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Jun 30, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: most-heartbreaking-book
Recommended for: NO ONE!

(I assume you would be reading this review because you know all about the series, since this is the third book., so I will no longer summarize, etc, but I’ll be DIRECT to the point!)
Warning: there are rants in this review. lots of ‘em. and don’t read on if you don’t like rants.


I haven’t, in my entire existence, ever read a book that I wanted to reap out into shreds for the unfairness of how the story went. I gave it a TWO star rating ONLY for the fact that my favorite character, REN, had some decent sexy hot and funny scenes, and that the history of the Searchers and Keepers’ story and how the book was written is UNDENIABLY good. HOWEVER! Other than that, everything’s EPIC FAIL.

I would just like to clear out that REN is my ultimate (when I say ‘ultimate’, I mean he’s like on the top of my book boyfriend list) most favorite male character. I even wrote him many times on my skin with a Sharpie! that’ll prove it!


(sorry, there’s something wrong with the html, image won’t show. )

And so, I’ve waited for many many MONTHS for this book. Even if Wolfsbane wasn’t out yet, I already had my eyes set on this book. i have pictured a PERFECT scene of ending which is REN ending up with Calla. And seeing that MOST (like 90%) of the reviewers here in goodreads and in blogs that I follow are TEAM REN, I was super POSITIVE it’s REN.

But of course, we must expect the unexpected. I am absolutely DISTRESSED with how REn was treated in the book. This is not even about WHO Calla PICKED (okay, so maybe it’s also PARTLY that), this is about, how REN’s character was diminished. I will name some:
1. His scenes with Calla were less intimate than the other guy. BUT, it’ll turn HOTTER because HE’s HOTTER, OBVIOUSLY .
2. He suffered many losses..regrets with what he has done in Wolfsbane..(which was really reasonable)...he only met his real father in a short time...
3. Calla obviously is LEANING toward the other guy ( I REFUSE TO type his name - no pun intended to those who have names same as that guy.) in the first part of the story. it’s so unfair.
4. Clicking this will really SPOIL the ending. (view spoiler)

Considering REn is so SWEET and RESPECTFUL of Calla. But Calla is more “controlled” when he’s around REn and when she’s with the other guy, she “losses” control. I mean, what kind of idiotic reason is that? I spent so much crying knowing that Ren is so good, but he ended up...(can’t even say it.). I really cried a lot and I had tantrums and I threw much fit and rolling in the bed and crying (no joke!). And I cried even harder when (view spoiler). I FULLY understand that in life, there are instances that MUST be done. And that at the end of it all, what happens “is just right”. BUT that is not the case here. There is just no VALID and REASONABLE reason as to why REN suffered that way. *breathes in and out*

You might argue that if I hated the ending much, why did I give it a “2”? Well, I might be ranting and too harsh, but I have to admit Andrea Cremer writes great PROSE. Everything about Bloodrose is effing EPIC BUT the parts of Calla and the other guy. The history of the Searchers and Keepers were really greatly written, and well-thought. It was specific and time-bounded that you might imagine it may be true. The story plot is REALLY AWESOME but I didn’t enjoy it much because I have this horrible INNATE REVULSION against the other guy since the beginning of the series, I just don’t know WHY, but when I found out MOST of the readers are like me, I didn’t even bother to ASK myself again. It’s just one of those things that are unexplainable. haha. As much as it hurts me to say this, but I must give it to Andrea that she knows how to write steamy scenes, interesting historical plots and exciting adventures. The air, water, fire adventures were actually cool (save for the part that the other guy is the Scion.).

Wrapping it up, I’m just so disappointed because REN was not only PLANTed in me but he was NURTURED, I mean you know the “Team Ren” thing. I kinda wished she didn’t make us LOVE REN much in the 1st book if things were ending this way. REading it with my own eyes (to what will happen to Ren) is one of the most EMOTIONAL breakdown I have in my entire READING CAREER. I haven’t been so much attached to a character like REN before, and maybe I won’t ever be anymore because of the TRAUMA Bloodrose brought upon me.

