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The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson
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really liked it
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I've really enjoyed the first two books in this series, even this one. My rating is between 3.5 - 4 stars. It was a fun spinoff of Snow White, which hasn't always been my favorite fairy tale. I never really was a huge fan of the Disney movie but watched it with friends when we were little and I've watched it with my children when they were little. It doesn't rate up there for me like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. Although I will say that I have enjoyed several of the fairy tale rewrites of snow white. I liked seeing previous characters from the Hagenheim series and I kept thinking while reading this one that I really wanted to go back and reread(for like the 5th or more time) The Merchant's Daughter.

Sophie has been lied to and deceived by Duchess Ermengard. She believes she is of little value, ugly, stupid, and any other derogatory name or adjective that you could insert here. Yet she tries to do all that she can to please the Duchess, especially since any displeasure could result in death or more time in the dungeon. Sophie is a scullery maid for the Duchess and loves the servants and people of her village. They work together to protect each other and look after each other in hopes of not angering the Duchess.

Gabe is the second son of the Duke of Hagenheim, he is a little reckless and not quite as amazing and obedient as his older brother the heir. So one day when a very sickly, dying old woman shows up and tells a tale, Gabe decides he can't wait to embark and make right a wrong. Pinnosa is the old woman and she claims that the Duke of a neighboring duchy who died years ago, has a daughter who is not dead as previously believed, but alive and well. The real clincher is this, she is the girl who is betrothed to Gabe's older brother Valten. After a broken leg Valten is laid up in bed to heal and unable to embark to save(or more accurately see if she's alive) his betrothed. Gabe is warned not to go and to wait for his brother and father but he feels a strong pull and feeling of urgency to rush to Sophie.

Yes Sophie, as I'm sure you guessed is the daughter, the young girl betrothed to Valten as well as the step daughter of Duchess Ermengard. She is indeed in grave danger and Gabe arrives in time to save her, kind of. The two must flee for both of their lives, yet are met with much peril and forces against them as they escape. Can they make it to safety? Or will they be injured and suffer? Ok I'm sure you all know the tale of Snow White so yes of course they make it to the Cottage of the Seven. I loved the Cottage of the Seven and the men who dwelled there. Fun group of characters. I loved the concern everyone showed for Sophie and desired to guard and protect her.

There were some moments I skimmed in the middle of the book, once again going back to this isn't my favorite fairy tale. But other moments I read every word and enjoyed it lots. This is a christian fiction and you will find the characters speaking to God for help and guidance and deliverance several times. I didn't mind it but I know some other reviewers really had a hard time with it, so depending on if you like Christian Fiction or not bear that in mind when embarking to read this one.

Some very mild fighting, a little kissing and overall I would say this is a very clean read and would recommend to fairy tale lovers YA and older.

I purchased the box set on Amazon with the first five Hagenheim books in it because I loved the first two books and wanted to read the rest in the series and decided to review the books individually since I've already read the first two. The box set was on sale for a dollar I believe not too long ago, not sure if it still is.

Happy Reading!!!
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Emer (A Little Haze) Would you believe I've never actually seen the Disney film of Snow White!! I only ever read variations of it in books as a little girl. Guess I haven't really changed with the ever advancing years!!! :P Lovely review Julie :))

Julie Carpenter Emer (ALittleHaze) wrote: "Would you believe I've never actually seen the Disney film of Snow White!! I only ever read variations of it in books as a little girl. Guess I haven't really changed with the ever advancing years!..."

I'd say you're not really missing much but it was never my favorite...my nieces loved it so I rewatched it with them many times and my own children. But I learned to grab a book and read during that particular film viewing. *.* Now if you haven't seen Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella I might suggest you watch them. I personally am pretty excited for the new live action version of B and the B, I cannot wait! Plus the live action Cinderella recently released was just beautiful. Ha. I could probably go on and on about those two...here I am a grown woman and still loving fairy tales, I guess I'll ALWAYS be a kid at heart.

I started dancing some older dance moves yesterday to some music and my daughters looked at me like I was just this goofy crazy momma! I love it(and I think they secretly do too). Hee hee!

Emer (A Little Haze) I have seen Beauty and the Beast (wonderful film) but never the animated Cinderella either!! I did see the recent live action one and was happily enchanted by it...actually that's a fairytale film I love. Enchanted!! But yes, I'm looking forward to the new B&B too. There is something so magical about fairytales that I think just makes us all feel like little kids again :)

Oh one should ALWAYS bust out a dance move or two whenever the chance arises. It's good for the soul!! I love bopping around my kitchen while I'm cooking or baking. Makes the food taste better too ;)

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