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The Vampire Chronicles Collection by Anne Rice
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Jun 29, 2011

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Read from June 02 to 11, 2008 — I own a copy

This omnibus edition, though a bit weighty, is a convenient way to carry the first three books in Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series. It is ideal for reading them back-to-back, but it does still contain three separate and complete books:

Interview with a Vampire: This is another one of the few books that I was familiar with the movie long before reading the book. In fact, the book has been on my to-read pile because of the movie for quite a long time. And actually, I enjoyed the novel even more than I expected partly due to my great love for the movie. In fact, that was part of what actually led me to finally reading this copy - I felt like watching the movie and picked up the book instead. I am very glad that I did. Of course, now I want to watch the movie even more, because my memories of the movie seem to line up uncannily well with this version. All in all, this was beautifully written and surprisingly well constructed throughout, keeping the formula of the interview with all the words (almost) in proper dialogue formatting. I definitely can see why Rice is so popular, and why this series is such a giant success. I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.

The Vampire Lestat: I actually enjoyed this sequel quite a bit - mostly because I grew to like the characters of the first book so much and while they were not all featured here, the material was all new. As much as I didn't care for Lestat in the film version of the first book, he was surprisingly charming here in the sequel. This book had a more immediate feel than Interview with the Vampire and that added to its strength and entertaining qualities. Rather annoying chapter openers are included here featuring Rice’s husband's poetry which did not always seem to be appropriately related. Rice’s overly detailed and drawn out writing style is beginning to grate a bit on my nerves and it has become downright frustrating the way she skips over parts that I would like to hear more about while focusing on scenes to such a level of detail that in the end seem rather inconsequential. Still, I did enjoy it quite a bit - more than I thought I would, actually. But, I admit to being a bit less eager to read the third volume in the series.

Queen of the Damned: I enjoyed this one much more than The Vampire Lestat. Perhaps because there was a great deal more action, or perhaps because there were more familiar characters from Interview with a Vampire.The different voices and perspectives throughout were very interesting and I must admit that I enjoyed the others’ sections more than the one devoted to Lestat, who I fear is the center of this series. It would be, however, impossible not reading these last two books back-to-back, as they flow together rather seamlessly. And while I am curious as to what happens next (and I do have the next book) I think I need to take a bit of a break from being bogged down in Rice’s tedious writing style, as the sections that move slowly absolutely drag on and I don't really have the stamina for that after these three... Someday I will continue, but not until the memory of these books fades and my arm recovers from hefting around this omnibus.
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Kaila Thomas You put everything I feel about these books into words so perfectly.

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