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Jenna thanks for the like. do you feel the same lament? haha.

Jenna thanks for the likes. go read it friends! gaaah. i’m so hyped! til now! Team REn has a chance! hahaha.

Ramsha thanks for the link u r awesome and i found the ending for the chapter so funny "I like your hair." Ha

Jenna yeah. that was sooooo cute. :)

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

team ren!

Jenna yey Robin! glad to know another team ren! :)

is mee... kissa you're the second GR friend of mine who is reading this now. how are you finding it?

Jenna I don’t know if I found it. haha. joke. i don’t know man, Shay’s getting on my nerves. I stopped reading for awhile. haha. I’m still going to continue now.

is mee... kissa =P
yeah, i stopped reading too. i'm reading a different book at the moment.

Jenna I continued a few hours ago, and I’m almost done. sigh.

Carrie Kaut WOW the idea of reading this is pure torture right now...i did nothing but dream about this book after reading wolfsbane and than she had to crush my hopes...i dont even wanna have a book boyfriends anymore dude every guy in all the books no matter how great i just dont wanna get attached like you said! its to tramatizing knowing that the ultimate book boyfriend was killed...

is mee... kissa 2 stars? humph. doesn't sound so good to me.
noooooooooo!!!! Carrie!!!! did you just spoil this book for me!!!!!!??!?!?!!?!

Jenna It is so traumatizing Carrie! Huhu.

Carrie Kaut Oops damn it sorry! I'm doing all this from my phone that I didn't realize! I'm soooo sorry that's horrible what I did!!!!!!

is mee... kissa grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
nah, don't worry about it. it doesn't seem i'm that interested in it anyways, since the only parts about Ren seem to last for all of 2 milliseconds. now that i know he's gonna die, i might as well stop reading the book... but nah. the show (no matter how meeh-ish) must go on!

Carrie Kaut I'm gonna read it eventually to close it off with ren I'm heartbroken over it..and I'm still bitter as anything soo lol I'm judging my male characters to much now so I don't get attached

is mee... kissa ohhhh.. you've had your heart broken by a book character. do you think it's a testimony to how sad we are that we got our hearts broken by a character? it kind of reminds me of how stalkers get cut up when their victims get killed. we've basically stalked Ren through a series... i don't like where i'm going with this, so i'm gonna shut up now. good bye dear sweet Ren! Rest in Peace in the knowledge that i gave the books you were in high stars simply because you were in them!!! you know, i was actually hoping for a spin-off series about Ren.. well, that hopes been crushed now ain't it?

Isabela loved your review Jenny!!

Carrie Kaut Stalking a fictional character is ok were not killing and cutting up our that what happens to REN???????? Horrible woman!!! And I'm allowing myself to slowly get attached to the book characters heart better not be broken again

is mee... kissa i don't know! i'm still up to the same place i was when i stopped reading it. not even half-way done yet! i'm pretty reluctant to read it actually.

Carrie Kaut I'm just ruining this book for u in so many ways aren't I ?

is mee... kissa nup, don't worry about it. (view spoiler)

Carrie Kaut She's a horrible woman

is mee... kissa cruel! cruel!

message 25: by is mee... kissa (last edited Jan 12, 2012 10:59PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

is mee... kissa oh and Jenna? I like your rant about Ren. i haven't read the book, but i already kinda get what's gonna happen. i agree - not fair to Ren! not dear, sweet, lovely, gorgeous, Ren.

=o you used the Shay is gay thing, Jenna! Is this because of the Gay Shay conversation you, uh, walked into with me and Carrie? =P

Carrie Kaut I feel the rant is well deserved !!!!! I agree with kissa!

is mee... kissa very deserved!

Jenna Yes kissa! Haha. Thats because of that.,but i deleted the gay part because it might hurt someone or others, so better not put that. But you get it, that guy is just, uh! I still cant believe what andrea did! ren will be forever alive in my heart!:)

is mee... kissa ah dear Jenna, you were more obsessed over him than i ever was. poor Ren. he so did not deserve that. name me one point in the entire series where he was happy, truly happy, for more than five minutes.

