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Big Girl Small by Rachel DeWoskin
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Jun 26, 2011

really liked it

OK, so the narrator is a whip-smart, hyper-articulate, above-it-all (but so NOT) teen girl who has lots going for her, including a supportive family, awesome, dedicated teachers who see her amazing potential and love her for it, plus a couple trustworthy friends...yet she'd be willing to risk damaging all that if it could mean a shot at grabbing the brass ring that is high school popularity. Original, right? No?
You're right; it isn't original at all. But somehow, the author provides a couple little (no joke intended) twists by making Judy a 3ft, 9in "Little Person," or dwarf. This manages to make her story still very relatable, yet exposes (what to most readers will be) a new point of view. It also gives readers an extra dose of patience for her poor choices, as we imagine the additional challenges she faces to "fit in." The author also adds a tech-age twist that readers will piece together well before Judy works up the nerve to come right out and tell us. But that is clearly by design, and I think that as a device, it works very well here. The ending could've been a bit more satisfying without resorting to anything too cheesy, but it was OK. I felt that the use of voice brought Judy to life, and if we don't have a perfect, pat ending, maybe it is because Judy's story is far from over!

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