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Royally Screwed by Emma Chase
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Being a fan of several of Emma Chase's previous books, I was very excited about this one. Extravagance? Check. Alpha male with an attitude? Check. Can't-keep-me-down heroine with a heart of gold? Check! Royally Screwed has all that, and so many great moments. I absolutely adored this book. Here's why...

This story is DELICIOUS! The first thing that really grabbed my attention--aside from Emma Chase's delightful male perspective storytelling voice (something that keeps me coming back book after book)--is just how ROYAL the royals actually sound on page. That posh, upper crust Brit-Scot accent practically dripped off the screen of my ereader, the requisite titles and precious jewels present in all but name.

Nicholas and Olivia jump right into the drama when he strides into her coffee shop and makes quite the indecent proposal. These two banter so naturally that any serious conversation stands out starkly.

Royally Screwed is unapologetically a Cinderella story, and it flips the saved-by-a-prince trope on its head. And—of course—Prince Nicholas dances, drives motorcycles, flies helicopters, prepares sushi, and woos small children with natural grace. And he's HOT. And lusty. Even Disney couldn't pen a more ideal prince (uh, minus the 'lusty' part... you know what I mean!).

Nicholas is a commanding man, with confidence and authority born of a lifetime of privilege. But he's also unexpectedly insightful and kind under all that sass and charm.

Emma Chase is one of my go-to authors for a guaranteed good time. Whether I'm in the mood for charm, humor, sass, physical comedy, or just really hot sex, this lady delivers. And Royally Screwed is everything I expected and more. The sex scenes—even the latent chemistry between the characters—are effortlessly scorching. These are the kind of people I would genuinely like to spend time with, and the plot cleverly spins an age-old, much loved trope.

The book also smoothly sets up some of the (extremely likeable and appealing) secondary characters for their own stories later in the series. Oh Prince Henry, how I look forward to watching your future bride walk right past all that charm and force you into facing your demons. And Ellie is just a storm of energy and youthful determination; she'll make some perpetually tired man very happy.

Royally Screwed is a wild ride, with such epic emotional highs and then devastating lows that I could not tear myself away. I devoured this book in less than a day! I ached with and for Nicholas and Olivia.

This story is an absolute delight, a guaranteed roller coaster of passion and privilege and charm and want and lust and soft hearts in gilded cages. Author Emma Chase had me laughing and crying and yearning throughout the entire read. Royally Screwed is easily one of the best romances of 2016.

PS - If you're new to Emma Chase's fab style, go back and check out Tangled. It was a GraveTells 2013 top pick and I still love it!
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