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Grimm's Grimmest by Maria Tatar
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Jun 28, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: fairytales
Recommended for: Fairytale enthusists, bloodthirsty people

I loved this particular collection of Grimm tales and the illustraitions as well. Short descriptions or summaries or whatever I felt like writing for each of the stories below.
----------------there may be spoilers-------------
The Juniper Tree: This particular story I had actually read before, but I liked this version better.
The Three Army Surgeons: Sortof funny, sortof creepy. I think that the moral was 'Don't do stupid things to impress people, especially if they involve maiming yourself'.
The Robber Bridegroom: Digustingly bloody, but in the end the murderer gets his commupence in a very satisfying way.
Hans My Hedgehog: This is one of those stories that while you're reading it, you're like 'what the heck?' and when it's over you're like, 'okay, it makes a little bit more sense...I think'
The Willful Child: A morbid way to tell children to obey their parents and to tell parents to dicipline their children.
The Death of the Little Hen: More aptly named, The Death of Almost Every Character in the Story. Seriously.
The Goose Maid: I had read this before in the form of Shannon Hale's The Goose Girl (very good book, I highly reccomend it) it was interesting to read the original.
The Three Snake Leaves: I really liked this one, it has a happily ever after (except for the bad guys) and the elements of devoted love and magical leaves.
Aschenputtel: better known as Cinderella. If you know the original tale, this is it. Complete with the sisters mutilating their feet and getting their eyes pecked out.
The Crows: Nice young soldier gets attacked by his wealthy friends and blinded, hears some crows talking about how to do some very specifc things (including healing his blindness), marries a princess, forgives his 'friends', friends get killed by the crows.
Prudent Hans: This story made no sense at all to me, and it seem gory either. Hans is an idiot.
Fowler's Fowl: A slightly differant version of Bluebeard.
The Girl Without Hands: A story of a pious girl, and all the terrible things that happen to her because the devil hates her. She does have a nice ending though.
Allerleirauh: This one is creepy in that the King's wife on her deathbed made the King promise to never remarry unless he finds a woman with hair as gold as hers. The King is unsuccesful until he notices that his daughter (Allerleirauh) looks exactly like his dead wife. So he decides to marry her. Allerleirauh stalls by asking for three special dresses and a coat made of fur from every kind of creature in the kingdom. When she gets them she runs away, but the King's hunters find her, take her back to the palace (not knowing it's her) and she works in the kitchen, theres a ball and in the end she marries the King, her father. That is so creepy.
The Mother-In-Law: Cannibilism! Yay!
The Dog and the Sparrow: Sparrow befriends dog, dog dies because of mean peasant. Sparrow destroys all of the peasants stuff, and in the end, the peasant himself.
Rapunzel: If you've heard the original banished-to-dessert blinded-by-thorns version, this is it.
Little Brother and Little Sister: I really liked this one. In a nutshell, stepmother whos a witch banishes stepchildren, they do fine, King marries the girl, stepmother messes them up again, but in the end all is well and the witch is dead.
The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn How to Shudder: An idiotic young man is worthless, goes to a haunted castle which is extremely creepy and scary, isn't scared at all. The reward for staying in the castle for 3 nights (which he does) is the King's daughter, who in the end, teaches him to shudder.

A great collection of Grimm stories, many of which I had never read before (and I've read a lot). You may not want to read it if you have any aversion to blood or murder or the eating of people.
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message 1: by Mercy (new)

Mercy Allerleirauh: It's actually a different king that she marries, the one she was initially betrothed to before her father decided to marry her. she wanders into his kingdom while escaping her father. he's still a bit of a dick, though, with all the boot throwing at her head and such :)

Tigerlily Mercie wrote: "Allerleirauh: It's actually a different king that she marries, the one she was initially betrothed to before her father decided to marry her. she wanders into his kingdom while escaping her father...."

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Mercie! :)

LobsterQuadrille Thanks from me too, Mercy! That part had me really confused for a long time!

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