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Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
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it was ok
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“Three dark queens
Are born in a glen,
Sweet little triplets
Will never be friends

Three dark sisters
All fair to be seen,
Two to devour
And one to be Queen”


A thorough guide of what I was thinking while reading this book

start: "Oh, actually this is super interesting. love the set up of the world and the queens"

100 pages in: "Okay. This is a bit boring, and there are so many characters I am a little confused. I'll keep reading"

200 pages in: No. This is not good I'm not enjoying it. The plot is too jumpy and inconsistent, and I hate the characters. I will give this 1 freakin star mark my words. I HATE THIS WITH SO MUCH PASSION

300 pages in: actually, I take it back. this isn't so bad. It's getting closer to Beltane now. I still hate some characters, but it's getting much more interesting.

finishing it: HOLY SHIT. I can't believe Arsinoe !!!! and OMG Peityr DID THAT. That bear !! THAT FREAKIN BEAR. ohmygod Mirabella & Arsinoe !! Katherine !! THIS IS CRAZY

me later on: But despite the ending, I still hate the characters and lets be real the middle was awful. I still don't know who some characters are. I don't know how to feel about this book

Honestly straight up what I think this book has is a marketing issue. When this book was pitched across booktube (and I'm pretty sure those reviews were sponsored) I was hearing about this being a massive, fight to the death battle between three sisters so one could be queen. I was expecting it to be like The Hunger Games: Queen Edition. And I know I was NOT the only one with that assumption.

This is DEFINITELY not the Hunger Games, there's not even a battle to the death so if you're waiting for that ... don't hold your breath.

I put this book down for a long, long time Like, a few months. And when I picked it up again with my expectations reset I enjoyed it alot more. If you're going into this you NEED to have your expectations straight. It's a very political book, with the fighting between the sisters done is a much more subtle way. It's not bloody, gory and dramatic like the Hunger Games this is a completely different thing.


• THERE IS AN ABSURD AMOUNT OF CHARACTERS. !!!!. And it's so confusing. Who the fuck am I reading about now, I'm sorry ? Who's mother's brother is this ?? Is that his cousin or his sister ?!!. It's just way too much, and they're not explained well at all so I was just incredibly lost and confused except for the main characters

• WRITING STYLE. This is written in present tense, which I wasn't a huge fan of and it jumps around alot. Every chapter is about a different character, but that wasn't too bad for me. What I didn't like is how the plot kinda meandered and randomly changed directions. It wasn't always cohesive and that had me a little ..... what is going on

• JOSEPH !!!! WHAT A FUCKBOY I HATED HIM SO MUCH. On a scale of 1 to 10 for despicableness of a character Joseph is a solid fucking 11. He's just a terrible person !! and his actions are inexcusable !! and I literally don't care what u say I hate him for all time

• and while we're talking about SHIT boy characters Pietyr was also a terrible fucking person and sooo creepy and I highkey hate him

• Lack of representation. I LOVED that it was a matriarchal society, but in terms of rep this fell really short. There was no lgbt rep, and no characters who were poc and everyone was able bodied. So, yeah. LAME.

• It was boring in parts. While I think it was a political book and so wasn't going to be the fastest, there were parts where characters would just be talking and it was SLOW. Or when an event would be repeated just from a different characters point of view

• The characters were okay but not the best in terms of depth and complexity. I'm kinda gonna give it a get out of jail free card here because it IS the first book in the series, but STILL I think the characters were not the best. While they each had a unique voice which I liked, they weren't all /that/ complex which was kind of disappointing


• Political intrigue. Yes bitch I'm all ABOUT THAT. I loved the subtlety of this book with it's political themes, and the way the differing political structures are vying for power. I loved that the governing systems were ambiguous in their morality and none of them seemed to be a great options, and I loved there was so much questioning of the traditions and also structures like the temple and the priestesses.

• AMAZING female friendships ! There were soo many solid friendships between female characters and it was great ! I also liked there was good male/female friendships and that they were incorporated into the story so naturally.

• The matriarchal society/ worldbuilding in general. In this world, the Queens have three triplets and then they must leave. A council rules for the queens while they grow up, and then the queens fight eachother and whoever wins becomes the queen - becoming Queen also gives their families lots of political influence and power and so it's as much about the Queens friends as it is about them. The worldbuilding was AMAZING, really detailed and a super interesting society. I could not fault this book here it was really well thought out, and connected to the political aspects of the plot so perfectly. I also loved that the society was matriarchal, just because it was interesting af.

