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The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel
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Jun 29, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: historical-fiction

** spoiler alert ** THIS was the book that made me stop reading the Earth's Children series. Honestly, this long,painful experience seems to go in it's own basic pattern...

Step 1: "Let's share pleasures, Jondalar!"
"Hellz yeah! Take a gander at those mammoths over there!"

Step 2: "Let's travel a bit and spend about five pages describing this blade of grass!"

Rinse and repeat, but make sure to throw in some random events for a mild amount of flavour.

Also, it's in this book where I finally realized how much of a Mary Sue Ayla is. I had already suspected something by the third book, when the love triangle buisness was something even a soap opera would be ashamed to air. I'm reminded of a quote from song in the musical Wicked, when Galinda says to Fiyero, "You're Perfect".

To which Fiyero replies, "You're perfect."

"So we're perfect together!"

Honestly, It's like watching the caveman editions of Barbie and Ken. Ayla can do anything. Hell, she domesticated horses! A wolf! A friggen cave lion! She invented the concept of sewing with a needle!

Jondalar, on the other hand, is your typical angsty Gary Stu. Granted, I always found him much more likeable than Ayla, only because he did kind of grow on me after a while.

Overall, I could barely get half-way before stopping for my own sanity's sake. Nowadays, this hulk of a book serves as a lovely doorstop to my basement.
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