Carrie Kaut When him and the slut were in the bathroom!

Carrie Kaut That's it I'll write a new ending for bloodrose.."Shay and calla were watching tv for the first time, they needed this rest after the war. While enjoying the rest there was a knock at the door.
"Omg its Ren! Your supposed to be dead!"
"Nopers I'm a wolf I heal duhhh pun intended"
"Cause were meant to be"
"SHAY!!!!! I'm gonna get icecream for us I'll be back!"
"Ok C, don't forget the gummi bears in the icecream!who was at the door?" (Its delicious try it!)
"Its not christmas!"
"Their enthuastic about christmas!"
"Quick we have 10 minutes to get away Ren"
"That's more than enough time"
"Where are we going?"
"Rio where they'll never find us"
"I'm glad u came to get me, love u!"
"Love u too lily"

Jenna Omg carrie, thats just funny! Haha,. But the ending was they were all wolvea. No fun! So its okay if Ren u know, just think that ifRen is still there, he wontbe much of a view,lol. Just kidding. I hope the ending wasnt really that because Ren is the original wolf. Haha

Jenna Kissa, am I? Hehe. Yeah, when they were in d bathroom.sigh

Carrie Kaut *sigh* I like my yes I've been hankering for ice cream ever since I cut out sugar..go figure the 1 thing I didn't eat and now I want it..

Dude bathroom scene was awesome!!!

Jenna I hope that bathroom scene was prolonged., totally unfair! Haha

is mee... kissa Carrie wrote: "When him and the slut were in the bathroom!"
do you think that took more than 5 minutes? and was he truly happy, knowing he had to convince her to sway to his side rather than Shay?

is mee... kissa he doesn't have to be with Calla, I just want him to be alive!

Carrie Kaut Well shit people there is a sequel its called morte..when they get to rio Ren kills the slut and disappears and meets another girl whose zomg! Amazing and they fall in love and travel the world and get married with a ton of babies and live happily ever after BUT shay shows up and he's like where's calla? And ren was like dude she said she was headed home she missed you and shay was like na man she never showed up with the ice cream shay has a low iq so he didn't realize how close wawa was ( google it wawa is amazing hence why I am never leaving this area) (ps wawa is native american (idk which tribe) for goose hence the goose symbol moving on!) Soo he waslike omg calla my calla I can't live without her and he jumps off a looked at the amazing girl and was like was it really that easy??? And they shrugged there shoulders and lived happily ever after

is mee... kissa oh! don't do that! for a second i thought there really was a sequel, and since we're talking about Ren being alive and all... you totally killed my miniature bout of hope! =P

Carrie Kaut Aw..damn I seem to be in the business of destroying things for

Jenna :)

Breezy i totally agree with you i wanted calla to end up with Ren but NO Andrea had to go and make him die well guess what i hate you now andrea i could have lived with Ren not ending up with Calla but KILLING HIM!! unacceptable!!!

Breezy i totally agree with you i wanted calla to end up with Ren but NO Andrea had to go and make him die well guess what i hate you now andrea i could have lived with Ren not ending up with Calla but KILLING HIM!! unacceptable!!!

Jenna Hear hear Breezy! :)


Carrie Kaut calla wil be surprised when shay is wolfin around with another alpha

message 48: by Mada (new)

Mada alla only mourned for her mother for like a minute or even less. Of course she didn't care when Ren died. She's such a stupid and heartless bitch and Shay is an asshole. Hate them both. My favorite characters were Ren, Connor, Ethan, Adne and Sabine

Angela Robbins I, too, threw a tantrum when reading the death. I balled, trembled, thought this was some cruel sadistic joke, realized I wasn't effing having a nightmare I, indeed, read the most stupid, pointless plot point in my entire freaking life. Way to alienate 90% of your readers, idiot! I cried my eyes out, sick to my stomach. I felt as though I lost part of myself... So devastating. Ren deserved better than that!

Jenna Don't worry Angela the emotional feeling will be gone after many weeks..i eventually got over it. But, I still think Ren dying is unfair. :(

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