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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
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Mar 17, 2008

really liked it
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Read in April, 2008

Orphaned almost at birth and sent off to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Jane Eyre has a rocky childhood marred with the fact that her Aunt will never accept Jane as anything but a burden. Jane's future only begins to brighten when she gets sent off to boarding school, where, even though the conditions aren't ideal, at least Jane is learning. At the ripe age of 18, Jane decides to become a governess and advertises in the paper. Little does Jane know what she is getting into when she accepts a position at Thornfield.

What I liked most about Jane Eyre was Jane's character. She knew what she believed and stuck to her principals, even if it meant giving up her happiness. I loved how she treated Mr. Rochester, she knew exactly how to handle him and keep him in check. The main disappointment I had with this book was Mr. Rochester. I couldn't bring myself to like him, I thought he was a rude man who didn't deserve Jane. Some elements of Mr. Rochester's character were very irksome and I couldn't see how Jane could stand him. I really enjoyed the language of this book - the eloquent long words that I know the meanings of but never see in print anymore. I also enjoyed the story line and could hardly put it down. As I said before, the only dislike was Mr. Rochester. I just didn't fall in love with him as I do for other characters in books, like Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) or Peter (Peter and the Starcatchers). I'd recommend this book, it had a certain air of mystery and kept you on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next.

*Taken from my book reviews blog:
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Susan i loved this been when i read it in college...

Laura I have been meaning to read this for a long time....I think I have it on hold at the library...

Susan i'm glad you can interpret my late night ramblings. Apparently I cannot type coherently after 10 pm. :)

Laura ahahha, I knew what you meant....heheh, I do that when I am excited and writing a new story...and I of course, think it's brilliant and then I look back over it and go...what is up with that grammar...when I'm in a rush....I for-go spelling..


Laura yep, it only took me like 48 hours too....I'm working on a review for my blog.....I have a couple before it that I haven't written it should be posted soon.....

Meredith I have to admit, I was a little worried that you wouldn't like it, but now I'm relieved because you gave it 4 stars.

There are a few different movie versions. The one w/ Georgie Henley (the actress who played Lucy in Narnia) as the young Jane is pretty good. I've only seen that one & one other though, so I'm not the most knowledgeable critic of Jane Eyre films...

If you want more English romance, try "Far from the Madding Crowd". I was really dubious about reading that book--because of the boring title & pastoral painting that dully graced the cover--but it was actually really good! I'll never ever consider giving a valentine to someone I don't actually like now.

Laura hahah, well, yeah, I liked the language the most....and it kept me pretty drawn to the story - because I couldn't put it down! I'll definitely have to see some Jane Eyre movies...Far from the Madding Crowd does sound interesting..I'll have to check it out..

Meredith yaaa Jane Eyre is one of those books that you stay up waaaaay too late reading--and after your mom comes and tells you to turn out your lights, you read under the covers w/ a flashlight, Eloise style.

Meredith yes I admit it! I still read under the covers! Just pleease don't tell my would be rawther embarassing.

Laura hahah! I've tried reading under the covers...but it is just to hard! I can't breathe! heheh...and my flashlights always die out on I'm just getting to the good part and all of a sudden my flashlight starts flickering and then it's dead!
s'okay, your secret is safe with me...

Meredith the trick is to

a) Carefully turn up a corner of the blanket so that there's a small tunnel for air circulation.

b) Have a stash of extra batteries, preferably long-lasting, rechargeable ones.

c) Do all of this very quietly.

Meredith I'm a pro!


Meredith No seriously! Works like a charm! Back to J.E., I don't know whether I would have liked Mr. Rochester had I been in Jane's position, but the love story was so well-written that it didn't matter, and that doesn't happen often with me.

Laura I didn't care for Mr. Rochester....I thought he was a little odd....I did enjoy the story though...but I wasn't too sad when Jane had to run

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