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Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat by Hal Herzog
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Jun 25, 2011

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Hal Herzog's book is filled with anecdotes, most of them personal, regarding animals that we love, hate and eat. He has exhaustively researched his topic, both intentionally and just through living life.

I was drawn to the book since 20 years ago, I was a staunch defender of animal rights myself. It didn't go as far as throwing blood at people wearing fur, or protesting outside the Capital for animal rights. But I must admit, it was a passionate belief of mine that we must treat animals well, as how we treat animals (and the young and elderly, basically, those unable to fight for themselves)reflects how we treat human beings in a society. And to some extent, I still believe that. Much like Herzog, however, I never went so far as to become vegan. Why? Because as Herzog points out, in today's society, it is almost impossible. But there is a more moderate view, which is the one Herzog is presenting for the reader in his book.

I had a hard time with this book, though. While the writing was okay (not great, not terrible....), the exhaustive anecdotes and accompanying viewpoints and reflections wore me down. The structure of the book never varied, which is to be expected, but it became wearing upon this reader. I just couldn't embrace the style of Herzog presenting a never ending list of talking to people from every employment field and walk of life about their experiences with animals; whether it was rats or fighting roosters. I have never found myself so wishing for an actual expert opinion in a book like this before--not to say there weren't any, but this book is truly about Herzog (as an American 'Everyman') and his experience researching this book! He totally lost me with the cock fighting. It simply wasn't interesting enough to really hold my interest. Maybe this is a book for a man, or a PETA member, or someone who(still )passionately embraces animal rights (although that is not the view Herzog takes), but he just wasn't able to truly engage me in this story. Although I really wanted to be.

This isn't a bad book. I'm sure it hit the mark with many readers. It just wasn't the book for me.

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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Taylor 'Much like Herzog, however, I never went so far as to become vegan. Why? Because as Herzog points out, in today's society, it is almost impossible'.

What, why did your opinion on animal rights change? Anyone that states it is 'near impossible to become a vegan in today's society' obviously has never tried or cared enough to try. It is surely easier than ever seeing as by law (at least in the U.K) that all food has to be clearly labelled with all ingredients listed. I'm 17, I became a vegan almost overnight after being vegetarian for a few months. Yes the majority of processed food does contain animal by-products, but if you truly care about animals it is not hard to avoid them in the slightest.

By buying anything made with, or stolen from, innocent animals you are directly funding the system of torture and murder.

This book can't possibly be well researched if the author can say something as idiotic as that.

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