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Purity by Jackson Pearce
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This is a surprisingly quick, light and funny read about topics that shouldn't be any of those things. I'm not talking just about the sex and the pressure teens get from all sides to engage in it, sometimes without really wanting to, or even about the despicable misogynistic implications of sex that are, somehow, still alive today. There's also religious beliefs and doubts, lack of communication in the family, death of a love one, peer pressure and self-awareness. Somehow, Pearce managed to put it all together in a simple and funny story that's actually pretty entertaining once you decide to ignore just how absurd the whole thing is.

The thing is, I never really got a clear idea of what exactly Pearce was trying to say, what message did she want to give through this story. Like I said before, there are a lot of heavy topics in this book, and while the author does give a bit of philosophical thought to some of them, many of them are left hanging and the result is confusing and conflicting.

I'm not going to deny that the book is fun. I laughed at how silly Shelby was and warmed up to her quirky friends. The characters were drawn nicely, and that's probably the best thing about the book. Even if they all were incredibly stupid and never realized that just saying how they felt and what they thought would've made rhings a lot easier.

I was uncomfortable with the way Shelby lived her life and how she just went along with things, even though she didn't like them, just because someone else told her too or because it could make someone else happy, and it also bothered me that, even when she confronted someone, she let her point go unmade and just went along with what someone else told her.

In the end, this is a funny, light read that should not be taken seriously at all.

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