• sympathetic characters. !! I liked that none of the queens were antagonised so you actually were rooting for all of them. It made it much more interesting because you didn't want any of them to kill eachother at all

• The ending. SupER set up the next book and actually left me on a really excited note. I am not maly brainstorming the next books in the series tbh

(view spoiler)


Not the best book ever but not the worst. I wish I'd gone into this knowing it was a political intrigue book instead of thinking it was gonna be battle royale because I think I would have liked it more.
I am actually kind of looking forward to the sequel though ! Even if it's not most highly anticipated.
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October 27, 2016 – Started Reading
October 27, 2016 – Shelved
October 27, 2016 –
page 33
7.93% "ok, chapter one was real interesting"
November 6, 2016 –
page 68
16.35% "Every queen in this has some girl best friend and I'm like GOOD but also what can one of these girls be like their girlfriend bc that would just make this whole queen sister thing a tiny bit more epic"
November 7, 2016 –
page 95
22.84% "Every girl in wolf spring knew about the Sandrin boys. Their mischievous smiles, and eyes like storm clouds reflected upon the sea. All that wind in their dark hair. Joseph will be that way now. And even though Arsinhoe loves Jules, and thinks her as beautiful, she knows Jules is not the kind of beautiful that holds a boy like that" \n\nSo many words all u had to say was the Sandrin kids aRE ABSOLUTE FUCKBOIS"
November 7, 2016 –
page 115
27.64% "Well I'm over 100 pages in and literally nothing has happened"
November 7, 2016 –
page 148
35.58% "I am ? not 100% sure what this book is about. It's definitely not what I thought it would be and there's just alot of talking about nothing :/"
November 30, 2016 –
page 179
43.03% "attempt 2 on reading this book"
December 22, 2016 –
page 197
47.36% "What the fuck Mirabella"
December 23, 2016 –
page 200
48.08% "Joseph Sandrin is a piece of trash. He belongs in the garbage what a fuckboy I'm done"
December 23, 2016 –
page 220
52.88% "I love how ppl on the mainland are just chilling out and meanwhile on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND everyone is killing eachother and performing blood magic"
December 26, 2016 –
page 228
54.81% "Omfg I hate the priestesses"
December 27, 2016 –
page 250
60.1% "I'm glad I put this down and restarted it because now I've gone into it with more realistic expectations of what it's about and I'm enjoying it more"
December 28, 2016 –
page 316
75.96% "Why are there soooo many names"
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message 1: by LiMaB (new)

LiMaB I am thinking about reading this. But I cannot bring myself to do it since it's written in present time. I hate that with a passion. :(

✨    jamieson   ✨ Oh yeah ... it is. I didn't even notice that?! Tbh I am not that fussed about this book it had good potential but didn't think it delivered

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

You gave it 3 stars I thought it was worse lol

✨    jamieson   ✨ It's more of a 2.5 but I was debating between two or three but in the end went 3 because even tho I had many issues the ending was good

This is one of those books if you go into it with the wrong expectations like I initially did you'll hate it because it's nothing like it's description. I'm glad I set it aside bc I went back into it knowing what to expect and liked it more

BUT I will write my review and maybe my rate will change haha

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

jamieson wrote: "It's more of a 2.5 but I was debating between two or three but in the end went 3 because even tho I had many issues the ending was good

This is one of those books if you go into it with the wrong..."

I can't wait to read it!! :D

Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It) JOSEPH WAS THE WORST. UGH.

✨    jamieson   ✨ I KNOW !!!!!! I KNOW

Bentley ★ Bookbastion.net I completely agree! I was so let down by this book. It wasn't totally terrible, but it definitely doesn't live up to its premise. The three queens don't even come into contact with each other until the last 30% or so of the book!

I was literally taking notes on who characters were during the first two hundred pages. There's so many pointless side characters, and characters that are obviously only there to romance the female leads later on. I also thought the present tense narrative was weak and really devoid of any sort of description.

Plus, Joseph was the WORST. It felt like we were supposed to sympathize with him, but I straight up hated him.

message 9: by Jane (new)

Jane Jago There are IMHO better evocations of the triplet princesses mythology. See the trillium series by Marion Zimmerman Bradley/Julian May/Andrew Norton as an example.

Hajirah Jawaid Your spoiler is exactly what i thought yasss. also i want josph hanged in next book -_-

✨    jamieson   ✨ Hajirah wrote: "Your spoiler is exactly what i thought yasss. also i want josph hanged in next book -_-"

same i want that kid DEAD he's absolutely the worst
And I'm glad you agree because I always worry my theorising it stuff I'm just pulling out of nowhere

Hajirah Jawaid Ughh yess also i didn't buy their romance at all like why mira is so heartbroken and why joseph is acting weird umm hello it's been hardly 2 days stop being the fuckboy and apologize to your girl Also pietyr creeped the hell out of me.
Haha no seriously that makes sense and it's one awsome theory *high5* let's hope that the 2nd book will be better 🙏

Martina omg so accurate review i loved the last 100 pages but the rest was just so incredibly boring. I dont know if i will continue reading this series, not for now at least

Mehar Bahl I just finished reading teh book and I must say, amazing review, even though I did like the book better than you seem to have done haaha. But why I am writing this here is becuase of that spoiler at the end. Honestly, I was thinking this about Jules all through the book, do you think it could really be?

message 15: by Kara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kara Bianca Can definitely agree that the marketing didn't deliver properly for this book! I personally really enjoyed it (or more realistically, the flaws you mentioned above didn't bother me significantly or I could move past them) but it's DEFINITELY not battle royale and it really shouldn't have been marketed that way when it's a ridiculously slow paced meandering book!

kazually nice review!! <3 literally my thoughts as well lol

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