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Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jun 26, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended to Victoria by: Teresa
Recommended for: Those who don't mind plagiarism to Vampire Academy
Read from August 25 to September 01, 2012

A huge thank you goes to Teresa for recommending and lending this copy to me.

WOW! I did NOT expect to love Half-Blood as much I thought I initially would. I went into this book with low expectations and trusting myself not to like this one. I've read many people's reviews and many of them were disappointing and mixed reviews mostly because of the plagiarism to Vampire Academy. I know I will never like plagiarism, but I guess Half-Blood now belongs in my "guilty pleasures" shelf. Half-Blood offers so many things to like -- paranormal creatures, well-written mythology, heart-pounding action, kick-ass characters, witty dialogue, and did I mention hot, sexy guys?? Who can't love this?!

17-year-old-Alexandria (Half-Blood) has been on a run from the Covenant along with her mother for 3 years or so. They had to defend themselves, find shelter, and use their skills to their advantage. One unexpected day, a daimon (Their worst enemies AKA Strigoi) killed Alex's beloved mother and after the devastating tragedy, Alex is summoned back to the Covenant to be trained and to learn the skills of a Sentinel by the help/support of her teacher, Aiden. The Covenant has a lot of important rules that everybody must followed, but Alex has a problem with following one specific rule; The rule is "Relationships between Pures and Halfs are strictly forbidden". If she doesn't follow the rule, a harsh punishment will be issued. It's hard to follow that rule since she's crushing very, VERY hard on the hot, Aiden (Pure).

Half-Blood has everything I wanted and look into a book. There are brilliant pages of action, never-ending sexual tension and a humorous banter between Alex and Aiden. I grow to love Alex because of her fierce determination, humor, and her strong character/personality. Alex is exactly what I look in a female heroine. She kicks ass! :D Even though she's exactly like Rose in VA, I still find her likeable and very entertaining to read about.

Let me talk about Aiden. Yes, he's definitely a swoon-worthy boy. He's totally gorgeous, gentle, and wise -- just like Dimitri. The comparisons between him and Dimitri are undoubtedly simialr, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading about him. You can't help, but feel this strong, heavy tension between Alex and Dimitri and know they are meant to be. I love his kindness and devotion to others. I've always have a soft spot for those guys. Don't we all? I have to say there's something so attractive about him. *winks, winks*

Another positive thing that I would like to point out about Half-Blood is the addictiveness of it. Half-Blood is like a drug that you just want to keep on consuming and consuming. I know it must took a lot of skills to add in the addictiveness quality in there. I applaud Armentrout for the skill. Not many writers I know have that secret ingredient in their writing.

One HUGE flaw that's blatantly obvious is the plagiarism. Plagiarism is never okay. Ever. Half-Blood is 90% the same to Vampire Academy and the other 10% are names-changing and miscalaneous. She might as well copied the entire book! I think I would have really, REALLY loved Half-Blood if I didn't read Vampire Academy first. To be honest, I would have given Half-Blood 5 stars and that's saying something! I would have really loved this book if not for the plagiarism. Don't get me wrong! Armentrout is a really great writer, but we readers love to read a story that has some originality in it. I could go on more about the similarities, but what good would that do? It is what it is. (Note: this is the same exact sentence that I wrote in my Obsidian review)

Overall, Half-Blood is a very engaging read that's humorous, awesome, and soo much fun! I strongly recommend Half-Blood to anyone who loves Vampire Academy or those who look for a kick-ass heroine, plenty of action, and hot-swoon-worthy boys. If you don't mind the plagiarism to Vampire Academy, then this book is for you!

I can't wait to read Pure up next!

Enough of me going on and on about Half-Blood, just pick up this book.

My initial thoughts before reviewing this book:

4 or 4.5 stars?? I'm not sure what my actual rating is of right now. I need time to think about this book and hopefully have time to write a review on it. Even though it's very similar to VA, I still enjoyed it throroughly. The humor, plot, endearing characters were developed and well-written from the beginning to end. I strongly recommend Half-Blood to hard-core fans of VA to check this series out! It's a remarkable, first book to an engaging, kick-ass series!

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