart-breaking" bit, given what happened in THE FIFTH SEASON and THE OBELISK GATE and the direction I suspected this finale would take. And yet it still surprised me. That's N.K. Jemisin for you, though. She's one of the most ingenious and innovative fantasy writers out there right now, and this book (and The Broken Early trilogy overall) is proof of that.

It answers all the remaining world-building questions, such as how the stone eaters came to be, where the obelisks came from, and why this secondary world experiences such brutal Seasons. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of it. There are just so many layers and revelations in THE STONE SKY that it's hard to absorb everything in such a short amount of time. But all of the explanations and history feel true to this world. I have a feeling a re-read binge might be in order in the future, to give myself enough time and space to absorb and grasp everything.

It's a story about family - the families we're born into, and the families we choose. How we sometimes love and admire people enough to see them as a mother or father figure, or as an "adopted" son or daughter. And how some families can fall apart, and how love isn't always enough to reunite them.

It's a story about humanity's relationship with the earth, and how forcing an entire planet to bend to the will of its residents can lead to catastrophe.

It's about war and enslavement, survival and sacrifice, love and death. Easy choices don't exist in THE STONE SKY, and every step that Essun and Nassun take has the potential to break them.

THE STONE SKY is not a beach read. It's raw, complex, and hard-hitting, and you have to be aware of this when you open it. But it's also incredibly satisfying, thought-provoking, and soul-stirring. I had tears in my eyes during the climax, even though I'd known - yes, deep down I had known - there would be no win-win situation at the end.

That's what a masterpiece does to you, too. And that's exactly what THE STONE SKY, and the Broken Earth trilogy as a whole, is. A masterpiece. If you haven't read this series yet, do yourself a favor and go read its first book, THE FIFTH SEASON.

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17.31% "I love how Hoa seems so different from all the other stone eaters. Each has their own personality, but for the most part most of them lack much humanity, or even a sense of humor. Hoa has managed to retain both."
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43.03% "You know what scares me more than the stone eater so far in this book? Nassun's anger. And it's incredibly justified, given everything that's happened to that little girl and to the orogenes in general... but I don't think anyone, even her mother, can stop her now."
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Faith Rivens I really need to read some more Jemisin!! And this series especially! <3

Sara Faith wrote: "I really need to read some more Jemisin!! And this series especially! <3"

YES. And YES. But make sure you start with The Fifth Season (have you read it yet?) and then go chronologically from there. Otherwise it won't make sense. ;)

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