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Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks
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Jun 27, 2011

really liked it

Eileen Wilks first novel of "The World Of The Lupi" series is awesome. It derived from a novella (Only Human) she wrote earlier, but except for the beginning the story develops much different and is more elaborate. It does however not lose any of its initial appeal.

The female character, Lily Yu, is a police detective in the homicide devision. When a murder occurs that looks like a werewolf killing she has to follow the evidence to a club frequented by werewolf clientel. There she meets Rule Turner, the second in command and heir of the local werewolf clan. He is a prime suspect, but it turns out that a bigger plan is at work where everything isn't what it seems. Ruses and deception, betrayal and mind control play into this densely woven tale of love within a fast paced, complex story of conspiracy.

Lily Yu is a strong no nonsense character that I liked right away. She doesn't lose herself throughout the book although things happen to her that could make any of us lose our mind or control over ourselves. She makes very smart decisions that give her the power to accept what's being done to her as if the decisions were of her own making. Her arguments and logical thinking are very strong. Hats off to one of the most likable female characters I have read in a while.

Rule Turner is also smart, sexy, good looking and could have all the girls, yet he isn't the first in command nor the best looking. And that is also something I like. It doesn't always have to be the most powerful, tallest, brawniest etc. male to capture ones heart. This is so much closer to reality that the story feels very natural. Which considering the amount of supernaturality Wilks almost underhandedly slips into her story is a true feat.

For those of you liking supernatural, werewolf etc literature: This is a must read!

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message 1: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH I've been meaning to read this book for a while. I've heard that it is a good series.

Daniela I read a short story (only human) by her first and this seems to be the same story in long form. I really like her writing style and her female character seems to be a fun level headed girl... so far it's a 4 stars

message 3: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH Glad you're liking it. I got The Gathering from the library. Much better than the Summoning series.

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