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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Jun 29, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** ***SPOILERS***

What did I think? Hmmm... That's hard. Maybe I was expecting too much from 17 year old Katniss, after all she's only 17 right? A child in the eyes of the law - yet an adult in the eyes of the law too.
I didn't hesitate to give the first two books 5 stars. I loved Katniss's resolve, her tenacious personality, her resourceful mind, and her willingness to think independently. Where was that in Mockingjay? It was there in the fog at times, but then dissipated just as quickly as it appeared.
Collins is so talented... yet something was missing here. Maybe it was the lacking of the games itself or an arena, although I understand the war was the game etc.. I get that, but something was just off a little.
Again, this is just my opinion. I feel like Prim's death was just tossed in like an afterthought and not really needed or it didn't make me feel like it shoulf have - I was numb by all the violence and death by then. Prim was so well developed in CF with so few words - it was graceful, thoughtful and amazing. In Mockingjay, she was an afterthought.
And then my goodness Finnick?? Of all people to kill? I think I'd rather see Katniss die fighting for the cause or even Gale or Peeta. But Finnick..... And what happened to Johanna? I loved her!

I was always for Peeta - as Gale had too much of a dark side for me. Yes he was strong, and handsome fierce, but he also reminded me of some people that can't see anyone elses opinion but their own and is always looking to blame authority - kind of a turn off. SO I wanted Katniss to choose Peeta. And the way it seems -- she again just ended up with him because he was accessible.
Again - no choice of her own. No independent decision made. Even when it came to having children...
Peeta wanted them so badly... so she relented.
Ok - great story line - but disappointed by some characters. Thrilled she put an arrow through Coin.
I know many won't agree with me, but remember I love the first two - and keep in mind this was quite the change in genre for me. If I had to rate the Trilogy as a whole I would give it a 4.7 .

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Kevin As I appreciate your opinion, I respectfully disagree. I feel Collins gradually groomed Katniss to become the puppet she turned out to be. We saw her spirit slowly slipping away in CF and completely vanishing in Mockingjay. Killing off the people she did was quite possibly for shock value, but more probable for driving home how terrible war is and showing what it can take from us. I do however, agree that Collins is incredibly talented and am thrilled to see I am not the only 30 something reading her books. Ha!

Sandra Belcher i agree , i was waiting for her to choose or fight for either one. she seemed to just end up with Peeta, she even sat on rock hoping to open her eyes and see Gale on the last pages but then nothing. she said she needed someone like Peeta but is that truley who she wanted?? ok loved the series but feeling like something missing. Did Gale really just leave for a good job?? aww now i wish there was more ha

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